Eating Animals is Our Right? Ft. Joey Carbstrong

Joey Carbstrong and I take to the streets of London to ask the public what makes children so innocent.

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. I feel like there's a bit of 'brow beating' going on here. Please show me a mature discussion/ interview with someone from the arctic or from a desert where growing plants is not an option in order to survive.

  2. Love this video. So many times vegans are portrayed as aggressive and angry and this is such an intelligent, kind dialogue.

  3. After witnessing all this flawed logic I am so proud of myself for transitioning into a vegan diet. Who am I to drink a cows milk that doesn't belong to me. Just have to eat all the food left in my house but I'm never gna buy any other cruel product after that

  4. Older people really don’t have any problem changing what they eat. I’m 65 and went cold turkey not eating any animal products. 😘🐷😘🐮😘🐔😘

  5. Ed, your eyes lit up when the guy said, "kill them with respect". The message was on your face was, "I am about to own you and you have no idea".

  6. Morgan Freeman needs to be your voice-over at those precise moments you trap them in their own words.

    Or that "Nek Minit" guy haha

  7. Camouflaging questions by using human children is ridiculous. They are above animals because it's of our own kin

  8. i’m a 14 year old vegan, and can only dream of working with you guys on activism ! i’m constantly explaining and sharing with those who are uneducated through school etc, but i want to REALLY make a difference and go out and do things that are more globally impactful. i mean. people my age don’t really give a shit.

  9. Children are completely different from animals you can't compare the two. Just because we don't eat kids doesn't mean we can't eat meat.

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