Emma Thompson on climate change and refugees – BBC Newsnight

Emma Thompson says the UK’s failure to take in its quota of refugees is “really shaming”. The actress says she thinks reaction in the UK to the crisis has “a lot to do with racism”, claiming that if the migrants were white Europeans, the situation would be perceived differently. She was speaking to Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis. Emily began by asking her whether she believed she could negotiate with Shell on her current campaign to stop oil drilling in the Arctic. * SUBSCRIBE to get out latest videos *

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  1. I didn't see anyone help the white people in Zimbabwe, or the white farmers facing genocide in South Africa! So her point that there would be more help for the refugees if they were white is moot. She needs to get a grip on reality and stop trying to be so bloody PC!

  2. Typical star celebrity living in cloud cuckooland wanting to make herself feel good about being a "caring person", like most of these very rich famous people are by taking up "good causes" and being constantly on the TV with their "charity work". They do most of these things to keep themselves in the news and keep their fame alive. If she feels so bad about the refugees why doesn't she take a couple of families into her house. I am sure it is big enough and she is rich enough to feed and clothe them.
    She is also incredibly naive and stupid if she thinks that Corbyn could ever win an election. She thinks that people in this country are wary of the refugees because they are not "white". Ignorant fool!! The reason people are wary of them is because they are Muslim and they are in fear of some of them being terrorists. If they were Chinese or Eskimos they would have been very welcome.

  3. Emma Thompson is a racist. A left wing Bolshevik racist and ideologist. The mainstream media like to interview this type of "experts". I would recommend that she be sent to an Arab country where she obviously belongs. Also, I wonder how many migrants she has personally provided for. As for the climate change, what is her carbon footprint?

  4. Some dictatorship bosnia 🙂 Now how can u make a bigger fool of urself? She's an old bitch and should know better if she really cared about ppl

    And even if we say Yugoslavia was a "dictatorship", it was fine until we had "dictator", after that, every fucker was pulling in his own way and we fell apart

    Sounds familiar? No more dictator and few "new sides"?

  5. To find out the plight of the residents of Calaise watch "Resident of Calais speaks. This is the death of civilization" on you tube.

  6. Watch "By The Numbers – The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics" before you decide to open your borders. Narrated by a Sunni Muslim lady. Also watch "It's Not the ''Radical Shaykh'' it's Islam – Fahad Qureshi" .

  7. Wow Emma! You just embarrassed yourself on a global scale. Stick to acting. You're pretty good at that. Your hypocrisy is astounding!

  8. I guess they're right blondes are stupid!!!!this stupid bitch needs to be thrown to a pack of these mongrel sub-human jackals and then see how it feels? this is an invading army with a plan for christ-sakes!!!the climate is not changing it has been proven a lie!!!!this twit needs to stick with what it knows, make believe and showing it's tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Arrogant representative of the metropolitan establishment. Why should we give a shit what an actress thinks about such an issue? Actors spend their lives dressing up and pretending. A champagne socialist who would flee if migrants came into her neighbourhood. She is not much of an actress anyway: whatever part she is in she plays it as the same character with the same intonation and gestures!

  10. Well, of course if the migrants were white Europeans we would be more welcoming – because they would already share our European culture or would readily assimilate to it. Muslims from countries in Africa and Asia which have never known democracy, where education is limited and where people are obsessed with their religion, are a risk. We have enough experience with the Muslims who were already here before 2015.

  11. Katie Hopkins…" People talk about the rise of the far-right, I fear ,the dominance of the smug,self-centred left led by yoghurt knitting pillocks like Emma Thompson and Michael Sheen is far more threatening,and far more real…" 27 March 2016

  12. She's worried about climate change & the refugee crisis is she? Well then, why not donate all your posh cars to charity, use public transport instead & employ about 50 muslim men to maintain your mansion. Or better still, just shut the fuck up, clueless upper class twat.

  13. She states @30:00 (paraphrasing) If they were white from Bosnia, we would act differently…
    This idiot does not know that there are a lot of Bosnians among the migrant crowd. It is not their color that is the problem. Bosnians are not welcome in Germany.

  14. She also said that the temperature would increase by 4 degrees (did not say C or F) is Shell took all the oil they want to take. This is totally a stupid BS.

  15. What stupefying level of ignorance and arrogance. If we do take in more refugees, her local council spending cuts/redistribution won't be affecting her, what an asinine hypocrite. I wonder if she herself has taken a refugee into her own home, instead of pushing her self-righteous indignation onto others to bear the burden so to make herself feel better about herself – because that's what it's all about.

  16. One of the largest groups heading to Calais are from Albania. It's got nothing to do with racism. The issue is why are people from countries moving from country without war, to country without war, to country without war to get to Europe?

  17. Emma Thompson! You are regurgitating the Zionist-Jew propaganda which, might fool the average human being. I personally, am not fooled by your paid-for rubbish!

  18. Mrs. Thompson. You are a transparent, spineless and lapdog spokesperson for your handlers! The American actors, Matt Damon, George Clooney; and the writer and film director Michael Moore, and others, proclaimed that Brexit voters were wrong and anti-British – Obama shouted his mouth off, too, but, the strong will of the British people prevailed! You madam, are a shameless, heartless and establishment-owned celebrity, clone! Branson, Beckham and Geldof were equally used as spokespeople against Brexit voters, too, but all they achieved was showing their true faces! Traitors of the UK! You, Mrs. Thompson, are no more or less traitorous than the above-mentioned people! And you are an expert on the global lie about climate change! I think not! Guess who´s boycotting your Zionist-Jew made films from this day onwards? Me!

  19. I don't understand how she thinks we have room for millions more people, but doesn't want energy or mining type industries.. I don't see how there will be jobs for us and the newcomers… Am I missing something?

  20. We should pass a law tax more from these celebrities or leftists commies who support refugees.i believe this is best way to eliminate leftists and lunatics .

  21. I don't understand most these commenters. If one wants to limit immigration, climate change should be a frightening prospect. Or will 1st-worlders just build and police perimeter walls around their countries to keep desperate relief seekers out?

  22. Germany have 1000 of Rape Crimes every week since 2-3 years now!!!!!Emma should think about that before she speaks for the migrants!!!!!!Maybe she don‘t know or ignore that!!!!!!

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