COWSPIRACY – Official Trailer – HD

COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret ( is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today, and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it.

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  1. Well I eat chicken or lamb never beef I hate it and I get it from butchers fresh and I'm in the uk and its halal meat if you want to know because I'm Muslim but can I get a comment on what's bad about this because I'm really interested and googling is just annoying

  2. Regardless of anything presented, when you see the conditions the animals live in, it's slavery. There's no way around this definition of slavery, we have enslaved animals in brutal and oppressive regimes. Does it mean less that they are not conscious of this slavery ? They have no power to fight against it ? I think our consciousness, our conscience, should determine our perspective.

  3. Veganism is stupid, if you wish to help the environment then eat low maintenance (land and resource use) animals like chickens (instead of high maintenance animals like cows). Switching to non-animal products isn't going to suddenly save the world (or even help it very much)

  4. This trailer shows nothing about what this movie is about. Doesn't mentioned cows like the thumbnail and posters would suggest. How can you expect people to watch a film if the trailer gives no context. I just wasted 2:13mins of my life on this.

  5. I thought it was a hard decision to become vegan. But it was not,it was almost the easiest decision I made in my life,didnt want to eat any animal products even though I liked the taste of mayo,eggs and butter and milk and bacon. The taste just wasn't worth it, at all. There are people who told me that being vegan doesn't save animals, the animals still die. In my opinion though, I think that with more people becoming vegan, it will definitely make a change. Even if me alone doesn't change anything,at least im not contributing to this cruel and disgusting industry. After knowing the truth, I couldn't even think of eating eggs nor drinking milk nor eat cheese etc. I started wondering how could everyone be so ignorant and delusional of non vegan food sources? I really hope people wake up and stop supporting cruelty like that. No one deserves to be treated that way, humans shouldn't be hypocrites and judge the worth of animals based on their species. It is really just heartbreaking.

  6. I used to think one person going vegan wouldn't change anything. I still kind of do. But I am going to try so hard to remain vegan because I don't want to be part of this horrible, money hungry industry that is eventually going to make us ill!

  7. watchin it while eating a nice argentinean sirloin steak
    argentina highest meat consumer on earth average live expectancy 76yrs average male height 176cm
    india biggest percentage of vegans and vegetarians live expectancy 68 yrs average male height 165cm
    ghee i wonder how the brits could control 300million indians bein only 300k brits
    but then i also know they tried to occupy argentina faced by only 3million argentineans im sure that the weak vegetarians indians low life and low strenght had nothing to do with that 300k could control 300million vegetarians but never controlled 3million meat eaters

  8. I don't know what is going on in the USA but over here in Europe the Media and NGOs are speaking about the problem ever since the UN-paper get out..

  9. Thanks for helping us and being such an inspiration. My husband and I share this documentary with everyone we know to help them learn the truth about how the animals are treated and the damage it does to our environment. The animal cruelty is just awful, and we can't wait to change this. We just built a mobile app Assuaged that's being released globally for recipes and products that are exclusively only organic vegan and non-GMO. We're ready to make this reality and change the world together. Thank you for all you do. <3

  10. Before i watch this movie, I just wanted to say i love medium rare steak! I have a feeling after watching this im going to be converted into a vegan

  11. There's always two kind of people . People who refused to accept the truth until they see it and people who will never accept any truth just because don't like it . Give the first group a try and don't waste your time with the second one . Best documentary ever especially watching Michael pollan speaking about it . I was like whaaaaaaaat?

  12. okay people. going vegan wont change a single thing. maybe you will feel a little bit better about yourself, but if you really want something to change, protest against corrupt politicians and dont argue (for example) who is better/worse among Hilary and Trump, they are both pieces of shit. Make a change of mentality and approach to the collective life and dont bite the bait.
    Being vegan and voting for a ''obvious'' person for an office is a bait. go out in the streets and fight and ask for your rights and tear down the corrupt system which is out of control. mainly because most people dont care until the elections, so they abuse that and make everyone's lives miserable. *disclaimer: this aint no communist propaganda, this is the sad truth

  13. COWSPIRACY ….. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (that was a Nooo joke …like … you replace the M with N like … If you look at your keyboard M is close to N and it is like a mistake press and Moooo Like the what the fuck does the COW say like Mooo ? Noo ? Anyone ? Mo one ? ok 🙁 ….)

  14. Going vegan because of emotions and exaggerated posts/videos, sounds wrong and stupid. Stopping the meat overconsumption cause its bad for health and environment, is doable and serious.

  15. What is the leading cause of almost all our problems? Anybody? = $. If I was president I would put a 50% tax hike on meat products, just like they did with cigarettes. Problem solved. Period


  17. Say what you want, but human body can't live without vegetables and fruits, it can't live only with meat but oh! It can live with vegetables and fruits! Because that's what your body needs.

  18. NO! The real problem is OVERPOPULATION. Imagine you have only half of the present population in your country. That means half of the pollution, ecosystem degradation, traffic jams and animals to be slaughtered! But no politician dares to do something about overpopulation or even to name this fast growing problem.

  19. From my experience. If you can't give up meat at all, like myself, set up meatless Mondays or Tuesdays. Later you'll notice positive change in your skin condition and health in general. And going 3-4 days a week without any meat or low-meat won't be such a problem anymore.

  20. zeer boeiend, echt, helaas GREENPEACE & AL-GORE ea steken hun vinger op ipv dit aan te kaarten.! PROFICIAT aan deze jonge man die zijn nek uitsteekt, ik doe mee met hem uU TOCH OOK?

  21. I want to see this so badly. Every day I get closer and closer to veganism. Currently the only meat I eat is chicken, and I only drink almond milk, and only have cheese if its in macaroni. I'm not there yet fully, but I'm working really hard 🙂

  22. Let's eat poor people. Reduce overpopulation. Decrease reliance on animal agriculture. Two birds with one stone.

  23. Anytime I hear people promoting vegetarianism and veganism I have to wonder if they were stupid before they started their unhealthy dietary practices.

    For optimal nutrition, the Paleo diet stomps a mud-hole in vegetarianism. And, veganism is pure idiocy.

    The problem isn't cows. The problem is 6.6 billion too many people. If you want to do your part stop procreating.

  24. you should watch the actual movie its great and very informative – you can find it online for free in a quick internet search (it used to be free before leonardo decaprio bought the rights to it)

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