Favorite Creepy CONSPIRACY THEORIES with Gloom

Gloom & I decided to share our Favorite Creepy CONSPIRACY THEORIES! Get ready for some SCIENCE & SCARES…

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Written by lena

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  1. Sometimes if people are really freaked out, they are able to l8ft things they usually wouldnt be able to. My theory is that she was running from something, wasnt thinking, panicked, lifted the lid, and fell in.

  2. I had a theory with the last one that she might’ve played the Elevator game. It’s a spiritual game, don’t really wanna get too deep with it. If you wanna look at it you can search it up and see what happens when you play it.

  3. About the taured man, i dont think he was from the future. Wouldnt his passport be futuristic or something??? Since within the last forty years, we did progress into technology. So imagine how we will be in the future?
    I think he just came from a different parallel universe that was in the same timeline as our universe.
    ya feel?

  4. I'm pretty sure Taured IS a country because last night my parents were talking about an actor who acted in a lot of french and spanish movies. They looked it up and it said that he lived in between France and Spain

  5. Taured is probably like West Virginia since Virginia was just Virginia until later when they made a West Virginia

  6. A black hole is when a star is pulled inward by gravity and the gravitational pull pulls in so far that when the black hole is formed the same gravitational pull pulls in anything that can fit in the hole the size of a hole depends on how big the star was a simpler way to explain is the bigger the star the stronger gravitational pull the smaller the star the weaker it pulls

  7. Know when u go in to a black hole u get spaghettified basically meaning that u stretch out until u stretch to. Far causing u to die

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