DNC Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks Threatens Press Freedom

The DNC’s new lawsuit brings the freedom of the press into question.


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  1. I really enjoy how the DNC is still not held accountable at all for rigging the election. Yet Russia and the GOP are the ones undermining elections.

  2. Another foolish (but expected) move by the DNC. For all the important and uphill work they face, they engage instead in this folly. The DNC would do far better cleaning up (by cleaning up and throwing out non-progressives) and face, address and begin to resolve the issues facing the Nation and our neighbors. Instead, this Sisyphus exercise. Where is the third party… The progressive party?

  3. Beside the obvious hypocrisy of a lawsuit about weak links to general election collusion when there is substantial evidence of the stolen primary, there is also the possibility that this move is being made at the behest of the donors for the purpose of discrediting Democrats generally. The donors definitely do not want a blue wave because that will wash in some progressives and will increase pressure on Democrats to actually represent us. This very unpopular lawsuit might help to chop up that blue wave a little bit. Given professional Democrats huge preference for the gravy train over their constituents, this lawsuit looks like a huge win for donors and a mixed win for corporate Democrats.

  4. Did you all hear Tom Perez on MSNBC? Treacherous snake. They are suing for the same "crime" they committed in their RIGGED primaries. All the while; we have a litany of catastrophes happening around the world they are not saying a word about or fighting against.

  5. I hate how that fucking hack of a reporter, Rachel Maddow, can dare declare that it was russian hacking even though there has never once been any shred of evidence it was them. I really hate this feeling of powerlessness (if that is a word) regarding this corrupt system. This is what makes people not want to vote because it doesnt matter who you vote for because they TELL you who to vote for. Then, they shame you to no end for not voting that way. This is how the next election will be and every election for as long as I live.

  6. They want to somehow someway build a psychological firewall to protect the future lies they want to hide. They will have to start campaigning soon for the coming elections. The Dem party has shown, at the national and state levels, that they your freedom, rights, prosperity, the air you breathe and the water you drink comes far after the interests of their big donors.

  7. A (redundant) lawsuit of this magnitude would have to cost millions. I can't help but wonder who the hell is paying for it. I mean, high-priced lawyer conducting investigations into "Russia" alone seems daunting, time-consuming, expensive & involved. Russia was just on of about twenty.

    How many bank bailouts turn out to be nothing more than "the biggest transfer of wealth" in history? …in hindsight. Between Mueller, the countless other suits & now this DNC suit, we will look back at 2017 & 2018 as the biggest transfer of federal funds to the lawyers and law firms in world history.

  8. This is pure pandering to their dumb followers that they still have left that they are standing up to the big bad Russians. More so however, this is a wink to the donor class that they are going to continue ramping up the russia propaganda in order to prevent their fearful voters from defecting to Bernie Sanders or to anywhere else other than the corporate dems. This is of course just propaganda, they would never actually go through with this, this is easily a slippery slope in which the republicans can then bring up DNC collusion.

  9. I just donated monero to wikileaks. Hopefully they'll use it to hire lawyers and mount a defense in this lawsuit.

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