Debate over the Fed’s rate hike plans

Swiss Americas Trading Corp. Chairman Craig Smith, S&P Global Market Portfolio Manager Erin Gibbs and Kingsview Asset Management’s Scott Martin on the outlook for Federal Reserve policy.

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  1. I hope Donald Trump can do away with the Federal Reserve I think a lot of our problems are with the Federal Reserve which I think is anti-American

  2. Why in the hell do we owe the Fed over 20 trillion dollars there's your politicians and all they are is a bunch of devious lawyers with their tricks

  3. anything to devalue Trumps fantastic economy…deep state is DEEP..many should hang for their this globalist plot to overthrow our sovereignty..and steal our freedoms..

  4. Trump run around like a madman praise Putin from russian and little Kim in north korea they are scare and wall st. too samething happen with 43 Bush after 911 we going into depression this time.

  5. This is the equivalent of tying a rock to the bubble, sure it may keep it grounded and easier to reach but it will still collapse.  This has already been set in motion, it only a matter of time/numbers.   SFYL

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