Detained and Then Deported: U.S. Human Rights Lawyers Barred from Entry into Israel

– Two U.S. human rights lawyers were detained Sunday for 14 hours at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport before being deported back to the United States. Columbia University’s Katherine Franke and Center for Constitutional Rights executive director Vincent Warren were repeatedly questioned about their associations with groups critical of Israel. They were part of a delegation of American civil rights activists heading to Israel and Palestine to learn about the human rights situation and meet with local activists. They arrived back in New York City early Monday. This comes just days after Israeli soldiers shot and killed three Palestinian protesters and wounded hundreds more on Friday, when the soldiers and snipers opened fire during the Palestinians’ weekly nonviolent protest near the Gaza border. On Saturday, a fourth protester died after succumbing to his wounds. The nonviolent protests demanding the right for Palestinian refugees to return to their land began on March 30. Since then, the Israeli military has killed at least 42 Palestinians, including two journalists, and injured thousands more. For more, we speak with Vincent Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Katherine Franke, professor of law, gender and sexuality studies at Columbia University.

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  1. Israel being our "ally" is almost as big of a scam as The American Tax Payer giving Israel over $15 Million per day! We need to get out of bed with Israel and Saudi Arabia Now!

  2. Israel has been nothing more than a 70 year crime spree. And all they have to do to shut people up is yell antisemitism at whatever they don't like.

  3. Seems like they have a democracy. A majority of Israeli's want a genocide of the brown-skinned, Arab looking people. They just don't have protection for minorities…like the USA, etc.

  4. If the western corporate media would stop covering for Israel and stop selling us Israel, Israel could finally face the long awaited justice that's due.

  5. The Saudi Arabian Royal Family are in fact proud )ews and Saudi Arabia will be broken up accordingly.

    Amy Goodman feigning sincerity for others or she wouldn't get a platform. Her grandfather is a Masonic Rabbi, while she adores Noam Chomsky"Someday I'd love to live in Israel!" – Noam Chomsky. Of course you would you old ghoulish yarn spinning Rothschild circuit speaker for Greater Israel. Tel Aviv named in 1910, sounds old, right???

    Obama Administration bombed 7 nations for Rothschild Banking Construct, calling themselves Chosen, engaging in incestuous eugenics to maintain caste system supremacy based on usury not merit, their Greater Israel Expansion Project, sandwiched between Big Oil & African Hi-Tech Resources. Bloomberg Corporation and other cultural and breeding alliance members are already entrenched in Africa for major heist. Killing babies, a 35% Christian population, Seculars and some Muslims for a bunch of greedy land grabbers. Syria is one of the most diverse nations in the world. Trump continues their maniacal land grab by continuing bombing campaign of Syrian people…

    In the history of the world not a single empire has survived. No matter how big or powerful, they all vanish in the end. The more powerful an empire is, the more arrogant it becomes. Arrogance leads to ignorance and ignorance leads to suffering and self-destruction. We need to start being honest, Empire is over. We're never going to be the same. We have to reinvent ourselves immediately…

    Remember their goal is to to secure Greater Israel and the most important trade route on earth. Hand the Americas off to their most obedient Communists on earth, the Marxist' Chinese.  Xi recently reminded Chinese people not to “betray or abandon” Marxism…. After a few more skirmishes and some 'languishing years', our role is to be reduced in numbers and to be made subservient slaves. They tell us that's their goals over and over again.

    And its all coming to fruition, once you see, you can't unsee…

    We've been deindustrialized. We're receiving things that we are disconnected from. Our foods, our modes of transportation, our city planning. We're a disconnected, logistical, nightmare. The only thing that can advance mankind is sharing in the responsibility, and the hard work required to survive, burdening many for an obnoxious and greedy few, is a spiritual, physical and mental 'beatdown'. Highspeed rail, maglev, stop these 'metal-cement-steel feedlot-people farm parking lots everywhere, concieved by someone with the imagination of a gnat. Colors, sounds, it's all vibrational. We need to build our own highspeed rail. We need to stop driving around aimlessly in SUV's and cars requiring parts made by slave labor, the frenetic 'White Noise' of all these 2 ton vehicles whizzing by.. Especially, without any real significant work for most of our citizenry. Come on, think of all these 'not required jobs'. Just jobs to make the people sick. Instead, people should be building a society like Nikola Tesla envisioned, that he knew, and wrote about 100+years ago. The key to our survival would be working with our Sun and harnessing the power of all that eminates from it. We need to reconnect all our people with the process of living and coinciding with Nature. He knew that whoever insisted on digging in the ground for fuel would be dealt with harshly. The enlightenment of Aquarius is in full force. People are awake, and are ready to act on it!

    And we must have an ongoing dialogue regarding usury and why it topples every society that practices it…

    "We'll turn the West into a bottle sucking welfare state and collapse it!" – PM of Israel B. Netanyahu

    The bloated salaries of media, the 4th Branch of an unelected government has got to end.

    "The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty, and make the guilty innocent. And that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses." – Malcolm X

    Give a tribe control of your finance, they can pay themselves whatever it takes to rule over the other tribes.
    Jerry Seinfeld made 4 million💰for 20 minutes per episode of Seinfeld at height of show. Nobody's that funny. Get a real comic alone and he'll let you know comedy loses its 2 main ingredients when paid for it, 'Spontaneity & Truth', it becomes preachy and agenda-driven. Now Jerry Seinfeld goes to IDF FANTASY CAMP and pretends to 🔫 shoot Syrian children in the face. 

    Yes, everything and everyone in West has a responsibility now, to ensure our survival.. 

    The script being presented to us is Inversion… Masonic Kabbalism, symbolism everywhere! Our corporate overlords might act like they are helping us out. While they do the opposite, it's 'Inversion', everywhere, over and over again!  We must prepare. Oh sure, they'll throw the West a bone or two, but those bones are getting fewer and fewer. They're moving operations to Middle East-Asia-Africa, to control Big Oil & African Hi Tech Resources and the most important trade route on earth, we're too costly… Our relic infrastructure, our relic manufacturing base, it's not going to magically appear after 50+ years of offshoring, and how much longer are Asian slave labor going to send us our cheap goods? Every slave eventually escapes their captor. And its happening everywhere…

    These global corporate overlords get what they want. Or they'll sicken and kill you, and poison your land. Look at Superior Wisconsin and Borneo. Remember bombing the sh*t out of the Iraqi oil fields. Oil was just a means to an end. Media was trying damage control in Superior Wisconsin, saying fire was out. Social Media put an end to that. People were saying "They're lying again. It's not out." Petro consumption has already seen its best days. It obviously served its purpose in establishing world domination and is rapidly being discarded. Just look at what's happening in Venezuela. Oil will be rationed for heavy-equipment vehicles. Until it is no longer required for them as well.

    Oil refineries will become more and more like explosive depopulation weapons for those unwilling to make the switch to a mostly electric & solar transportation society, accompanied with High Speed Rails.

    The Russian pipeline is to concentrate 70 percent of Russian gas sales to the EU on the German route when it is built in 2019.

    The 70 year alliance between Turkey and the United States has ended.

    Car Sales Collapse finally being revealed, they've been propped up for years with 1's and 0's…

    The Purge Begins: Deutsche Bank Fires 400 US Bankers.

    Block-Chain is here

    China just donated 2 Huge Solar Panel Parks To Cuba.

    China and Dominican Republic sign agreement establishing "diplomatic ties"…

    Mexico sees U.S as loser, abandon ship! abandon ship! The only Mexicans coming to the United States now are desperate slaves, who )ews will champion and advocate for. As long as they remain obedient, and willing to be demeaned and relegated to servants and goons. Or intentionally obnoxious La Raza, mostly represented by Southern Poverty Law Center, who backs anyone 'dividing and conquering' a society, all for their precious, supreme, Greater Israel Expansion Project' and their maniacal overlords.

    Estados Unidos es ser aislado. México sabe que el imperio de Estados Unidos está muerto!

    Una vez que lo vea, siempre ves!

    Mexico can't get away from the United States fast enough.

    The United States is being isolated. Mexico knows the U.S Empire is dead!

    Once you see you can't unsee…

  6. so much for Isreal being one of the free and fair democractic countries in the middle east [which they claim 🙁 ]…ah well..they have learnt there lessions well, from the Nazi's….perhaps they might do prison/internment camps next…[remembers about Palestinians situation],ah dammit ….ah well …they still have gas extermination camps to perfect …lets give em sometime 🙁

  7. [10:23]You could argue that any nation that borders your own is a latent threat to your country.Equally the roman empire certainly thought every power that threatened there domanace of there growing empire ,was a threat that needed to be conquered and all there wars [as far as they were concerned] where "defensive" for the safety of the empire,….such is the ambiguity of such a statement "that you are a threat to the empire"….a immigrant , wandering the streets , taking in "isreali" air ,and denying it to native isreali's, might also be "deemed a threat to the isreali empire" 😀

  8. Israel obviously is sensitive about its security/existential issues. Any other issues- human rights, liberty need to be balanced with those critical existential issues, which most of the world seem to fail to understand. Israel is a 'nation' of very long history and a 'state' of relatively very short history and that surrounded by hostilities. They know very well what it meant for them to have their own country- throughout their long history. EMPATHY!

  9. Democracy Now is the only news network that covers the recent issues in Gaza. None of the main stream media covers this. Also DN only place that you get real none biased news.

  10. Israel, like any other sovereign nation has the right to kick out anyone they don't want in their country. They don't have to give a reason, it's their country.

  11. Israel is an extremist terrorist state with a racist apartheid system, and an open air concentration camp that is Gaza. Why are they still allowed to have nukes? How come USA is not implementing regime change on that disgusting country, like they seem to do with every other country in the Middle East?

  12. Remember, schmeeple, Israel is a "shining light" and "open democracy" in the region that we totally have to support because it's better than those bad Muslim countries!

  13. how idiotic of them , their own Dictatorial actions promotes the Boycotting Isreal movement and Palestine

  14. To my friends in Israel, we apologize for these terrorist supporters.

    They are held in contempt by the American people

    BDS is part of the islamic terrorist movement

    They killed the violent terrorists

  15. Two radical lefty activists sitting in the studio and lying. all that why? because their plan didn't succeed, Israel didn't let them in. You see, Normal people do not bring home those who want to hurt them

  16. You belong to BDS which fundamental goal is to deligitamize Israel and call for its existence to cease in the name of human rights??? Hmm.. no wonder you weren't allowed in to this "abusive" state. Go home twat.

  17. Katherine, why do you focus on supporting islamic terrorist instead of Jews suffering the terrorism

  18. Democracy Now will never give Israeli supporters a chance to give their side. what is she afraid off

  19. Zionist blood suckers and war mongers sick dirty "Rothschild" family created Israel back in 40s to make sure they can have a center for war and against other countries movement. Rothschild. Every one should BAND Israel. Israel must go to hell. Boycott Israel.

  20. did I hear them say non violent ? – how dishonest can this lesbian be tot he world – the arabs were throwing bottles full of petrol and leaving liquid bombs along the border hoping they would blow IDF heads off. These disgusting haters.

  21. Please you lefties please i'm begging you people stick to your "Values" and defend Hamas against the israelis

  22. BDS folks …. Another reason why other arab ME states need nukes … just like the zionists have but won't admit to. If you want the jews to leave you alone … nukes. EX: See the zionists starting any BS in India or Pakistan? Give up your nukes or WMDs and get Gadaffied/Huessiened.

  23. The fanatics in Gaza are barbaric neo-Nazis and must have been shot down to be prevented from entering Israel and slaughtering Jews as the long-lasting Palestinian heritage instructs

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