CREEPIEST Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

From the ultra creepy spongebob; to the minions in all their evil; These are the 8 CREEPIEST Cartoon Conspiracy Theories !

2. Flintstones Apocalypse
What if the truth of the flintstones was much more grim than you think? What if they weren’t living in the past, but the future? This could actually be the artist’s’ depiction of post nuclear apocalypse and mankind is forced to resort to primitive ways once again. This theory was first suggested during a 1987 episode of the Jetsons meet the flintstones. The Jetson’s get into a time machine and travelled to what was supposed to be the future and they ended up “supposedly in the past” but not according to conspiracy theorists. They claim that the machine didn’t malfunction and this was meant to be a deep message to the audience about the apocalypse if nuclear war played out. The flintstones also appear to have technology far in advance from the stone age such as television, paper money and guitars in some episodes. This is far enough into the future, where dinosaurs have been cloned and they have a fresh start on earth again as less humans exist. As we know dinosaurs didn’t exist at the same time as people, this would suggest another period of time where they do, like in the future! During the time when more people we’re worried about a nuclear apocalypse happening on a daily basis, maybe the flintstones have a deeper meaning that we thought.

Rugrats Conspiracy Theory
Possibly the creepiest cartoon conspiracy theory floating around the internet is the rugrats. You might remember Angelica, the superficial little brat girl who always seemed to pick on the younger ones in whichever way possible. Well it turns out that all of the babies in this show were complete works of angelica’s insanity and inability to cope with reality. Chuckie and his mom suffered an unfortunate fate in a car crash, leaving his dad as a mental case. Tommy was actually a stillborn and after the incident, stu pickles also went crazy making toys in his basement for the son he never had. The twins phil and lil were dreamt up by angelica because after some strange circumstances, the deville’s were forced to have an abortion. Angelica couldn’t figure out if the kid was supposed to be male or female so she dreamt up twins. This is why the DeVille’s mom, betty is an active feminist and supports women’s rights. The person one would assume is Angelica’s mother is actually her stepmom, whose primary concern is work. She still idolizes her biological mother, who died from an overdose who’s portrayed as the doll Cynthia, with wild hair as if she’s a little strung out. The only real baby in this entire story is Dil who confused angelica. When she realized he wasn’t taking her orders, she struck the kid, leaving him a little slower than usual. This is why Dil, is a little strange in the all grown up series and doesn’t talk. Suzie is angelica’s only friend but unfortunately they began to dispute when angelica followed the same footsteps as her mother. We all know children have vivid imaginations, but when those visions don’t go away, you know there are some problems. .

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  1. I have a conspiracy of my own.big hero 6. So why is San Francisco called San fransokyo (sorry didn't know how to spell it) so the relocation camps for.the American Japanese people in WWII actually rioted against the United states. Japan successfully invaded the United states before the fully operational code talkers. The Japanese took control of Hawaii and parts of the United States. The part of reason why Fred`s family is rich is because his family is part of the miner 49er family that stayed alive. Hiro and tadashi`s parents were dead because of the supporters of the Japanese killed them or make it look like an accident. The dad was Japanese and mom was probably American (just guessing). The rest like honey lemon and wasabi family's stayed. Go-go`s family probably was in the relocation camps or moved from japan. And part of the reason why tadashi made bay max to help with the healing wound of the scared American family's. Mr. Callahan family probably resisted the Japanese invasion troops and failed but the family was scared but not Robert Callahan he tried to make the best out of it. :<

  2. I would like to see a amazing things found in Russia. Like artifacts from around Ivan The Terrible Rain of power. And other stuff like that. Wikipedia Activate!

  3. ok another Conspiracy for you why is American Eyes and Crypto Queen putting out the same kind of video on the same day? hmmm

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