Clinton Sex Ring – Connecting the Dots…..

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I give of myself freely. Donations of any kind are not required.

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or click here for everything: OK Boys, Girls and Negroes, I found the video REMOVED by Facebook, about the Clinton’s and Sex ring.

I’ve also put together several videos from Lou Dobbs, Ben Swann and Next News Network. They connects the dots. Do you accordingly.

Remember my post saying Comey is covering his butt by reopening case?

This video is the latest in a FOX News report, with the woman to supports Hillary, Megan Kelly. it is said that Comey cold not have seen anything new without a warrant. Newsflash – He didn’t. The NYPD did and sent it to him.
Hillary is going down.


This link from real Clear Politics confirms that Hillary will be indicted, not maybe, but will.


This is the video that connects all of the dots. It is a Independent Network, detailing the investigation, Weiners laptop, emails, sex ring, money laundering, child exploitation and trafficking and much more. It also states that if Comey does not go public, NYPD will.


This link is with a RELIABLE reporter, Lou Dobbs, detailing that the Clinton’s were warned about the email scandal coming to light by a Justice Department Official (Obstruction of Justice). This is via Corporate Media, FOX.


This link is with a RELIABLE reporter, Lou Dobbs, detailing that the new emails found on Weiner’s laptop that is shared with his wife, Huma, are new. This is via Corporate Media, FOX.


This link is Social Media, with a VERY RELIABLE report, Ben Swann, detailing the sex ring and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s connection to it and the Billionaire pedophile and ex-convict, Epstein. This is via RT Social Media.

What do you think?

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  1. You know the punishments meted out by the Inquisition in the middle ages — well these should be brought back for these sex predators. for what they did to these poor innocent children. wow

  2. Sadly, there are some brain dead individuals who are woefully uneducated to believe this crapola. The story is partly true but it was Donald Trump involved with Epstein and is currently facing charges for the brutal rape of two little girls age 12 and 13 in Epstein's home. Trump's court date is in December.

  3. little johnny gosh was kidnapped in iowa taken to nebraska then to dc in the 80s pics with bush sr LOOK IT UP

  4. and this is noted above, why?
    I must have missed something else
    "OK Boys, Girls and Negroes, I found the video REMOVED by Facebook, about the Clinton's and Sex ring."
    btw – the content is staggering – been reading about this stuff for years – no one would listen. maybe they will now.

  5. The MSM shuts up about the malevolence from the Clinton Rings – this is threatening and hard to bear, the MSM is turning these evil pedophiles to victims, while innocent children are paying the price. Those who do not repeal evil are killers in mind.

  6. It had to come out some time. Glad it did. Lord help those who are innocent, but scrape clean all of the disgusting crud  that has been ruining lives for years.

  7. I wish this wasn't true….. seriously how sick can these people get? But, this has been covered up for a long time. In Europe they had been investigating this whole sick practice… but, this ties in & they have wanted to get everyone involved before dropping the bomb. Cutting it too close I'd say.. This needs to be mainstream news now! Absolute power absolutely corrupts… Or do corrupt people.. power hungry people lose the ability to see the damage they do to the innocent?

    who could ever think this is a way of life? I think Execution should be killary's next appointment!!

  8. The "Franklin Sex Ring" story seems discredited:

    "After investigation, a grand jury in Douglas County (of which Omaha, Nebraska is the largest city and county seat) determined the abuse allegations were baseless, describing them as a "carefully crafted hoax" and indicted two of the accusers on perjury charges.[4] The grand jury also suggested that the abuse stories originated from a vindictive employee terminated by Boys Town, the famed refuge for troubled youths.[4] Later, a federal grand jury concluded that the abuse allegations were unfounded and indicted 21-year-old Alisha Owen, an alleged victim, on eight counts of perjury. … Alisha Owen served 4-1/2 years in prison.[6]"

    This story could be real, but that one appears not to be true.

  9. All the self-proclaimed, "Élite" are involved in this. Every last one of them is "compromised". No "Free World" politician attains 'High Office' without Rothschilds' nod and this is only given to those who can be bribed or blackmailed. Having attained said, 'High Office', those who refuse or fail to obey orders, are promptly removed. They "vanish"…die in car crashes or train wrecks. Their boats sink or they're run over by a bus…or have a "ski-ing accident ". The answer is clear: GET THE BANK$T€RS!!

  10. I can only ask when is she going to be arrested? what are timely? after she is in so Obama can pardon her. please if NYPD is going to do this then do it.

  11. this needs to be covered by main streem, shame them into it or whatever it takes. I'm tired of hearing about this on back channels only NYPD defy doj , you will be hero's, EVIL needs nothing to succeed other than good men do nothing

  12. Comey has come out and said that there is "nothing new", so what does that mean? Just the email bullshit? Why was nothing mentioned about the sex island ? When is the NY police going to go public then? This is important to come our no later that Monday Nov 7!!!

  13. still not seeing the NYPD doing anything about this…and the FBI has dropped all references to the weiner case

  14. mr D gives then the power of immunity . . . yes they have pact with the prince of darkness . . they have safe mansions abroad they are not going to prison . .

  15. The Clinton's should have been in prison on the white water.They have been corrupt from the being. They r of the elite Illuminati's and warship in sacrifice of The Illuminati's all the way back 2 when they were in house in Arkansas

  16. Been saying this for a long time and no one believed me except three of my friends. Of course they already knew we had corrupt politics.
    Cant wait to show them this and all of the other proof I found.

  17. Maybe Comey isn't arresting her yet because they are investigating her and are giving her enough rope to hang herself. They probably can't talk about it because they are secretly doing a sting trying to catch her in the act of doing something

  18. The American people cannot ever let their guard down in future elections or else bottom of the barrel, evil establishment people like the Clintons, with more enhance cheating methods, will get back in.

  19. I think Hillary has a black book with all of those in power and is using black mail everyone to keep her out of jail. A lot of the powerful elites are involved in this including, judges, politicians, FBI, CIA, Former president, owners of news media, etc.

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