Disfellowshipped JW ~FULL~ Supreme Court Hearing Canada

HEARING STARTS @1:01:17.This is huge and could change the legalities of the court system along with Watchtower trials or judicial meetings! This is a webcast from November 2, 2017 of the Supreme Court of Canada!
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  1. If anything, these hearings expose how deceptive the Organization is 4:11:00. He says "the congregants know and understand the religious process" but that is not true. Otherwise, the Elders would not have a SECRET book that the congregants are not allowed to have or view. They themselves advocate lying to those that don't deserve it, and lying by omission, which is what he is doing here.

  2. Y'shuah (aka "Jesus") made it very clear to FIRST take any allegation straight to whom offended YOU. Matthew 18: 15 “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you."
    In my experience, JW elders love to skip this and start proceedings without making the snitch do the courageous thing by going to sort the problem personally. The elders will actually keep the confidence of the snitch but act on his word! It is a power thing imho and definitely Satanic in practice.

  3. "and if they don't want to belong to it, they can just walk away" If it were only that simple. Again, he lies by omission. He doesn't explain the repercussions of a member that simply chooses to walk away. Why doesn't he explain that? Why doesn't he explain that they are then labeled an "Apostate" and no one is to have anything to do with this person, which in some instances hinges on the legal definition of slander.


    “Disfellowshipped literally means no more further SPIRITUAL fellowship with the individual.” (1:14:00)
    No “spiritual” fellowship? Or no fellowship at all? Ie: shunning, complete silent treatment, no unnecessary communication, and that includes almost all communication that doesn’t involve funeral family arrangements or such. SHUNNING is the exact right word.

    “As far as their family members are concerned, NORMAL FAMILY RELATIONS CONTINUE with the exception of spiritual fellowship.”


    Normal family relations include eating together, saying “hello,” phone calls, hanging out, get togethers, etc. This all ceases the moment the person is disfellowshipped or chooses to dissociate.

  5. cant believe he out right lied to their faces explaining disfellowshipping @ 1:13:00 normal family relationships remain its only spiritual fellowship that ends wow wow pants on fire

  6. Who told this Lawyer that JW do not totally shun their children or church members after they are disfellowshiped or who have chose to use their constitutional rights, when choosing to leave this Watchtower Organization? Does this Lawyer not know that they are not just "spiritually shunned" but TOTALLY SHUNNED. Parents cannot have anything to do with their children who choose to leave the church. They are totally shunned and cannot further talk to them or have anything to do with them except when it comes to business ONLY. The JW parents even have little to do with their son or daughters (who leave) children, so grandchildren are also shunned as well. The Governing Body of the Watchtower ORG teaches their members to totally shun all who just choose to leave the church. I know, because I was a JW for around 50 years. I was born and raised in this church membership but left in 1998 (was not Disfellowshiped) Our JW families no longer speak to me nor will they have anything to do with me. I am spoken of as being an "apostate" worthy of total destruction at Armageddon, not worthy of a resurrection to a further life. I have never practiced sin. I love God, Christ, and the Bible, yet this is how they treat me for choosing to leave their Church. The Watchtower Org does not allow freedom of religion which is unconstitutional. The JW fear that if they even speak to me, that they will get disfellowshiped. They are taught that to speak to someone who leaves the church, would be an act of *disloyalty to God*, so would endanger their own relationship with God which could endanger their own hopes for a future life in God's kingdom.

  7. Jehovah's Witnesses THINK that when they are baptized, they are given a Christian baptism but they don't realize that they are being baptized into an man made Organization. They are DUPED! They ONLY THINK that their baptism makes them a Christian, but they are only made a member of a man made Organization, hence still not a true follower of Christ, but a follower of this man made Organization which is led by 7 men who CLAIM to be "the Governing Body" of Jehovah's Witnesses. (But God did not place them as such)

  8. Many Jehovah's Witnesses leave the Watchtower Organization (an Organization who recently renamed themselves JW ORG.) to gain freedom of religion Many no longer can accept some of their doctrinal errors so choose to leave, while they still love and believe in God, Jesus and the Bible and have no desire to practice sin. The Watchtower Org leaders do not speak of these, but label all who choose to leave, as leaving only to be able to practice sin, to leave God, no longer want to follow Christ or to became atheists, or who have lost their faith in the Bible. The leaders want JW to believe that all who leave their church Org are *wicked*. This is a lie.

  9. There is just no way, that the Hiway congregation ( or any other JW congregation for that matter) elders would allow a member who disagreed with any doctrine, to go to other members within a congregation to get them to join him in his dissent or to try to get them to leave and join him to form a new church. Another lie. Members are told to shun anyone who is inside or outside of this WT Org, who either has some criticism or dissent. They are told to not listen and are told to stop associating with a person who does not go along totally with everything being taught by their Governing Body leaders. Another lie the WT Governing Body accuses those who leave, is that when a member leaves, they either want to form their own religion OR, want to practice wrong doing. When I left, (because I did not fully believe in all of their teachings and was not disfellowshiped) my brother accused me of leaving to form my own religion, which is the furthest from the truth. (He said; "you and your cronies, are starting your own religion." ) I have no idea what he meant by my "cronies". I suppose it was to slur any new friends I may have outside of the church. The Watchtower Org cries like a baby when they feel that their constitutional rights are being violated, such as freedom of religion yet * they don't give it to their own members *.

  10. When the elders form a three elder *committee*, they are forming a secret "kangeroo court". They will not allow the one being on trial to bring any relative, or friend to be an eye witness or to help in his defense to the proceedings, nor is it allowed to be recorded. Oftentimes it is held at night privately in the Kingdom Hall. In most cases, this "committee" is formed to disfellowship, and not to "help" because they have already resolved in advance to disfellowship the person before they meet with him (or her) in the Hall.

  11. Why do they continue to talk in circles? Why not just say what the true issue is? JW are not given constitutional religious freedom? When a member merely chooses to leave, they are slandered as an evil wrongdoer, and their reputation as a Christian is shot. They are then labels and accused of being an apostate. The Jehovah's Witnesses are taught that an "apostate" is not worthy of a resurrection from the dead and so will go off to eternal destruction. And so this is why the disfellowshiped person in this court hearing is losing his business. The JW have been taught to totally shun anyone who is either Disfellowshipped or have chose to leave any Watchtower Org church. It is nothing short of being a CULT.

  12. OH my the watchtower are using the most evil religion ISLAM as a cause ,to support there disfellow shipping.nither islam or the watchtower is a religion ,there both disguised as an ideology .one is political, the other is investment corp.

  13. what contract .I didn't sign anything , no longer valid because we were not baptized in the name of Jehovah ,but to a spirit directed corporation.

  14. @4:14:20, the WT lawyer does acknowledge the intentional infliction of mental suffering. Psychologist all agree on the fact that shunning does inflict mental suffering. So, someone should sue the WT over that.

  15. What a disgrace to the organization that calls itself "the truth." To win a court case, they are willing to lie in order to cover up how they really treat disfellowshipped ones. What Davis Gnam says does not even come close to what they in fact practice. It is a total misrepresentation of the truth when he says "they are not completely shunned" and "normal family relations continue." What a blatant lie. In the regional convention they show a video of a disfellowshipped daughter attempting to call her Witness mother. The mother refuses to even take a phone call and this is held up as good example! It's a "teaching video" so that's what they teach to millions. So the TRUTH is that they teach that family members should completely reject or shun family members. How different from the words of the orgs representative. Just the fact that the organizations representative would lie to cover over the truth, shows that they know it's wrong and are ashamed it. May Christ, the greatest shepherd, shepherd this guilty organization with an iron rod! And may those who are sincere distance themselves from this religion that doesn't even come close to following Christ who came to call sinners, welcomed them, ate with them and gave them help and encouragement to leave their sinful ways behind.

  16. What is this crock of shit? These people sound like twats. Jehovahs witnesses Judicial Commitees do not recognise the law of country. Only their own law which often is in conflict to the law of the land. Protecting pedophiles and draging victims of child molestation before their abuser and forced to describe in graphic detail how they were touched before a group of old men "Elders" who then tell the victim to keep quiet and not go to the police. WTF are these fuckwits discussing weather expulsion from membership to these religious groups is legal. These "educated" people are so blind.

  17. Does the church have a contract withe the government, i. e. incorporation? If so, then the church is bound to give a fair and impartial hearing bound by the standards of natural law. And it's not natural for an incorporation to demand its members to shun the individual outside the limits of church activity. They can shun at church activities (as evil as that sounds)but not privately thats a violation of natural law of individual conscience). It should be up to the individual members if they choose not to speak with someone disfellowshiped.

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