Creepy Colorado Conspiracy Theories That’ll Freak You The Hell Out

Colorado has become quite the conspiracy theory hot spot in the past decade. From rumors that there is a underground city underneath the Denver International Airport to the NIST in Boulder that controls our thoughts. Here is a list of the most talked about conspiracies theories in Colorado.
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  1. Hi ufomania iam real time traveller promise i will reaveld my knowledge to you in my past present and the most is future

  2. I used to live in Colorado . It is an eerie state .Lots of dark places and secrets .More than any other places I have lived or been .

  3. LoL I Will come at night like a thief…. People don't worry about this parricide of beings trying to control us…Jesus Christ is here! And all races and religions will bow To-the and shall live! So don't worry yeah we will suffer but is going to be worth it lol!

  4. I could believe everything except the part about the second coming of Christ and when that happens you'll know it. Because He said you'll know it when it happens.

  5. Here's a helping hint UFOmania, separate Initials with a space in text to speech programs to have it said correctly. IE : Instead of DIA type D I A. I hope that helps. 😀

  6. Let me tell you friends, what THEY want you to NOT hear, the fact that if you acquire a personal relationship with Christ you can pray over EVERYTHING you consume or drink and it will not harm you, that if saved you shall not be tempted and not be deceived by the soon coming Antichrist and False Prophet and Their NWO Agendas that seek to steal, kill and to damn your soul. Christ gives a Promise that tells us that NO weapon formed against you shall prosper! Please get right with God who loves all of us and wants us to resist the Devil and his coming deceptions, and if you do so you shall inherit eternal life and Christ has created your rewards and a mansion just for you to live in whenever you arrive to Heaven! Don't be deceived and damned, fore its easy to avoid, you repent, get baptized { total emersion under water }, pray and seek Christ daily, share the Gospel and then any bad you would endure until death can easily be withstood and best of all you shall see with spiritual eyes, hear with spiritual eyes and understand while those in rebellion suffer greatly, stay confused and under constant fear and if they still refuse to repent and then die they will live an eternal death! I love you all.

  7. Aliens are nothing more than Demons / Unclean Spirits taking their commands via the Fallen Angels. Satan fell from Heaven b/c he wanted to be God and still wants to be God, thus he has, is and will try to counterfeit everything God has informed us he shall do in Bible Prophecies! This means that he will try to counterfeit Christ's 2nd coming so to not be deceived is to get saved otherwise many of their schemes will fool you! Be not deceived, God loves you very much and will keep you from destruction and the time of SEVERE testing and deception and will shelter you from the things that will be so fearful that the Bible says, ''Men's hearts will fail them for what they see coming upon the earth.'' Its easy to avoid what is coming, just get right with God and be ready to witness awesome things while under God's protection! Much love friends.

  8. Horse is a symbol of freedom ..! Looking at this one in the end of video, shows you what 'they' want to turn it in to ! …..

  9. Who truly wants to live in a a dark eerily vibed place… let alone live or venture underground…

    Who really wants to be so far removed from GOD and Christ…

    Those of blasphemies, iniquities unspeakable, and abominations, envy them not….

    What happens in Colorado,
    let it stay in Colorado…

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