Finally NASA Discover New Earth Like Planet.

Finally NASA Discover New Earth Like Planet and those planet are very mysterious. scientist are trying to find if there are any possiblities related to this video i iwll tell you abuot some planet like kepler442b, kepler 452b, Gliess667cc and many more.

#Earthlikeplanet #Newearth #earth2.0

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  1. is this channel fake bss janna chahta hun………………..and apko ye sb recording and data milta kha se h

  2. Bro,
    It is real or what the mobile was invented by a seeing a photo.
    In photo a person was walking with a device near his ear. But the inventors did not find that person.I think that person was a alien.After that the mobile was invented.Can you explain this topic by video.
    Plz reply
    If anyone friends like this topic then reply or like then facto bro make this video

  3. Kebler 442B jiban ka anukul ho sakta hai
    Jese ki apne bola kiya dusre grah ke log hame dhund rhe hai to ye baat 200% true hai q ki asa bhi planet ho sakta hai jo hamse bohot dur ho or us planet hamre dharti se bhi anukul ho
    Ab to baas search start hi hua hai
    Dharti ke jesa planet universe mai hazaro honge jaha ke log hamse unnt bhi ho sakte hai

  4. Bhai beshak video youtube pr ab Mili pr video dekhne k Baad hila Dia Apne to ksm se bhai mind main kuchni chalra bs ek jtka SA lga hai thnk u bhai bhot jyda bdia nikli video to bs bhai piramid wali video bnado na yr 2 month hogae pls bhai

  5. Bhai mujhe na apki baat ka print nikalana hai to apki video k word kha se mile ge bhai pls tell emergency hai

  6. Bhai kahase late ho itne badheya information khatarnak. Tumhare aavaj, background music, video editing sach me yaar your are awesome guy

  7. Gzzzb bhai kuch nyi khoj hui
    Or sunao kese ho😊😊
    1.5month ho gye aapke chanel ko dekhe😞
    AAj.dekha hai

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