Faith Kaoma | Closing the Distance Story Studio | SkollWF 2018

Faith Kaoma speaks at the Closing the Distance Story Studio: Emerging Leaders Initiative talk.
Faith is a Zambian Youth Activist who believes that young people are the future of today.She’s a member of the MasterCard Foundation Youth ThinkTank,a project implemented by Restless Development Uganda & is leading research on innovations and technology and how they affect young farmers at different stages of the agricultural value chain.She’s also working with other Youth ThinkTank Researchers in East,West & Southern Africa,developing &adapting tools &guidelines that can support development stakeholders improve &increase engagement with young people in their programs.Furthermore,Faith is very passionate about Sexual Reproductive Health.Because of her passion,she co-found COPPER ROSE,a youth-led organization in Zambia that’s committed to educating adolescents &young people about their bodies,sexual rights & menstrual hygiene.She travels to remote areas of Zambia,managing projects focusing on girls in underprivileged communities.In the last 2years,she’s reached out to 12000+ girls teaching them about puberty &menstrual hygiene practices &intends to reach out to 1million women & girls by 2021.Faith has years of experience in Youth Engagement & Grassroots Organizing in low income countries in Africa.She’s a founding member of Project Forward an innovative,self-sustaining ecosystem that allows NGOs to indirectly incentivize volunteers.At its core,Project Forward facilitates the monetization of volunteer hours through a proprietary digital currency called Forward Coins.Faith is currently a National Youth Consultant with Swiss TPH evaluating the ACT!2030 Initiative,youth-led social action initiative which engages young people with advocacy &accountability around the SDGs.She has a BA in Business Administration &is working towards an Msc in Public Health/Public Policy &Global Affairs.In the next 5years,she intends to set up an industry manufacturing disposable &washable sanitary napkins which will provide jobs for thousands of young people in Africa.

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