Climate Change: Scientific Evidence or Alternative Facts? Paul Mayewski (April 2017)

Climate Change: Scientific Evidence or Alternative Facts? Paul Mayewski (April 2017) ***audio gets better after about 6 mins***

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  1. Here is something very interesting that I recently analysed. The 800 thousand year ice core records graphs. If you look at these you will see temperature nearly always exceeds or is = to Co2 levels. The highest level of Co2 on these graphs is 300ppm. The temperature of earth went up by 5'c (these are the Milankovitch Cycles). Therefor we can conclude that todays Co2 levels are 33% higher than the highest point on this graph. 5'c + 33% of 5  = 6.66'c. At 500ppm we get (5 + 66% of 5) = 8.3'c. Both of these values are above the temperature of Methane Hydrate/Clathrate disruption temperature of 6'c.

  2. This is an excellent presentation of the depth and scope of the current understanding of climate science. If you have doubts about the uncertainty of climate science, this should plainly convince a laymen of the confidence we should have in modern modelling. I have seen the animated reconstruction in other media and wondered how they could reconstruct historical air mass movements, but Mayewski provides a great description of how this is done by comparing ice core layers from the polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. One of the best on YouTube!

  3. Google Thomas Midgley, the man who gave us leaded gas, which killed brain cells, Freon which killed the environment, and who fittingly killed himself with a contraption for moving himself around his polio sickbed. It was fitting but we would all have been better of had he been strangled in his crib

  4. 17:50 CO2 is not a Toxic substance at even quadruple the current amount. Cute trick to lump CO2 in with radioactive material
    41:00 The IPCC is a political organization.
    Hey, if all you that believe in this stuff stop using fossil fuels we can reduce CO2 emissions by %50. In other words clean up your own life before you thrust it on the rest of us.

  5. If you buy this without doing due diligence then you are as much a fool as this man is a whore.. Yes, that right a whore. i don't want to pollute the planet. I want to give something to my children. But this is simply half truths made to look like what we know. He is lying through his socks for a paycheck. Wake up. For the sake of your kids wake up…

  6. 55:45 NIPCC report being mailed out to 200,000 teachers in the US. ~ AND NO BODY DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT. This is why we are getting our butts kicks in the public education realm. Pretty near no one gives damned. Certainly not enough to get up and organize and do something about it.

  7. Calling all climate deniers [sociopaths], big meeting tonight so get ready. Put on your bestest dirty wife beater t-shirt, slick back your hair with some animal fat, make sure your ankle bracelets have fresh batteries. Special guest tonight little green men in tights, and if you are really good we will have Barney the big purple dinosaur perform his special magic trick and make 459 trillion metric tons of carbon monoxide disappear. We do have a cell phone if you need to call your parole officer and a drug dealer who will refill your prescriptions of stupid pills.

  8. Climate deniers have announced plans to insert 250 billion dollars into a massive well-orchestrated plan of disinformation regarding the warning planet. They goal is simply to bamboozle the muddle headed fools that they hired for the disinformation strategy. Brought to you by the freedom institute for climate disinformation

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