Clinton speaks about women’s leadership and human rights

Hillary Clinton speaks and presents human rights awards during the annual Clinton awards ceremony hosted by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. This "woman" bought a FISA warrant to spy on Trump. This "woman" paid a foreign agent to get info from Russians. This "woman" took over the DNC. Crowdstrike, also paid for by DNC are only one to examine DNC server. Wonder why? What is this Eric Schmit's template for winning? The Eric Schmit project? Later became US Digital service ran out of the whitehouse? This "woman" could not win an election that was rigged for her. Its all coming out. Still employing her spirit cooking buddy John Podesta? You do know about the EO signed on 12/21/17, don't you? Human rights abusers and corruption. State of emergency. Has anyone bothered to ask Mr. Podesta why he needed a 7,9 and 11yr.old in a hot tub for entertainment? The American people want to know. Why would Cheryl Mills email Hillary Clinton about sacrificing a "chicken" in her backyard to Moloch? These are their emails in their own words. Can't keep pretending its not there. Justice is coming for these people. The truth will no longer be silenced. Try as you might Washington post with your $600million contract with the CIA(clowns in America) to supress the truth, to malign the truth, the truth cannot and will not be stopped. Justice is coming.

  2. Not to mention all the sweet innocent children she has tortured, killed & eaten… Hillary is sick beyond measure..

  3. Notice how this woman/beast is speaking out against the very same crime many claim Hillary and Huma are both guilty of! Lol the left claims there is a sexual tape portraying President Trump in a compromising situation! Well the actual Intel departments in control right now state there is a actual digital video of Hillary and Huma beating and sexually molesting a child.

    The rules of radicals is to blame your adversaries of the crimes you are actually guilty of!

  4. Her buddy George Soros funded and orchestrated violent riots across this country.
    What about the human rights of those who were brutally beaten up???
    What about the human rights of those who's property was destroyed???
    What about the human rights of the thousands that ISIS killed that she helped to fund and armed???
    What about the human rights of the victims of Clinton's dead body trail???
    The witch should be hung for treason, but deserves to be burned at the stake.

  5. Hillary Clinton flying drugs into Little Rock when Bill was being voted into office. The killings. Selling 20% of our nuclear radiation to the Russians. This person needs to be put in jail. CNN wants MS-13 gang members to be legal American citizens 10000 of them in America. It will be a bloodbath. Recruiting DACA children killers and immigrant killers. Deport all immigrants periods support American veterans

  6. Hillary must be lousy in bed the way Slick Willy is running after all the other women .
    That old snatch probably has teeth.

  7. What's wrong Hillary going broke going broke at the cellular body now if anybody wants to pay money for that piece of s*** old old ass of yours I think not people are sick and tired of your bull shitters why did not win all cuz you're a liar cheater and I hate her and hate Americans hate Americans really bad hatem. Everybody she wants to blow you up

  8. yep hellary rotten criminal clinton, where is Haiti's money u stole??? I understand Chelsea had a modest 3 million $$$ wedding.

  9. Maybe a good time for Hillary to address the role she played not only women's rights abuses but also human rights abuses. She thinks we are so stupid. She would throw anyone under the bus; women, children, minorities, nations…, as long as the price was right. If so many of us our wrong Hillary, Prove it.

  10. Well clearly Georgetown is cucked if they think Clinton is a great example of women's leadership. Let's recap what her "great" leadership has wrought: 1) The reemergence of the slave trade in Libya 2) The fixing of the DNC primaries and the fucking over of Bernie Sanders 3) A conspiracy with a sitting president, the FBI, and the DOJ to fix a presidential election in her favor. 4) The murder of Seth Rich 5) The revelation that the Left is full of pedophiles, rapists, and serial sexual harassers…many of whom are connected to Hillary herself! Bill, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffery Epstein, Kevin Spacey, and let's not forgot the guy on her campaign team she protected from firing after she was informed of his misdeeds.

    Hooray for Hillary.

  11. Trying to look righteous loving and caring because the witch knows what is coming but it will not work Everyone knows she is a money and power whore.

  12. Why are we even seeing her in public .. Same old story she has said for 30 years. She is a shame for the democracy and America. Put her to rest ……. She doesn't speak for the majority of women in the United States. We all have trials as women as so do Men. We are equal all of us in our own path in life. Hillary Clinton is not a woman who should be speaking for womens rights. She is guilty of a lot of questions unanswered by our government and the people for many years. She needs to pay for her crimes

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