Craziest Simpson’s Conspiracies That Came True!

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Written by lena

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  1. Has anyone ever thought that all of these things happened because the people that were being predicted about saw that episode of the Simpson’s

  2. there is also a conspiracy that he simpsons predicted 9/11. i think the episode aired somewhere in the 90's. 9/11 occurred in 2001.

  3. wen lady gaga came in thats wen i freaked out… maybe they had some kind of fortuneteller backstage to help them write the script… or maybe one of the writers are a retired foretuneteller…. There are many possibilities!

  4. That one with lady gaga, i Think That lady gaga just have seen Simpson, and then just Think it looks fun and doing it in Real life.

  5. Donald. Trump was famous before he even became president so they thought that one day he probably would be president…… PROBLEM SOLVED

  6. None of these were predicted. The creators knew it would happen so they were trying to tell us.

  7. The Roy tiger thing also happened in Rugrats! When Tommy and the gang and parents went to Vegas! Wow

  8. is it weird that I also feel like that people see the predictions of the episode and make it happen like inspire them to do it? I jus think thst

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