DNC Files Lawsuit Against President Trump Camp And Others Over 2016 Hacking | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

In a remarkable echo of the Watergate era, the DNC has filed a lawsuit against the Donald Trump campaign, members of Trump’s inner circle, Russia, Wikileaks, and others over the hack of e-mails and other data by Russia during the 2016 campaign.
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DNC Files Lawsuit Against President Trump Camp And Others Over 2016 Hacking | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Then that judge will remember that Hillary was fired from watergate investigation because she was totally unethical and a liar

  2. The only difference from American minorities perspective between a white Democrat and a white Republican is the Democrat will play smooth jazz for you in prison. And both enter the same building through different doors.

  3. right, because with elections coming up the DNC's plan will be "we sued" nothing about jobs, health care, education, etc…

  4. I wish there were more stories about how the black security guard that busted those 5 got his life destroyed afterwards

  5. These people are total gluttons for disappointment. They just keep building these false hopes only to get them smashed like dislike button on CNN, MSNBC and Buzzfeed videos.

  6. Rachel, you sure gives us the REAL DEAL, and the FACT SHEET in reference to your talking point/argument, as to how HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.. I strongly believe that Ivanka, copycat the HISTORICAL WATERGATE SCANDAL to bring forth some of the strategies into the RUSSIA connection. It is so OBVIOUS.


  7. You know why there is no Pollack firing squad? They stood in a circle. You know why there is no DNC? They did something with the same chance of success.

  8. Maybe the Democrats can try to get the uranium HRC sold the russians back while theyre in court trying to sue a sovereign foreign power like a bunch of hacks!

  9. I love the nicknames. I loathe all the members of congress, the President, and these liars in government. You all keep taking sides. You're all losers. Anytime you think for a second there is a 'right or good' side you've lost. So Im entertained and I love watching Democrats and Republicans fall. May the odds be ever in your favor, sheep.

  10. any last words trump administration before i escape 1976 crimes in philadelphia Kendall Geiger bottle of poison

  11. So if the DNC servers were hacked by the Russians, as the DNC claims, why were they never turned over to the FBI? Still waiting. 🤔

  12. Hey!Madcow didn't you say Trump has no change of winning all the swing States?I think you did, yes yes you did bimbo didn't you say Hillary would win by a landslide, yes yes you did, you ignorant bimbo,she didn't and he did WRONG WRONG AGAIN,Why should anyone trust a word that spews out of your stupid piehole,Go see your doctor your showing symptoms of mad cow disease.

  13. Why talk about Watergate when Obama and his cronies were spying on Trump's campaign using the FBI, DOJ, state department etc… using US tax dollars to spy on a presidential candidate. No scandal there, just close your eyes and plug your ears and avoid reality. Too bad she doesn't have any more pages of Trump's tax returns to embarrass herself.

  14. The DNC has nothing coming from this ridiculous LULZSUIT mess they created. The BELL TOLLS UNTO THEE lefties! Indictments coming down! The DixieCrats are so screwed. LOL! As always, Maddow is spewing non-sense for her timid, ill-informed audience. What a propagandized hack!

  15. Why is Ivanka not on that list? She's like a hub of the wheel with connections to many of the spokes named. Just because she's pretty, shouldn't be a reason to excuse her from repercussions of criminal activity.

  16. DNC sued RNC for 1 million during Nixon's time, ….and the DNC won 3/4 of that. This time, the DNC should sue for 100 million, and hopefully they'll get at least 3/4's of that. Maybe then the GOP will have second thoughts – when next, they intend to crap on the Constitution.

  17. The DNC is destroying the Democratic party with this lawsuit to go after Trump, who is destroying the Republican party.

  18. It’s public knowledge all of the “ Russian collusion “ was with the DNC , isn’t that true , miss Madcow ?

  19. Did Russia really hack the DNC? NO! The DNC refused to let the FBI take a look at their server for a reason:

    In fact, the evidence shows that it was NOT a hack at all, but a LEAK! The Forensicator’s new report indicates that “the Russian error messages are an artifact left behind when the leaker converted the Word document into a PDF” using LibreOffice, a program known to give error messages in Russian. Despite this, key press outlets (the Washington Post) worked with the DNC to push the false “Russian fingerprints” narrative.

  20. How long will we put up with this "Don" liar and criminal in the white house? Maybe when guys with fur hats and whips start showing up…

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