Could Freezing Your Body Offer a Chance at Immortality?

In a lab in Arizona, dozens of bodies sit preserved at 320 degrees below zero. They each paid $200,000 to be frozen on the hope that, one day, medicine will advance far enough to once again bring them back from the dead. While many may scoff at the idea of cryonics, supporters and companies like Alcor feel taking a bet on a long shot is better than the alternative.

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  1. It’s not the freezing people that’s the problem in the example of the worm it’s for people that are alive it that we don’t have a way to unfreeze people and have them stay alive

  2. You also have to think of death as a way of natural selection. If we get to point in the future where we can stop people from dying, what's to stop overpopulation from really starting to taking place? Also we'll have to think of the mental effect on the people being brought back, to live a life where everyone you know might be dead and gone, while you are one of the first people to cheat the system and come back. There's a lot at play in this scenario but it was a very interesting video with some great synthwave!

  3. The thing I was always curious about is how they keep the cells of a person from getting destroyed. Cells have water in them and water expands as a solid. Even by replacing bodily fluids with the antifreeze stuff and taking out blood cells, it still seems like something that might be an issue in the brain

  4. I don’t want to be dead in 500 years, I want to be able to see what is going on in the future and not just wonder what things are going to be like after I die.

    If we haven’t invented something that can let me live forever by the time I die I definitely want to be frozen.

  5. Just imagine, at a dentist visit you go to sleep and wake up after like no time passed. What if thousands of years went by and you just open you eyes like you were still in the year you were preserved, everyone you know is dead and you just woke up from what felt like a nap. Insane.

  6. Atoms stop moving at that temperature? That's complete pseudoscience. Atoms will continue to vibrate all the way down to apsolute zero. And besides it would be nearly impossible to repair every single individual cell that would have busted after being frozen then reheated. Water expands when it freezes and thats what we're made off mostly. I wish stuff like this would work. But it's viability is credulous. Good video production though.

  7. I think God has a purpose for everyone and he picks a time for everyone to pass away. Though it may be sad, we have to let God carry out his plan because what he has planned is way bigger than any of us.

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