Corrupt practices of Judges & Thane Mumbai Police Commissioner officials Exposed (Marathi).

Jyoti Ghag is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother & a Human Rights Activist who have been fighting against systemic corruption in Indian Police & Courts.If politicians, Bombay High Court Judges, lawyers & high rank police officers continued openly protecting her war veteran father’s murderers & her brothers’ abusers then what legal chance does she have to get justice unless Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh & Chief Justice Mr. Altamas Kabir intervene in Urgent manner? she doesn’t have any other option but taking the aggressive step in legal manner to put stop on these corrupt government officials’ inhuman ongoing acts. CBI officials from Mumbai Mr. P. Kandaswamy & CBI SCB SP Mr. Sandeep Tamgadge have refused to investigate the case in spite of getting multiple investigation orders between November 2009 & Jan 2012 from Bombay High Court Judicature & from Prime Minister Office. In fact president office has issued order to chief secretary of Maharashtra in regards to investigating her complaint against chief justice Mr. Mohit shah but who’s going to bell the cat? she may be the only daughter who was framed with false charge of terrorism by officials of her home country. Not just Home Minister & his officials but even Thane District court Judge Mr. S.J. Kale, Judge Mrs. Bharti Kale, Bombay High Court Judge Mr. Abhay Oak, Judge Mr. R.Y. Ganoo including chief justice Mr. Mohit Shah continued shielding her father’s murderers & their protectors namely Addi Chief Secretary (Home) of Maharashtra Mrs. Chandra Iyenger, Mr. Umesh Chandra Sarangi, IPS officers serving for Maharashtra Mr. D. Shivanandan, Mr. K. Subramaniam, Mr. P. Kandaswamy, Mr. Anil Dhere, Mr. K.P. Raghuvanshi, Mr. Bipin Kumar Singh, Mr. Dhananjay Kamlakar, Mr. Rakesh Maria, Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Mr. Niket Kaushik, Mrs. Pradnya Sarvade, Ambassador official Mr. Sanjay Sinha(who is recently promoted as Director General Police of Tripura) & by number of involved DCPs, ACPs of the Thane Crime branch including Vartak Nager Police station Thane. She would like to publicly challenge the related Government authority and or investigation agencies that if they find her years of complaints or statements against accusers being false then she is ready to face any harsh punishment based on Indian Constitution. India have so much discrimination almost everywhere & every way. Its fact that Underprivileged & common citizen of India forced to silently survive Violation of their basic Human & Constitutional Rights for decades.It was easy for government to hang Ajmal Kasab but apportunistsl culprits who are responsible for wrongful death of brave hearts, honest Mumbai police officers’ in 26/ 11 Mumbai Attacks are enjoying the promotions & happy family life. She was amazed to see the discrepancy in actions taken by officials from Maharashtra Home Ministry and India Ambassador Washington DC office in regards to serving for two Indian Citizens being in almost same scenario. one scenario, India Ambassador Washington DC officials adopt corrupt practices to put her through intense FBI investigation in State of Washington to save Mumbai Commissioner police officers Mr. Shivanandan & Mr. Rakesh Maria from getting expose in connection with her father’s murderers in Mumbai. But when Shaharukh Khan gets stopped at one of the US Airport for routine checkup and was put through extra investigation by US immigration officers, then India Ambassador officials of Washington DC and officials from Maharashtra Home Ministry didn’t waste any time to intervene in the situation, brings him out of that immigration investigation in no time. In another scenario, Home Minister Mr. Patil and Thane Commissioner Police officials informed her that they cannot investigate her Dad’s murder and complaint against her brothers’ abusers because they have shortage of police officials. But when the release of Shaharukh Khan controversial film gets in trouble then the incidentally same Home Minister didn’t hesitate to order almost entire Police officials to guard the each theater in Maharashtra where that film was getting released. My question is to Mr. Patil, Did those police officials get their salary of that day from the profit of his film? The number of crimes these murderers & abusers have committed against her father & have continued committing against my brothers are punishable under IPC section 300( culpable homicide of the first degree), 120-B(criminal Conspiracy), 420(cheating), 383( extortion), 467(forgery), 471(using as genuine a forged document) , sections between 191 & 221(false evidences & offenses against Public justice), sections between 328 & 348 (grievous hurt, wrongful restraint & wrongful Confinement), Violation of Mental Health Act(1987) & violation of my constitutional Rights & Human Rights Act(1993). As a Human Rights Activists she plans to protest next week at Washington DC to get justice for her father, brothers’,Capt. Saurabh Kaliya, Naik Hemraj & Sudhakar Singh.

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  1. Jyoti Ghag is a great fighter against corruption this video reveals corruption in police and courts even High court. i am an admirer of her .

  2. u r 101% right, all the mentioned officials, politicians are corrupt cos their mom feed them with corrupted milk, in their blood corruption are involved, they will never change, they also feed their children and families corrupted food, like you many others are suffering, many innocents citizens land occupied by politicians and government officials. they build big bungalows , malls and drink everyday wines, enjoying with ladies. that is the reason INDIA is not progressing, all of them having decease of corrupted blood. Still we must appreciate your patience and will power to fight against those stupid corrupt officials , I really salute you.

  3. I am one of victim of open bhastachar in mumbai courts, false domestic voilence, and contempt petition is filed. the oshiwara police disobey bombay high court order signed by justice v.,m. kannade, all courts in mumbai must have CCTV recording, some judges takes advantages, and pass total wrong orders, or even drag the case for 20 years, but that time when honest person dies, its total mockery of law

  4. Miss jyoti Ghag, my name is dwarka hiranandani, would like to talk to you,
    if possible call me on my cell 9920 829 812

  5. A Civil Court Judge changed the recorded evidence by substituting self incriminating statements in the mouth of the Plaintiff – Witness.  Consequences will be the Appeal can be dismissed on the basis of fabricated evidence.  The whole thing is we are in a sorry state of affairs.

  6. With what's happening nowadays and seeing criminals being bailed out. It looks like our government has legalized Bribery for Police and Judges.

  7. please anybody help me and NB suggest.. the culprit want to kill my parents with the Help Silvassa police. s.H.O . I .O.

  8. Could u believe that b one b traffic police man went my home town and snatch my my parents bungalow papers.. forcefully.. this did one traffic havaldaal Mr Patel.

  9. it is true that a lady family court judges are over confidencial. keep a blind trust on a lady advocate who is a friend and gave un-law full interim orders,,, which affects senior citizen parents.. a friend lady advocate take un due advantage of party and of opposite party to run their business for years to come….thie a legal game play by family court lady judge.. any one can contact me on my mo, no. 9924199651 can call me for help also

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