Donald Trump To Dreamers: ‘Tell ‘Em Not To Worry’ About Deportation | The Last Word | MSNBC

Taking questions from reporters tonight, Donald Trump said Dreamers shouldn’t be concerned about being deported. Neera Tanden and Maria Teresa Kumar tell Lawrence O’Donnell that the president should stop treating Dreamers’ lives like a reality TV show.
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Donald Trump To Dreamers: ‘Tell ‘Em Not To Worry’ About Deportation | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Dreamers are already American citizens; shouldn't even be a question about it – nothing less than immediate citizenship.

  2. I have a foreboding that 800,000 young people will be deported from the only country they've ever known in March, an event that will be a dark stain on the US, one that will horrify the rest of the world, and from which the US reputation internationally may never recover….

  3. Hmmmmmm… I wonder what would happen to my own family if I based our future expectations on an endeavor I knew in ADVANCE to be ILEGAL? Can any of you hammering libs help me with my conundrum??

  4. Omg stop playing games with people under DACA. Just tell them you are going to deport them and period! That's just cruel and not very Christian like.

  5. I found it HILLARYOUS that Trump walked into a PRESS PACK, by ACCIDENT and dropped himself in it, by PRETENDING he MEANT to be there! He opened his MOUTH and the LIES just TUMBLED OUT 🤣

  6. Maria said it best, and it's been the running theme ever since Trump took office, he runs the country like a reality T.V. show where he's only worried about the ratings he gets. He's actually flat out said that several times talking about what great ratings he's getting. The worst part? The American people are allowing him to do this, to run their lives like a reality game show. That's right, the American people are allowing it, because it is fully within their power to stop it. I'm not talking about voting, and I'm not talking about flooding House and Senate memeber's phones with calls. The people of the United States have the power to rise up and remove this dictator from the white house, they only need to start taking action.

  7. What have these people cost us over the decades? Tell them to worry, plan, say thank you, and leave. Now would be good. Starving kids in America without health care have dreams too.
    Either you pay, not taxpayers, or they get deported. There are enough if you here to share of your own pay.
    No wonder my husband died in the hospital from neglect.
    U r right. They can live their lives elsewhere. They dont have to wonder. Take some responsibility for themselves. We provided education, housing, medical, food, sent them for college training….training Americans can't afford because we aren't given anything on a silver platter.

  8. Trump pandering to a small hate group of racists that destroys the lives of these DACA kids while adding to the debt of our children is evil. There is no other way to look at it. Shame on you sir.

  9. I love the inflection on the end of every sentence. It seems like you are ending every sentence as a question. Stop that and maybe you can be taken seriously.

    Now, they are important. Why weren't they in 09-10?

  10. Worst president ever. Failure. Can’t make a decision on his own and stick with it. Outside of real estate he has failed at any business he has started. If you fail in real estate in New York City you are a complete loser. Especially when daddy hands you everything including all his connections. After 4 years this country will be in the tank.

  11. why does this network insist, on continuing to put their Hollywood, tabloid spin on every single word from POTUS ……. even CNN have seen the light,  and are hedging their bets with regards to their style of reporting ………… MSNBC ? BALANCE ………. try it ….. or be your own downfall

  12. Wait, now 'it's up to Democrats'? Wasn't Trump complaining just last week that he didn't think the Dems should have asked for this? Is this guy schizophrenic?

  13. A sudden 360 turn on dreamers just like all the empty words.when you see a mass of illegals holding placards downtown the prez changes.majority makes the music.go figure.

  14. humans seem doesn’t ever learn form mistakes. 
    the first guy how said those words.
    Charles Lindbergh American first or M.A.G.A was friend with Nazis
    and now Trump saying the same words American first or MAGA and his best friend are Putin.

  15. The man is a good president being painted as a racist when all he's doing is protecting America, it's people and standards. He will make the people that are here citizens as long as they are law bidding and fix the problem so that people in the future will not be cheap slave labor that destroys our economy and wages. I'm praying he makes the people who created this situation pay for what it has done to the immigrants and our country and I have a good feeling he will since I have already seen raids on businesses that exploit immigrants. Thank you president Trump for caring for us all!!!!

  16. Los dreamers no son un problema de la clase proletaria, ese es un problema de la clase media y la clase proletaria no debe alienarse con ese problema. Nuestros problemas son: Casa, Vestido y sustento, supervivencia pues!, el grueso de los mexicanos nos importa un rábano los sueños pequeñoburgueses con los que los dreamers pretenden intercambiar ilusiones vendiendo una explotación más intensa a la clase proletaria vía financiamiento del muro de Trump. Los dreamers pueden irse al carajo, venga la lucha de clases, no a los sueños pequeñoburgueses apoyados por el Estado burgués mexicano.

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