Climate change: melting mountains

Sweden has endured its hottest July on record, severe drought and some of the worst forest fires the country has ever seen. Now its highest peak has lost 4 metres to glacier melt. We speak to the researcher who made the dicovery.…

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Written by lena

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  1. But … if the United States takes out Trump and put Obama back in his place … all of this will fade away in a couple of days.

  2. If Trunp had not took the USA from the Paris Accords we would be now living in a world that would be like The Garden of Eden. All GloBull Warming is the fault of Trump!

  3. These Jetstream fluctuations are due to the grand solar minimum not human fossil fuels read up on John Casey and watch Adapt 2030 and Oppenheimer Ranch Project on YouTube.

  4. Liberals who haven't accomplished anything in their life feel guilty for the lack of self-realization and to compensate take on causes about which they really don't know anything but that some clever moneymaker like Al Gore offered them as something to feel good about. They use causes like climate change as identity cloaks, identities that make them feel good.

  5. You are totally misunderstanding.This whole climate change thing is political, not science.
    There is nothing we can do to change the climate to exactly what we want it to be, which begs the question, what century in the Earth’s history is the ideal climate. A carbon tax will do absolutely nothing to change the climates around the world to what we want it to be, whatever that is.
    How do we know what will be discovered in 500 years, 1000 years re energy or the climate?
    Right now this climate change nonsense is purely political, a way the elites want to use to control we Serfs. Don’t fall for it.

  6. Do you know : Taiwan's corrupted, pathological lying, evil ruling party DPP is making sure they will be able to build as many CO2-emitting power plants as they want ?

  7. Solar minimums, maximums and earth magnetic shift has caused climate change for millions of years. Increased volcanic and earthquake activity is the result. As the current 1500 volcano's continue to darken the sky, we could see massive global cooling over the next decade. This activity has caused 7 civilizations to come and go on earth. Many of these ancient cities from past civilizations are now under water. Carbon emissions did nor cause these civilizations to vanish. Solar cycles and magnetic pole shifts have!

  8. If there is such an issue why don't they do all construction at night when there is no traffic? In stead of doing it all day in rush hour? Wow!

  9. When children were in high school for the first earth day, it was “global cooling.” When that did not work out for the environmental extremists they changed it to, “global warming.” When that did not work out for the environmental extremists, they changed it to, “climate change.” What ever happens going forward, it’s going to be your fault and the environmental extremists politicians are going to try and control you and tax you for it. Be very careful of your vote in the election in 2018. Environmental extremist politicians represent nothing more than another political racket based on false assumptions to get campaign donations from rich 1%’s so they can be re-elected in the their next political race. The Liberal Democrats and the supporting biased news media will continue the environmental extremist shakedown for the next election campaigns in 2018 and 2020.

  10. So-called climate science doesn't exist. It's a giant racket dominated by STEM illiterate greenie weenies, media meatheads, politicians, rent seekers, and opportunistic cronies like Musk. No one in this hysterical mob understands thermodynamics or any other science.
    Meteorologists can't predict the weather three days in advance but a divinity school dropout like algore, the haruspex, alleges he can predict climate a century hence.
    Sure, and electricity to charge batteries and back up intermittent billion-dollar bird killing and landscape blighting solar and wind, monuments to stupidity, comes from the tooth fairy and not 24/7 reliable fossil and nuclear sources.
    The climate scam is all about politicians controlling gullible people with a secular religion while extorting trillions from them to enrich themselves and their cronies.

  11. From a political standpoint, global warming alarmism never really was about climate change.
    What the liberal elite really have in mind is instituting a socialist agenda, raising carbon taxes, and using those funds to empower a totalitarian administrative state … beholden to them of course.

  12. Send us all an email when China and India actually commit to air quality standards on a par with the United States…
    only then will something happen. The Paris accord was vapid …. sans real commitment from the largest polluters in the World.

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