EPA may propose Clean Power Plan repeal

The Clean Power Plan could be next to go, based on a leaked proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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  1. Why not this douche no this major douche bag want to destroy our environment for a buck simple greed 2018 is right there I can see it register to vote and vote with a inform opinion of what's at stake and send these sell outs packing power and the greed that come with it corrupt most and there's a lot of weak republicans you can see them so let them know with your voice your vote

  2. Next we will hear that they are changing the name of the EPA from the Environmental Protection Agency, to the Environmental Exploitation Agency. I mean seriously, they are not even attempting to be any kind of subtle with their stripping of environmental protections. It will take decades to repair this type of damage

  3. Pruitt and his Republican rat-pack are stuck in the 19th century still trying to get rich off the blood of their Dinosaur ancestors.

  4. Obama's schlock Clean Power Scam, I mean plan, was largely written by the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Counsel) a rabidly anti-nuclear Lobby. A plan which rewards states that shutdown zero-CO2 nuclear power plants and replace them with fuel-guzzling, smoke belching, fracked NG power plants. So we are seeing perfectly good NPPs being shutdown by the dozen in the US, causing over 100 million of tons of extra emissions to be released annually, while the CPP is being touted "as a solution". And the API (American Petroleum Institute) flies into a rage whenever state legislatures consider giving some pittance of a climate change benefit to Nuclear, like 1 cent/kwh. Yet they are OK with wind & solar getting 5-40 cents/kwh subsidies. Wind & Solar being just greenwashing for fracked Natural Gas. Shell Oil calls Wind & Solar the "Dancing Partner" for their natural gas. The Big Oil funded NRDC launches lawsuits trying to shutdown, give bad publicity or force costs up at NPPs at every opportunity.

    It's IRS 990 form shows it has multi-million$ annual donations including an $11M personal donation in 2013. Mysteriously they have the donor names left blank in the required IRS 990 form field, as usual for these anti-nuclear Lobby groups. And salaries of 17 directors of more than $161k per year with the president getting $423k/yr. With a Rockefeller Bankster/Oil Baron on the (unpaid) executive. And of course big donations from Rockefeller foundations.

    What rich charitable individual would give $11M to some schlock NGO with a bunch of super well paid executive, when he could give that money to a Real Charity, i.e. to help sick kids, cancer research, child hunger, homelessness etc. Obviously they are giving them money because they are getting payback. Return on Investment. And unlike media campaigns or planted news stories, those investments in schlock NGOs are classified as "charitable donations". What a scam, Big Oil lobby firms masquerading as Environmental Organizations. Each NPP they can shutdown earns Big Oil about $60 Billion, that's Billion with a "B", in increased gas sales. Coal not so much. Most Coal power plants just go into care and maintenance mode when they are not profitable and reopen when electricity prices skyrocket due to NG shortages and renewables failures. The corrupt NRC (The Nuclear Rejection Commission) won't allow NPPs to go into care & maintenance. They have to be decommissioned.

    Another example is anti-nuclear lobby, Greenpeace, with its $400M/yr in funding which to this day they flatly refuse to tell us where that incredible cash comes from.

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