DNC files lawsuit against Russian government, WikiLeaks, Trump campaign

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) on the Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against the Russian government, WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

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  1. Sue Russia, good luck with that pipe dream. Mueller is done one way or another. The DNC just does not learn. Red wave coming 2018.

  2. They just comes up with new issue everyday to delay the investigation into the democrat and hillary. The democrat think that they can go on like this for 4 years? The democrat definitely has something to hide!

  3. LOL. They are committing suicide of dem, lib party. There WILL be a counter suit in which all the evidence they've been hiding shall be forced out into the open for scrutiny. Goodbye Dems.

  4. This stupid DNC lawsuit is a catastrophic blunder by the arrogant Democrat fools. They have created a way for President Trump to destroy the credibility of the Mueller investigation by counterclaiming in this lawsuit that liberal bigots in the Democrat party conspired with British and Russian operatives, the Justice Department, FBI, CIA and Clinton campaign to completely corrupt the 2016 Presidential election starting with Hillary Clinton's misappropriation of 33,000 government emails and Hillary Clinton's purchase of the Democrat party using joint fund raising agreements as outlined by Donna Brazile in her book Hacks. The Trump campaign can base their defense on the President's request for help in finding the missing emails and the phony Anglo-Russian dossier used to obtain FISA warrants. The Republicans can go back to the lies and bizarre antics of Deputy FBI Director Mark Felt as Deep Throat to prove FBI political bias.

  5. Tom Perez wants the money back to fill the coffers for candidates races. he will sue every state when they lose as to get the money back. Believe it, or Not!

  6. James comey has moral ethics, he sereve the public not trump. It s the other way around. Trump sneaked on him first, Trump is defenition of snake.

  7. Tom Perez and Keith Ellison are the new Dumb & Dumber twins that want to take over from the dynamic duo of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters…..

  8. It's going to be entertaining watching the DNC implode when the Trump team discovery uncovers the rigged primary, Hillary's Fusion GPS Russian collusion and the Seth Rich murder. Pop the popcorn!

  9. They still don't get it do they? They don't understand what happened, or why it happened. I had hoped to see a viable third party in my life time. If not our days as a sovereign nation are numbered. The smell coming from both sides of the aisle has become too much to bear and the system is rigged by the bar against anyone who might make a difference.

  10. Liberal politicians liberal judges they are in panic mode it will stop at nothing or hypocrisy knows no bounds better watch out

  11. Remind me again, which party PAID RUSSIANS for OUTRIGHT LIES against their opponent, funneled these LIES to their ALLIES IN THE FBI, the FBI who MISREPRESENTED THIS MATERIAL as ACTUAL INTEL to the courts to get a FISA WARRANT against their opponent, to use the full force of law enforcement to harass and besmirch Trump's campaign?

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