Debate on Human Rights Watch’s Call For Bush Admin Officials Be Tried For Torture 2 of 2 – Human Rights Watch has released a new report calling on the U.S. government to launch a broad criminal investigation into alleged crimes of torture committed by former President George W. Bush and other top officials under his administration. It comes on the heels of a Department of Justice investigation into alleged torture, abuse and murder during the interrogation of detainees in CIA custody. Earlier this month, the DOJ announced it would launch a full criminal investigation into the deaths of just two prisoners out of 101 cases under review, including one who died at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Democracy Now! hosts a discussion with Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, and to John Baker, professor emeritus at Louisiana State University Law School.

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  1. It can be shown, that torture has no bearing and will not stop organized terrorist bombings carried out by The Lead group. Seeing as the Leading Group, the CIA is the one doing the torturing for the Government, who is ordering and carrying out the terrorist acts. Think about it!

  2. So on planet John Baker the term torture applies to NOTHING? So the torture convention is basically toilet paper because the term is SO flexible that mock DEATH is just fine… BTW people might have forgotten but people did die while being tortured – but I'll bet that doesn't constitute torture either? Baker has lost his soul – and BTW recently an examination of talking heads was done to check for their accuracy – the most unreliable group? LAWYERS! Nuff said eh?

  3. @StunnedByStupidity Oh, and there IS a nice simple way to convince Baker about what is and isn't torture – like the idiot Christopher Hitchens he should expose himself to it – I guarantee those words written down will suddenly stand bold is sharp relief…
    'Watch Christopher Hitchens Get Waterboarded (VANITY FAIR)' on youtube

  4. And IF Baker is so secure in his take LET THE LAW DECIDE! It will clear the air or put criminals in prison – a win win either way! We ALL know why that will never happen!

  5. @TiberianSun117 So, the people in the Bush administration were put on trial and the result was 'prosecutorial discretion.'? I take it this was done in an international court. Yeah, I remember all the press and TV coverage. The trails went on for months and at the end of it everyone was happy with the decision… Go google 'The Authoritarians' it's a free ebook about people like you that are bigoted and irrational and who blindly follow leaders over a cliff….

  6. @TiberianSun117 Its SCIENCE and was written by a self proclaimed CONSERVATIVE. BTW there is a prediction in the book that you lot are SO bigoted that they will look at NOTHING that challenges their insanity (hmmm how ironic eh?) And as a right winger you MUST dismiss science – because science cures people of being a right wing wankers- its VERY difficult to be right wing and have a science degree because, REALITY has a liberal bias…BTW thanks for pointing me to the Bush trial(yes that's irony)

  7. @TiberianSun117 Look GENIUS there is barely a legal expert ON THE PLANET that isn't a disingenuous right wing wanker that thinks the Bush cabal aren't war criminals either for the invasion of Iraq or his torture of captives. And it isn't in societies interest to punish war criminals? And its hilarious that you claim to want a lawful system then dismiss this when a powerful person breaks the law. Seek help you lunatic…

  8. @StunnedByStupidity And can I hear you say that if Obama wasn't such a useless jellyfish, and he did decide to push for a trial then a trial wouldn't go ahead? REALLY? And I'm guessing you have LESS and I mean WAY WAY WAY WAY LESS legal expertise than Human Rights Watch, but they are mistaken? PLEASE FUCK OFF. And just for the record water boarding isn't torture? REALLY?

  9. @StunnedByStupidity Oh and left wing implies favoring the middle and working class over elite interests. So you are a member of the 1% millionaire club? REALLY? Or are you just a victim of (AGAIN so effin ironically) right wing propaganda? You guys are insane in a way that just defies belief…

  10. @StunnedByStupidity And can I hear you say how lefty BARRY GOLDWATER (that's Mr CONSERVATIVE) is? See he and John Dean thought the right wing in America had gone WAY WAY WAY WAY too far (like justifying torture eh?) so they started a book together (Goldwater died before it was complete). They wanted vigorous scientific justification for their claims and guess where they went for the data? That's right to the author of that 'left wing propaganda' book. You guys have NO idea how bigoted you are…

  11. @StunnedByStupidity And the completed books title? 'Conservatives Without Conscience' and AGAIN this is STUNNINGLY ironic 'cos you have no conscience you justify war, torture and murder…

  12. @TiberianSun117 A conservative man WHO BELIEVES IN REALITY you fucking lunatic. The research is VERY reliable and is used by the general psychology community – again FACTS and again the right winger cant deal with it. And BARRY GOLDWATER? You loon… And I am calling you a bigot AND GIVING SCIENTIFIC BACKING – yet a fucking gain you cant do REALITY…

  13. @TiberianSun117 Yeah well you get me some lefties that think that Bush was NOT a war criminal. When they went to war how many people in Tony Blair's legal team thought the war WASN'T illegal (and thus a war crime?) NONE every single legal expert agreed! It was only after much arm twisting that he got ONE to say it wasn't BUT ONLY IF THEY FOUND WMDs! John Yoo was only arrived at by going down the rankings until some blindly obedient scum agreed (SEE BOOK). Crushing testicles of children OK?

  14. @StunnedByStupidity Here is the ex leader of the UN – the people Bush needed to go to for legal permission:
    'Kofi Annan – US did not have legal authority to invade Iraq' on you tube

  15. @TiberianSun117 And AGAIN proof of my statement:
    '6% Of Scientist Are Republicans' on youtube – a pew poll – less that 10% of scientists are right wing/republican – hmmmm This is WAY off the political spectrum compared to the general population. I'm sure its just a coincidence eh?…
    And let me explain for the hard of understanding just about EVERYONE who isn't insane thinks they are war criminals – and the way to clear the air is to have a trial – you lunatic…

  16. @StunnedByStupidity People IN TOUCH WITH REALITY are left wing! The facts speak for themselves lunatic…

  17. @TiberianSun117 I REALLY think you need a course on LOGIC. Go find out the difference between rationalism and empiricism… The man that studies a group of people he calls 'Right Wing Authoritarians' and who has empirical proof of what these people are like classes himself as leaning in that direction and therefore is completely dismissable? – have you the slightest inkling how insane you are. And the book contains 4 DECADES of facts here's another (lefty I presume you lunatic) one:

  18. @StunnedByStupidity
    'Conservatives Without Conscience (John W. Dean) Part 1' on you tube
    'Understanding Right Wing Authoritarianism – Atheist Experience #477' on you tube

  19. @StunnedByStupidity The author (Robert altemeyer) admits to being conservative here:
    Type 'radio4all' in a search engine and go to the site. Then in the top right search box type 'altemeyer'
    And the link will take you to an mp3…

  20. @TiberianSun117 Look we've established Yoo is an a moral blind follower. Now you explanation why Cheney went down the ranks to get to him. And the evidence that waterboarding is legal? And proof the Iraq war was legal. And You AGAIN dodged the challenge – tell me crushing children's testicles is wrong you immoral scum bag… And the people MURDERED under the torture going on? You are clearly a very nasty piece of work…

  21. @TiberianSun117 Yoo fits the bill of a 'right wing authoritarian' again you'll need to overcome your bigotry and read the book. But that is an IMPOSSIBILITY. And AGAIN WHY if this is just a straight out legal proof did Cheney go down the ranks – are you harboring a negative IQ? And AGAIN EXPLAIN BARRY FUCKING GOLDWATER YOU RETARD.
    'Documents Reveal Prisoners Tortured to Death' on you tube.

  22. @TiberianSun117 And now you are now saying Mein Kampf is a science book? You are a complete and utter lunatic…
    No they moved down through the ranks till they got the opinion they liked – I take it history as well as science is lefty propaganda? YOU FRUIT CAKE! And you want to man up and tell me you are a millionaire? And tell me toy are fine with crushing a child's testicles? And DEATHS from torture? Like I said you are a right winger BECAUSE you cant do REALITY!

  23. @TiberianSun117 And I KNOW YOU LUNATIC that for just about everyone on the planet, their IQ's are positive BUT YOU ARE SO STUNNINGLY STUPID THAT YOU ARE OFF THE CHARTS – sheez literalism is also a crippling right wing trait… What all that ambiguity and creativity a little too disturbing to your bigotry?

    And now you don't know what I'm saying about Goldwater? So I posted a clear comment on it and its mentioned in one of the videos – NOW YOU ARE PROVING MY POINT – you are terminally bigoted…

  24. @TiberianSun117 And the sources for those videos? – AND WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE WANKER – your arrogance is off the fucking charts – your a fucking nobody shooting off your ignorant moth off – claiming to know EVERYTHING… You SERIOUSLY need professorial help…

  25. @TiberianSun117 And the TYPICAL right wing response just accuse the other side of the same thing they are being accused of… I have displayed NO bigotry – you supplied NO evidence – you will look at NOTHING (hell that claim on death is even in the fucking video above you bigoted lunatic). Like some dumb cult member you keep reciting the thought stopping mantra of 'left wing propaganda' like reality cares what the fuck you think – YOU NEED HELP!
    And a lose on Goldwater? How sad of you BIGOT!

  26. @TiberianSun117 Mein Kampf is a science book – I am STILL having the operation to have my sides sewn up after they split laughing at your sorry ass…

  27. @TiberianSun117 Oh, that's a fact alright and this time YOU supplied the evidence – how's that smart ass? Look kid you are WAY out of your depth go away and renew your library ticket you are an embarrassment to yourself…

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