CONSPIRACY: Is Subliminal Messaging Controlling Our LIVES?!

HI FRIENDS! Time for a Trippy Talk With Joshledore! Today were talking about the conspiracies behind subliminal messaging.
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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. You two should have your own podcast ! 🙂
    You guys would be soooo great at it! I can listen to you two talk all day long haha

    Stay awesome Kendall!

  2. Honestly bath and body works doesn’t need to pump their spells and stuff out, it’s just they have all these open candles and ‘try me’ products so people just spray their stuff everywhere and use the lotion, side note, last time I️ was in a bath and body works a little boy with like a bunch of bling on sprayed himself with like cologne and it got in my eye and it’s been messed up since then 😭

  3. I️ skipped the puppy monkey baby thing, it creeps the hell out of me and I️ have refused to watch it since that Super Bowl when it first showed 😂

  4. my friend a while ago was listening to the radio and it started to repete itself because it was messed up and she heard in the back if the music there was someone repeating " smoke a joint. smoke a joint. smoke a joint..ect." I was so shocked.

  5. In the very beginning of ni**az in Paris by jay z and Kanye West there is chanting like people being pumped up but when u really listen it says “who killed Tupac yeah we killed Tupac yeah” 😱

  6. I remember that shampoo commercial and it was like way too obvious that Some one whispers "go buy our shampoo" at the end while the girls washing her hair in the waterfall. I mentioned it every time I saw it just bc I thought it was funny bc it was totally obvious to me I thought it was on purpose but nobody I mentioned it to actually knew what I was talking about. If you're so focused on something happening, especially visually, its amazing how many little things you can miss.

  7. You guys are really mixing up good graphic design with subliminal messaging. Logos are not sketchy or subliminal in any way. A good logo represents not only what a company does but also should corroborate the vibe they want to convey to their customers. Which is why Apple’s logo is so well designed, along with fedex and Amazon.

  8. You and Josh are soooooo cute because he looks like you’re brother but anyway you and he are cute so yeah
    I love you’re videos really much

  9. I would love to see you do a video about Kalief Browder. There is a show about him on Netflix called Time: The Kalief Browder story. He was imprisoned for 3 years at Rikers prison for stealing a backpack. This time was just served waiting for trial. He wasn’t even convinced. The man that accused him even moved to Mexico and they had no witnesses. He did a lot of time in solitary confinement where he once hung himself while gaurds watched. They let him hang for while while taunting him before cutting him down and proceeded to beat him for trying to kill himself. They starved him and wouldn’t let him shower either. Rikers has been compared to Alcatraz for its neglect and abuse of prisoners by the guards and other inmates. Keep in mind he wasn’t even convicted and they sent him to this harsh prison as a teenager (16) and 13 years later they dismissed the charges because they couldn’t get in touch with the victim.

  10. So The Rescuers came out in 1977. I have probably seen this move 100 times as a kid. But I just saw it for the first time in forever a few weeks ago. If you watch it carefully basically the happy ending is motivated by drinking moonshine. They never say what they are drinking is moonshine but now as an adult it's so obvious!! Do you think they put that in there for the parents??? or subliminal messaging???

  11. In stores around Christmas time they always play Christmas music so you always buy people a ton of gifts. It may seem innocent because it’s a
    Holiday but I feel like it is subliminal so that you buy gifts

  12. I'm normally a huge Kendall Rae fan, and I believe most of the conspiracy theories she talks about, so don't get me wrong, but subliminal messages are impossible. I majored in advertising and I took a few psychology classes. The idea of subliminal messages came from a con artist who claimed to use it to sell more Coke and popcorn at the movies, but after he made a bunch of money off his study and ran away, others repeated the study a bunch of times and found that subliminal messages don't work. Unfortunately, the initial fake study had become famous by then, so it was hard to convince the public that it was faked. Subliminal messages also claim to go beyond the absolute threshold, which is the lowest level at which stimuli can be detected, so it's just not possible for them to affect the human brain at all. They can't even be perceived subconsciously. I haven't watched this video yet, though, so I don't know what they're going to say about this.

  13. There is also wanted Subliminal messaging where people listen to music to learn a language faster, learn skills or even change their Eye colour

  14. There’s a cotton commercial where the actors in it are literally having sex in reverse and throwing their clothes back on. What???

  15. here are my thoughts on subliminal messaging, all humans have a built in response to everything that either our human minds don't understand, something different or something taboo. with that in mind i truly belief that EVERYTHING has subliminal messages in it. it is kinda like being bias everything is bias not matter which POV you look at it from or how one attempts to write something. it is just impossible not to have a book, an article, a video or something so simple like talking to something with, it HAS TO a purpose to spread a message, if it didnt have a purpose then no one would care. all humans have in built responses to things. clearly companies have discovered this and are capitalising on that idea. that is why it is so hard to detect it

  16. I love that they are looking at each other instead of looking at the camera when they are talking.It's so cute :3

  17. I don't see the dodge logo. All goat heads like the female reproductive system. Don't you remember that meme with the Satan goat and the female reproductive system being like "periods explained". But yeah those magnum ice cream makes me kinds uncomfortable

  18. I followed this it has come out he new of this it was pre planned to be on COPS Tv Show House Arrest -well she could of been a flight Risk, her friend set up the Police Meetings so and no cash was exchanged that was a issue in the Mistrial he did not seen upset by this he has been heard to say he new the plan and played along with it this is a really strange case but in this 1 the Jury got it wrong, Kendall Rae Love Your Channel much you do great work.

  19. I dont get it. If u nevrr play music backwards. Then how do u get the message. I only remember another one bites the dust. And can sing the whole song but i have no memory of the words backwards. So if we r supposed to get the message backwards and forwards why is there only 1 memory.

  20. When you said "oh hell yeah!" the first time in your vid….it reminded me of Jenna Marbles. Lol xD

    I've been binge watching your videos. Love the topics you cover and appreciate all the effort you put into your videos…keep up the great work! I'm saving up for a shirt from your merch site! ^_^

    Btw, you're SO SO gorgeous! <3

  21. You gotta do one on the YouTube kids stuff going on. Like Elsa gate stuff. It’s wild the stuff that’s actually on YouTube kids

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