Covert Narcopaths Tries To Convince You That You Brought It On Yourself

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Activism of Care is the #1 YouTube channel that specializes in narcissistic personality disorder, personality disorders, bullying prevention, and the social sciences. With over 1300 highly original YouTube videos AOC has already surpassed the most popular YouTube channels in this genre in both quantity and quality. Furthermore, AOC does research on MGTOW, workplace harassment, psychosis, and borderline, paranoid, obsessive compulsive, anti-social, and histrionic personalities.

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Stand up against narcissistic personality disorder, abuse of power, abuse of process, abuse of trust, bullying, institutional oppression, institutional racism, ethnocentrism, illegal discrimination, viewpoint discrimination, workplace mobbing, constructive discharge, wrongful termination, negligent supervision, blacklisting, blackballing, gang stalking/cause stalking, conspiracy against rights, abuse by proxy, defamation, eavesdropping, ambient abuse, eugenics, kangaroo courts, selective prosecution, malicious prosecution, vexatious litigation, dog whistle politics, harassment, gaslighting, intentional infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, administrative manipulation, undue influence, malicious compliance, fraud, cults, cult mind control, behavior modification, group narcissism, group think, statism, collectivism, authoritarianism, fascist Christianity (Dominionists), astroturf groups, front groups, bait and switch, false advertising, Peter Principle, homophobia, xenophobia, classism, pathological personality disorders (people of the lie), socialized sociopaths, counseling malpractice, toxic parents, Machiavellianism, man-hating feminism, obscurantism, doublespeak, obfuscation, circumlocution, malarkey, loaded questions, thought-terminating cliches, pretexts, conflicts of interest, classism, and more!

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  1. I Appreciate How deep your videos Go 🙌🏾 Like you Said U get into almost every aspect of narcissism in a wide range ❗️Question For You Do Have Any videos on Narcissist & Their young children ? In my case I made the Biggest Mistake Of my Life Having aChild With a Narcissistic Predator 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 It wasn’t til I was 6th months pregnant That He did Literally a 360 On Me Started accusing me of Cheating ( Mind You I’m 6 months pregnant at this point ) I’ve been Outta that relationship almost a year Now that I have the information I can’t help but to think He Had all this planned out From the beginning Which is Sickening . To use a child to make my life miserable… Little does he Know HE Is THE REASON MY LIFE WAS Miserable Not My Baby

  2. Hi thanks for your thoughts and effects. A person i had close to me for a long time said to me that ," everything I did or said always had a drop of poison in it." I didn't think this before but afterwards I worry that I do, have a drop of poison in what I say or do ,even if I'm not aware of it at the time . I wonder what validity that observation had , if any?

  3. Activism at crazy cheapy work sale BBQ is writing what happens in a journal. Sigh….. I so want to call them horrible names and or slap a mofo…. I avoid with success and journal but this work sale will be a high level playing field for the behavior of the narc kind. What is karma to the empathy impaired? My silence fuels them, my talk fuels them. Did I say I want to call them names a nine year old calls and psychological terms…. Naturally I spread love which frustrates me to no end.

  4. Narcs are pathologically incapable of accepting responsibility for their jackassery, so of course they try to pawn-off their dysfunction onto you. NEVER their fault for betraying you for no logical reason.

  5. Will people like us ever find romantic love and or true happiness in this world?.. this may only be a prison planet for empaths.. inmate # whatever just serving my time

  6. New subscriber here.  Thank you for validating why I feel so crappy.  He lied. He deceived.  He cheated.  And he wants to be friends?  Just plain weird to me.  Just having a hard time understanding how ANYONE could be so deceitful and use someone they claim to care about.  I am not confused,  I KNOW I AM A GOOD PERSON!! However,  I just want to feel better SOON.  I was accused of so many things in my 9 year marriage it was just BIZARRE, great word to describe it.  I feel like I was in the freaking Twilight Zone.  Glad I am out but still trying to clear my head.  I live in Ventura CA.  I would like to find a LOCAL support group just to be around others who might understand.  Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.  Have been belittled for far too long.  Also realized my mom, if she is not a narc, certainly has narc attributes,  so no support there. Love your channel.

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