Death and Destruction in Yarmouk: Inside Syria’s largest Palestinian refugee camp

“You have turned it into a death Camp” – the United Nations verdict on the Syrian government. For five years Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces besieged and bombarded Yarmouk, the largest Palestinian camp in Syria.

Our Chief Correspondent Alex Thomson was the first Western journalist to enter Yarmouk since the Syrian army seized it from Islamic State fighters in recent days. He joins us live now from Damascus.

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The assault was designed to drive out militant Islamic State fighters holding onto what was to become the last anti-government zone in Damascus.

Yarmouk is located on the southern fringes of the Syrian capital. It’s a densely packed area of streets just five miles from the city centre.

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  1. Biased news. The syrian army fought for over a month to regain final control of this urban area against a group of fighters who refused offers of surrender & evacuation. No wonder the city got partly wiped out in the fighting. What military leader would send his men with small arms without artillery and air support in an urban setting against an ennemy hiding in buildings and tunnels?
    No mention is made of the heavy losses sustained by the Syrian army, men who lost their lives in this difficult fight and will never see their homes again. A little bit of respect for these men and the harsh realities of urban warfare would go along way to balance this one sided news report.


  3. Accused accused Syria of all the bad things that happens but never once have the U.N and the International community accused of the terrorist and the nation supporting terrorist a single thing!

  4. One shouldn't be surprised to see Alex Thomson of British propaganda media shamelessly repeat the lies and misleading propaganda of the western colonial corporate regimes back to the British people and rest of the world. Like the majority of the people around the world, He knows very well as why Yarmouk and the rest of Syria just like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen has been destroyed by Western colonial regimes and their Wahhabi/Salafi sects' mercenaries and the money and the weapons of the Arab stooge regimes and the criminal Zionist occupier of Palestine. These wars have nothing to do with Sunni and Shia, it is all designed and executed by the western colonial capitalist corporate regimes to expend their hegemony over those nations that are not willing to give in to the Western colonizer's demand. They should know using these inhuman colonial methods of divide and conquer and wars of aggressions eventually will end up with their own defeat and demise.

  5. no no no
    no need for so much destruction..
    carpetbagging one square mile for 23 disciples of death.
    Not precise

  6. Again a clear proof that channel 4 news is a tool to manipulate public opinion. Obviously, many people here are aware of the propaganda they are trying to spread.

  7. More lies and pathetic journalism from Ch4 , when are you going to admit you are all liars on Syria and NOBODY BELIEVES YOU ANYMORE?

  8. Reminds me of those post WWII Europe pictures. Except Palestinians seem to be too lazy to clean up the rubble.

  9. I pray to see a day when the destruction in Israel is worse than the ones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Gaza, Lebanon and Yemen combined

  10. That's the price you pay when the Palestinians of Yarmouk sided with the terrorists. I hope your fellow Palestinians from the Al-Quds doesn't kill you traitors!

  11. Don't ever raise arms against your country. This should be a lesson. Now if they ever rebuild it will never be the same and will cost untold billions.

  12. british war mongerers and liars shut up … u are terrorist supporters and yuo meddle in others affairs and you have started to destroy the middle east since the 20s … u scum

  13. What a shitty reporting, biased to the bone, Yarmouk was under al Qaeda and ISIS, and they were defeated, humiliated, and that is what matters. Shitty TV channel. Alex Thomson, you are an idiot.

  14. I see the Channel 4 Pommy reporter using the usual Western devices to skew the narrative against Damascus, but it clearly isn't working. Even the emotive style of reporting reminiscent of the BBC, can't hide the dishonest intent of the this UK news source.

  15. It's not under siege, you lying British puppet. The are is being cleared of bombs left by the terrorists.

  16. . Syria-Assad gave the Palestinian in Yarmouk all the rights of a Syrian citizens yet they allowed USA-NATO proxy ISIS to embed in Yarmouk.
    ,,, what do they expect biting the hand that feeds them?!:(

  17. nobody's suffering is more important than the suffering of the Palestinians. Inshallah they will go back to Palestine soon. Inshallah her children will become martyrs and make their mother proud.

  18. There are some Israeli and American brokers in Syria, the situation in Syria for them.People may have some trouble with the government, that does not mean that you will fight with the enemy of the country

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