Democrats Cling To Global Warming As US Freezes Over

Despite record low temperatures throughout the US, Democrats continue to panic and blame every weather occurrence on man made Global Warming.

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Check out adapt2030 if you want to learn about climate and the ridiculous global warming and co2 nonsense. Pollution is real but the whole global warming cause by co2 is about as real as flat Earth.

  2. Natural climate change of the earth 🌏 has always happened and always will , funny how they tried to hide the medieval warm period data

  3. Does anyone remember “acid rain it’s going to kill all the lakes and oceans “…and let’s not forget about good old “massive holes in the ozone …we’re all going to get skin cancer”…..fake news been going on long time

  4. Apparently the left has never heard of things called seasons and seasons consist of warm weather and cool/cold weather. and seasons like spring and summer it's gonna be hot/warm and seasons like fall and winter its gonna be cool/cold it's common sense. That's the problem with the left they lack common sense cause they're mentally incompetent. Cause if they did have common sense and are mentally competent they'd realize and know global warming isn't a real thing.

  5. Who benefits if global warming is real? Who benefits if global warming is fake news? Which scientist gain grants the ones that debunk global warming or the one that warns of global warming?

  6. why don't they say stop pollutants and diesel fuel because it's bad for our lungs. Instead of using some pseudoscience global warming co2 conspiracy.

  7. In the history of the earth, there has been vast climate change along with plate tectonics causing continents to break apart and merge together. This is the known science.

  8. +7C on 12.30.2017 in middle europe, kids does not have snow…., is that global warming ?
    US is cooling down ? Weird world……

  9. What's the deal with playing some random snippet of the video before playing the whole video? This is starting to trigger me.

  10. Trump is a complete genius. When he cheers on "global warming" he gets libtards trying to trash him. But that just gets people talking and the libtards get to defend their unfounded beliefs. And they fail so grandly.

  11. It's summer in Australia. And obviously always has been in December. But idiots here put out xmas displays of cardboard snowmen and fake snow.

  12. I noticed the infowars nutjobs don’t know the difference between weather and climate. Weather is what we’re experiencing in the moment. Climate is the broader trends that make certain weather experiences more or less likely, particularly due to global warming. Often times, extreme low level temperatures can occur due to certain areas of the world experiencing extreme drought or heat, which causes atmospheric changes and delays on other regions of the world. Extreme warm weather elsewhere around the world can destabilize the natural balance that controls temperature movements around the world, this leading to very cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

  13. You will know the Weak minded and Uneducated by their belief in Man Made Global Warming & Climate change. We need to see these people receive medical treatment. They should be restrained before they harm themselves or someone else. Many of the poor sick people have & worship the symbol of a Jackass which explains a lot.

  14. Normal cold winter does not stop global warming. It's cold because this side of the planet is facing away from the sun. Stop spreading false information

  15. if global warming isnt a thing why are sea Levels rising everywhere? why are many countries going to be completely underwater soon? why is veice unihabitable by ? why are the poles getting smaller? why are all glaciers disappearing? typical americans really

  16. They really don’t want us to learn any change in the climate is being caused by the sun! We can stop polluting our own environment but c’mon… human activity is no match to the sun!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The IPCC only 20% of them are Scientists, which are Bought and paid for!
    The rest are just conned into provide pier reviewers.
    Water Vapor is 95% of the Greenhouse gasses. 4% of the Greenhouse gas is CO2 and 1% is other. Your Hurricane season was all part of the Weather Modification going on! If you learn of it you can get it stopped! Watch weatherWar101.
    Watch Prof Henrick Svensmark "The Cloud Mystery" Pro William Happer "The Physics of Carbon Dioxide"

  18. Wow the last I checked the US is the only spot on the globe that is below normal. The rest of the planet is well above normal. This idiots rant makes about as much sense as staying in your bedroom cause the a/c is on and it's cool, while the rest of your house is on fire. Just because TPTB have used there haarp technology to move the jet stream to pull the polar vortex down over the US for a white Christmas, and of coarse to fool the masses to believe global warming is a hoax. When will the rest of you wake up! By the way when one of you idiots call me a Democrat I'll have you know I am an Anarchist.

  19. 'The Wisconsin Ice Sheet, the last of many glacial advances that grew after the start of the Pleistocene Era about 1.5 million years ago and which stretched down from eastern Canada (Labrador), advanced as far south as New York City. The Wisconsin Ice Sheet left its marks on the city, depositing rock and debris and accounting for the hilly areas that run straight through the middle of the five boroughs. Geologists believe that the Wisconsin Ice Sheet began its southward journey from Labrador about 90,000 years ago and reached its maximum about 70,000 years ago, forming the Ronkonkoma Moraine on Long Island. During a period of warmth and retreat, it advanced again starting about 45,000 years ago, reaching New York City about 20,500 ago, forming the Harbor Hill Moraine and beginning its retreat about 18,000 years ago.

    In New York City, the Wisconsin Ice Sheet was 1,000 feet thick (in the Adirondacks it was over 5,000 feet thick and perhaps as much as 10,000 feet thick in Labrador). The Wisconsin Ice Sheet had an impact not only on New York City but also farther north, deepening the bed of the Hudson River Valley (the Hudson River is the southernmost glacial fjord in the Northern Hemisphere), carving out the Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes basins, and leaving its mark on the Adirondack mountains. The glacier also deepened valleys beneath Webster Avenue in the Bronx, and the Harlem and East Rivers. It smoothed the bedrock and left glacial grooves and striations as the advancing glacier dragged rocks over the surface.' Showing that tax policy of Leftists does not alter the climate.

  20. Adam Shitz isn't at all worried about being accused of changing the subject is he? After that stupidity he tries to blame the president for natural disasters when it's clear that, if such a thing were possible, it would be the Democrats – who are moral garbage and drool over the suffering of others – that would be doing it.

  21. Have a look at Peter Corbyn's stuff. He hypothesises that the Earth is cooling down instead of the mainstream contrary. Nethertheless, so called evidence shows man-made 'global warming/climate change' accounts for 1% of all emissions. Water vapour is the main culprit if any

  22. Everywhere in the mainland United States will freeze except for some areas of California and areas of Florida below Lake Okeechobee!

  23. Global Warming is NOT manmade, but we DO contribute to it. Common sense should tell you that our civilization contributes to Climate Change some, but Mother Nature takes it from there and steals the show all the way to the next natural catastrophe we must endure. This is NORMAL. I would be more worried if we were NOT seeing some cause and effect, which would be much scarier to me.

  24. It’s called Interglacial Warming. It happens after every Ice Age, the Earth starts a gradual warming before the next Ice Age. The records show Five Ice Ages And Six Interglacial Warming’s. If that didn’t happen your asses would still be in a giant block of Ice.

  25. We all found this fine, before we knew, that al gore .. sl bundy … started the oecologic wastland in bombardment of Jugoslawia.. as vice from slick willie.. which destroied postconcerns in usa and europe.. for handybusiness and worldeide human control and looking into every sleeping room., not to make further oecolgic footprints.. ..
    Send them to abortionfabrics.. (for human flesh).
    and al cares for his elite bloodline.. a bigotte ,. Friend of fat michael moore.

    And the volumen of my trasboxes has scince that slicko willie times groen in form of a hockeystick.. and in no shops servicepersonal.. all niw controllers lf trashboxes in administratione..
    because this gangstas are hardcore capitalists.. eantive fine in upper upper upperpricesegment.. own hundtets if houses.. make endless money with it refuges.. they bombed out round the globe.. call that freedom.. a la that granny grande dame playing of luzifer.. madeleine albright..
    And want with co2 agenda drive owner of bungalows out, if they cannot compte with the newest co2.. were for this bullshit time of their lifes slaves.. then kicked ass.. by laejers and pharisayers and banksters.. call this humanitarian standarts.. and thes gangstas hurry up..

    out is, who as carbniac in definition if eu.. new sowjetunion. And cannot invest in newest trash heatings.. and make styropor on fssades.. ponsie sceam.. to depopulate the globe.. from beta assholes.. and nassmurderers like al gore, which started bombardment of serbia..
    Heh, serbs…. look him up.
    Al Bundy Gore could be forced to make his presentation in a Jacket or overal like a pilote in a electro racing car.. eith all emblems of the big industral gigants and banks, where he lobbies for.. more transparent. S please.
    How simple it was.. once to buy a salato on market.. read the neespaper from yesterdy.. it was packed in.. wash him at home.. and it tasted like the luxury salato.. al bundy now eats in his manson in his little community highpricced for twenty dollars in cold winter in shot summer in south kanada..

  26. IS THIS FOR REAL?!?!

    Are you seriously saying 'the WEATHER is cold, therefore CLIMATE change is a hoax?

    I feel sorry for the presenter who is (hopefully) ashamed to have to say these things.

  27. It is scary that you guys think that "global warming" only means heat. That shows the lack of understanding when it comes to climate. If you think that polluting the atmosphere does nothing to the atmosphere then you need to do some basic research that isn't partisan.

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