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The EX1 from EXFO, is an internet speed tester. Both for wired or wireless connections.
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Speed promised. Speed delivered.
Measure your subscribers’ real-life throughput up to full line rate Gigabit Ethernet by using (Speedtest®by Ookla®) while removing the effect of their home hardware or installation setup. Quickly and easily generate a birth certificate demonstrating that speeds ordered are speeds delivered—starting from service activation.

EXFO develops smarter network test, monitoring and analytics solutions for the world’s leading communication service providers, network equipment manufacturers and webscale companies.

· 2,000+ employees
· Presence in 25+ countries
· 30+ years
· 95% of top CSPs
· 5000+ audits of quality of service and performance
· No. 1 in fiber optic test solutions
· Unmatched insights into subscriber experience
· Award-wining company
· Technology leader in geolocation

Even just 1$ a month, comes out to the same as Binge-watching all of my 500+ Videos every month.

My PlayHouse is a channel where i will show, what i am working on. I have this house, it is 168 Square Meters / 1808.3ft² and it is full, of half-finished projects.

I love working with heating, insulation, Servers, computers, Datacenter, green power, alternative energy, solar, wind and more. It all costs, but I’m trying to get the most out of my money, and my time.

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  1. morten, I made you aware of the issue before but you are still getting a lot of artifacting.
    maybe you could try to use a higher bitrate to reduce it to a minimum because it is really bothering me.

  2. The reason you did not know where the plug was from was the fact you had it upside down, due to it being from Australia 😉

  3. Most would say they could do this from their own systems, but the device utilizes its hardware instead of the systems, to analyse speeds and such directly removing any delays that may be caused by network equipment NIC or pc/laptop/server. If you troubleshoot networks for a living, looks like a useful gadget to have. Great video.

  4. How much dose that set me back lol I want 1 good video get that screen thingy that's at the start of the video that looks intresting (lol it's a thingy) haha

  5. Ookla is a highly inaccurate, they overrate internet speeds. I have used 3 other speed tests and Ookla can be off by as much as 40mbps on the download side however they upload test seems accurate.

  6. Hi Morten, It is an Australian plug, the other countries copied our great plug……..Hahahahaha. On another note have you got some nasty fungus growing on your face…….hahahahahahahaha

  7. Hello, I am curious if it is possible to get hold of a used server that has  2~3ghz quad core and 16 GB of RAM.
    The machine must be silent enough for living room placement and have low power usage.Its nice if it accepts aftermarket parts without going nuts.
    I have 4x 1Tb used SATA disks that I want to use in a Raid configuration for file storage,and one 1Tb sata for OS space.
    To sum up the minimum specifications:
    16GB ram.2Ghz quad core CPU.
    It must be reasonable priced, a couple of years old is 100% OK. So,what brand and models do you suggest?

  8. I have a Compaq server, with a bad hard drive, I would ship it to you, but I'm in the usa, and it would be too much to ship to you.

  9. Thank you Morten for demoing this unit. I found that I will *never* buy this piece of crap. It costs $29 to make in china and they sell for nearly $1000!!! That’s a scam.…for $1000 this thing better have a built-in 7” touch screen and a proper user interface. Besides, there are so many free software tools out there that do exactly the same thing and run on laptop or a smartphone and you already have 🙂 Just because something is expensive it does not mean it is high end.

  10. Perhaps "pockethernet" is a more interesting cable/ethernet testing tool for home/semi-professional users. – And it is cheap for what it does.

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