Clueless Moron neighbors target shooting all morning-I am in the doomosphere state of mind

It’s a day of many issues flooding our page over at ECH so I thought it was high time, literally, to address them. Abrupt Climate Change is the over arching subject today and my lack of patience with most everything during the healing process.

What do you think?

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I hear gun fire all the time around here. During the 4th heard it all day. Redneck fireworks! Also heard an explosion that shook the house. Total bullshit!

  2. I just now finished watching a video on the Antarctic, which had my wheels turning and made me think of emailing you, and here you are! I'm emailing you shortly.

  3. I hear you about that noise problem, crazy people everywhere. If you need a bit of a uplift about human nature, search YouTube for this country isn't just carbon-neutral

  4. The planet's immune system is kicking in. She has a fever that will burn away the parasites plaguing her system. I have known this since the early 80's. Nothing that has happened since then has given me any hope. Can't even get away from noise out in the country eh? I don't have shooting around me, but sirens, buses, planes, trains, and loud music.
    We all need to get more angry Sandy. I'm glad you're angry, anger is a tool that keeps us motivated. Venting is therapeutic also.

  5. I didn't really run out of excuses till almost 2016 tbh
    Your always a awsome support idk how you do it

  6. Brilliant Rant Sandy!! Unfortunately we only have a 104 views/people aware and concerned about this, and the rest are watching Pewdipie snort TIDEPODS……! PS… you are gorgeous when you are angry…..go girl…. Love

  7. Humans are stupid animals who have convinced themselves that they are chosen by God to have dominion over the earth. I’ve got news, we are no more important than insects which at least have a valuable role in the biosphere. For the life of me I cannot figure out what function the human animal performs, we just take and take until it is all gone. We kill our environment while voting for madmen who will eventually kill us or at least leave us to die after they have plundered the earth and looted the treasury.

  8. Hello Sandy, here in San Francisco with these new techie residents, The City went through the loudest, most obnoxious 4th of July nights I've ever heard. I looked to the south and saw multiple tracer rounds from gun rounds going up into the air over a City. The obsession with guns in this country is at an epidemic level. For some reason, people in the US are infatuated with guns. Even the National Symphony Orchestra is promoting gun violence this Summer at a Wolf Trap performance featuring film music. The image on their website shows a guy getting ready to shoot a gun at somebody. Not what I would expect from a major symphony orchestra. The USA of violence. I like your videos when you're in your pretty backyard. Thanks for the video.

  9. The Arctic atmospheric shell is collapsing as it has split. This is the first step in its end. Why do you think the US Navy would be building multiple internment camps? Could it be where are they going to put all those people who have survived the costal floods. Our Government knows what is going to happen. “Don’t look at that guy behind that curtain.” If you do not understand the hint then go vote for Donald the guy who will tell you it is a hoax from China.

  10. Thank you for doing my job for me, Darlin. I have never heard so much gunfire in my life as I have up here in rural Vermont. This place makes Texas seem downright civilized. No shortage of Confederate flags around here, either. The only way I know I'm not in Georgia anymore is all the maple syrup. How the Hell did Bernie Sanders ever get elected up here, anyway?

  11. Don't like noise huh? LOL!!! Don't visit here or you will go nuts! Best way to live here is earmuffs, breathing mask, hazmat suit….
    But it is my favorite moment of the week, early Sunday morning. I will enjoy that riding my bicycle in just a minute 🙂

  12. Hi Sandy, When I'm very pissed off I visit denier sites and mainstream media sites and rant about near-term human extinction due to abrupt, anthropogenic climate collapse, a process that is quantifiable, verifiable and exponential. If in doubt, look about. Our worst predictions were wildly optimistic! The world meanwhile is consumed with anxiety about the fate of that poor football being kicked around Russia. Can't we at least try to save the football?

  13. I can't figure out this gun obsession. First the NRA perpetuates two major lies. Government wants to seize all firearms. Second, more guns will mAke more safety but actually statistically a state with more firearms makes a higher number of deaths by gun.

    But maybe gun owners are just selfish and lazy and intend to take others food in times of crisis?

  14. One of the boys that took care of horses stayed on my farm …on weekend the rednecks would come out practice shooting up trees nearyby with automatic weapons (remote area)…anyway he couldn't take it anymore and confronted them /discharged his shotgun into the air yelling at them…..they stopped…later that night a war party-SWAT team w/helicopter came in (broke the gates/fences) & held him in the back of a police cruiser on the farm in his underwear for 14 hours handcuffed until they got a judge to sign a warrant ipso facto..cops let all the horses loose on top of it….and gave Joey 3 years out of 20 hard time for attempted murder he served it in a hardcore prison ….thus is Florida South of the South.

  15. Thank you for your work. Honest people are hard to come by, most are focused on this crap countries money driven agenda.

  16. Manufacturers probably save a lot on insurance by having no access to the roof, no windows that open or only 3 floors high all so people can't jump to their death due to the job.

  17. My neighbor was noisy with his music and lighting off firecrackers in the middle of the night. I eventually asked him to lower the music and his gf got pissy. I simply called the cops on them 3,4 times. Maybe he was fined? So he cuts the grass and rocks appear on his lawn so he throws them on my property. I think his gf puts them there to start some shit. He's lowered the music and noise.

    His brother lives next to me with barking dogs, I almost got in a fight but now generally they keep the dogs quiet.

  18. How about just go make friends and ask politely if they can shut the fuck up. If not then do so skeet shooting at 6 am. See how it goes down.

  19. OMG that would drive me into the woods for sure ….a guy pulled up next to me the other day with a giant US and confederate flag while his truck was losing rusted parts. I refuse to use gasoline powered equipment on the weekends because I hate loud noises. I am far enough away from the hoople to avoid the gun nuts but come hunting season or the 4th of JUL it sounds like a war zone. Namaste

  20. We are all just robots so we are all just morons who cannot really change most of our strongest irrational desires (we were born with many of them) including addiction to overconsumption, overpopulation, fossil fuels, resource wars on neighbors, weapons of mass destruction, environmental destruction, technology, etc. If we really could change our behavior, we probably would have thrown away our computers long ago and shut down the airports years ago.

  21. According UN WHO, red meat, processed meat, preserved meat, smoked meat cause cancer. Harvard Healthy Eating Plate says limit dairy which is linked to some forms of cancer. If reducing or eliminating animal products, should take b12 supplement. Hard for people to change behavior even to save their own lives which is why not much action on healthy unrefined diet (eliminate refined substances like oil which are not real food) and on global warming. People seem to prefer to drop dead from heart disease rather than to try a healthy unrefined diet and we are also just waiting for civilization to drop dead suddenly one of these days.

  22. Thank you for encouraging us to vote. Thank you for mentioning Mexico's win with Obrador. I have family connections there and follow Mexican affairs closely. I listen to Obrador's channel in Spanish and can say that he is the Bernie Sanders of Mexico. Except that he didn''t cave in to the system when the vote was stolen from him last election. The Amloistas took to the streets for months. I wish Obrador's presentations had English voiceovers so people in the U.S. could see what a fine teacher and leader sounds like. Obrador is impressive because he does not speak in the empty platitudes of establishment politicians.

  23. Everyday is ‘Clueless Moron Neighbor’ day where I am. Gun fire and pellet guns all day or random in the evenings, chainsaws and devices of mass destruction day in, day out are the sounds that have replaced the Whippoorwills and the Grouse. The Hummingbirds didn’t return this year. I had even bought new feeders and anxiously awaited their arrival, but now fear the worst. ‘Suppose it’s possible they just went somewhere else, but I miss them anyway. And worry.

    There are so few insects when I turn on the porch light in the evenings, it’s scary. There are plenty of mosquitoes and spiders but that’s about all. A month ago, I freed a Luna Moth from a grocery store vestibule (blinding) light display and told it to fly far away from even the parking lot and to my surprise it did. ‘Wish I could say that and get through to all the creatures; stay away from humans and our things. So much of what we create is just death in disguise, even to us.

    Your rant here is a relief and I share many of your sentiments. It’s good to hear so many of my thoughts and reactions to what we are doing to this Earth echoed in your words. Thank you for putting yourself out there. We have to rally. It’s now or never. I have no clue what to do but I know it’s Time. (Or long overdue but better than never).

    Since it sounds like we both live in a war zone…and in a way we do (it’s not Syria but environmentally it is) Heres to the end of hostilities.

  24. "Share if you can." I feel bad that I can't share with anyone I know. All my family, all my friends, call our "being aware" of how bad Climate Change is about to become as some flavor of 'disaster porn'. They "don't want to hear it". They "can't do anything about it". They have "other things to worry about". It "won't happen in my lifetime" also is one of their refrains.

    I don't get here to the Doomosphere as often, or for as long, as I used to. My girlfriend thinks it's a "waste of my time". She thinks that every time I pick up my phone, that I am checking out the Doomosphere. Never mind that it is to check the weather, email, my online banking, or anything else.

    The destruction of the biosphere is the most important thing happening to Earth in its entire history of existence. Pshaw'. "Don't pay any attention" (Do non-New Englanders use pshaw as an expression, too?) Anyway, I am working 7 days a week to get the Time Lord ready to hit the ocean. Everything seems to be going wrong and taking more time than it should. It doesn't help to try to live (on the water, now) and work in the same space. And the heat, oh the heat, makes everything harder.

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