Fake News Almost Caused Nuclear War

Israel and Pakistan almost went to war over a fake news story. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Both media and officials have to do a better job with fact checking before publishing anything on Twitter and having a very fast and foolish response to what is obviously a fake story, media analysts told RT.
Israel and Pakistan came close to the brink of nuclear war thanks to a viral piece of fake news.

According to an article from the website AWD, Israel’s former Defense Minister threatened Pakistan with a nuclear strike, should Islamabad dare to send troops to Syria.

The story provoked a heated exchange between the two countries on social media. Pakistani Defense Minister, Khawaja Muhammad Asif – apparently in reaction to the article – tweeted: “Israel forgets Pakistan is a nuclear state too.”

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  1. fake news is telling the people that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified candidate to ever run (lol) and that she was going to win in a landslide. Young Turks epitomizes fake news.

  2. I love how Cenk talks about fake news as if he isn't part of it. lol… 43% of Trump supporters believe that Clinton ran a child sex trafficking ring. 100% of all TYT halfwits think all Trump supporters are racist and violent. Our media is as corrupt as it gets but any one who can't see threw the bullshit, especially TYT's childlike propaganda , is a moron.

  3. Israelis get annihilation threats all the time. Look at Iran.
    And they did have an opportunity to use nukes in '73 but they didn't

  4. I'm just flabbergasted and now so over fake news, no, unrealistic, unreliable, zero interest no more…stick to associated press guys, fake news is only ego boosting the providers, it's stupid

  5. Summarizing the pedo story and the Pakistani twitter error under the same "fake news" umbrella is quite idiotic. Why is this guy such a disappointment?

  6. I've said it before but I really don't understand how Cenk is being so naive on the threat of fake news. Germany had the right idea. A $5 million dollar fine against fake news. This sorta thing is not something you want to take a half measure on, especially since more and more people are realizing it's a very profitable business.

  7. What is this??? Why was my comment censored and deleted? I thought this channel was "for the people by the people". Seems its not like that at all. It seems you guy's get hurt if you are called out for your own bullshit and fake news. news you get straight from RT. there was not almost a nuclear war. If there was those country's would be at a higher state of alert. It's just click bait and twisting facts. You guy's are no better then all the other news outlets. And the claim that you are "for the people by the people" is totally false. You don't care about truth only your own agenda's and opinions. When is this going to stop… When will i finally be able to find a news outlet that shows the truth for what it is and put their own opinions aside so we can actually learn instead of being fed bullshit. Lets see how long this comment will stay.

  8. About 50% of the trump supporters believe that pizzagate is real. About 50% of clinton supporters believe that Russia hacked the US elections. Both false.

  9. Hahahahah – this is too ridiculous! Yes they'd just nuke a country from tweet! Unlike you Jerk, educated people check facts before acting!

  10. Well there should be a law against certain fake news topics because if fake news actually made a nuclear system go off (aka Russia ) and it's a deterrent nuclear missile defense system and there's reports of Obama launching nukes to punish Russia imagine how many people would panic it would be the end of the world before the nukes even hit so there should be certain rules of satire.

  11. Lets not forget that tyt inspired the death of 3 police officers.  Gavin long was a huge fan of tyt.  So was elliot rodgers.

  12. dude…we survived cold war, nobody is gonna star nuclear war based on fake news…at least for now I'd like to think that people who are responsible for nuclear weapons are at least tiny bit smart. So paradox, you criticize the fake news yet you make a head line which is also fake news…kudos…they weren't even yelling at each other, they were just comparing dicks…

  13. Is that really any different then CNN or Fox claiming Iraq had WMD's? Their fake news helped convince a nation to invade and kill millions.

  14. Check twice? But who are we supposed to check? The nyt and washington post are state issued propaganda rags like every other corporate news outlet. Where do you go to find out what's actually going on these days? Democracy Now, TYT? Surprising that a Pakistani official would get their info on international relations from a fake news article!

  15. 'Fakenews' is just the cover for the establishment to start censoring the internet and alt media. Surely anyone can see this? This also means that TYT will be also be censored if you actually start doing stuff against the establishment again.

  16. It is true that Fake news caused nuclear war. Here is list TYT,CNN,MSBCS, Buzzfeed,MTV,NBC,FOX,ABC,MSNBC,BBC.

  17. I think the news is not 100% fake !! History tells us that when any " ISRAELI PLAN " is caught or derailed in the middlepath, they totally deny that. They instantly pretend to be like a gentle man as though nothing has happened. I know it very well that if any unwanted incidents take place on PAKISTANI TERRITORY, all these will be with the collaboration of neighbouring INDIA, no: 1 enemy. ISRAEL also knows it well that PAKISTAN has developed its nuke weapon not just for playing games but to drop on enemies' back. But ISRAEL may take chance to secretly invade in nuclear installations. If ISRAEL tries to do so as they did it in OSIRAQ in IRAQ in 1981, that 'll be the biggest mistake. ISRAELIS must know that PAKISTAN is not SYRIA or LEBANON that they will make an easy escape; its military is the cruellest, most desperate and aggressive in the world who will not least hesitate to retaliate. INDIA knows them very well.

  18. i say they should go ahead and nuke it out cause they are both problems to the US. Isreal likes to attack unarmed ships of ours and fire upon the lifeboats after, then only compensate those casulties that had kids over 6years of age….any younger and the kids were left dadless and pennyless…
    pakistan is just 1 strp away from supplying nukes to islamic terrorists

  19. In International politics, if a country does not contradict a news, policy or statement that has been associated with it, it is considered that it is state's policy/state has issued that statement. Israel/Israel's defense ministry did not deny that alleged statement for many days…

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