First Amendment Audit – Federal Reserve Bank (Revisit)

Today I revisited the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas since they made contact last time and advised me that it was illegal to film the FRB. Today was a pass and couldn’t have gone better.

Here’s the link to the first audit:

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Written by lena

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  1. Was that you or someone else a few months back who was assaulted at I think the same location by an officer and then falsely charged with obstruction?

  2. just a small point…a federal reserve officer is not legally a real "officer"/"cop" because the federal reserve is a private banking institution and it is against the law for a non-government entity to have "police".

    Of course the federal reserve gets away with it because they essentially rule/control most of the world!

    But nice audit and nice to see security (I won't call them police) not harass you

  3. It would be nice on the revisits to do the before and after, so the audience knows why these cops need to be held accountable and reprimanded.

  4. Go back in two months, bet they forget…..
    Reinforced trips, will train them, because they will see you are still auditing them many more times

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