Daily Scuba News – Russian Military Set For Record Breaking Deep Dive

Russian Military Set For Record-Breaking Deep Dive
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A specialized diving unit in the Russian military is planning to dive down to 450 meters in the next few months, but why are they doing this? Well, they want to revive of there most complex and dangerous specializations of its navy.
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  1. It is impossible in my opinion that's (correct me if I'm wrong) about 43 atmospheres and if done even with the correct deco and and that fun stuff his/hers lungs would more than likely be screwed up for life along with his or hers ears to

  2. I think it would be funny, if the Russian diver(s)descended to 450 metres, and saw two signs down there. One saying "we got here before you did, signed devgru"(aka seal team 6). And a second sign saying "we were here first, sincerely SAS or SBS."

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