Flat Earth – Another Masonic Lie 3.14

Very Strange Coincidence, or just another blatant fabrication of the truth and a complete illusion……………….!!

Thank you for watching, please consider these facts…

1. Horizon always rises to eye level
2. Water always finds its level
3. Gyroscope’s always remaining level throughout worldwide
aeroplane flight travel
4. Polaris never moves from its position despite earths
travel through space
5. No measurable curvature
6. Terminator line on the moon during daytime often
does not coincide with suns directional light
7. Gravity is simply buoyancy & density
8. No photographic evidence of satellites
9 . Questionable flight paths in southern hemisphere
10. Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement in Antarctic
11. Van Allen radiation belt makes space travel impossible (if it exists) space or the belt!
12. Water bubbles on ISS film footage
13. The Fake moon landing (or is it)
14. The Sun & globe earth model contradictions.

We’re able to observe and bring back into view objects such as land, buildings, and boats that are supposed to be behind the curve.

Horizon always rises to eye level.

Water is always level and it makes up 71% of our #earth.
The Bible repeatedly describes the #Earth as Immovable (Stationary), #Geocentric, and Enclosed in a solid dome structure called the #firmament

All images of the #Earth from #space are admitted to be computer generated.

The heliocentric model was created by Freemasonic Occultists.
All the space agencies share the same vector logo.
Astronaut almost drowning in #space
Water bubbles & Scuba tank viewed in #space

The United Nation’s logo is a #FlatEarth map

#Antarctic Treaty
Admiral Byrd Stated that there is more land.
The Michelson–Morley experiment proved the #Earth is stationary
No one has ever circumnavigated the #earth from north to south.
The Selenelion Lunar Eclipse.
Bedford Level Experiment.

Our own senses tell us that the #earthisflat and stationary.
The North Star, Polaris, never moves and the constellations have never changed.
The Sun & Moon appear as the same size
No parallax with the stars
Timelapse Star Trails shows the stars makings perfect circuits around the North Star
Sun dogs and Sun Hot spots
Sun rays come down in angles and not parallel.
Sun shrinks smaller as it sets
The Analemma Time Lapse of the Sun

Gyroscopes, Astrolabes
Bolivian Salt Flats missing curvature
Architects, Excavators, and Railroad Engineers don’t account for the curve
Airplanes fly level and don’t account for the curve.
Flight paths make much more sense on a Flat #Earth

Density, buoyancy, & Electromagnetism are better explanations for gravity.

Rockets never go straight up!
All but one challenger crew members are proven to still be alive today
No genuine #24hourlivefeed of the #Earthfromspace
No real pics of #Earth from #Space
No actual photos of #Satellites in #Space
No observable proof of #evolution
GoPro lenses used to fake the curve of #Earth
Super zoom cameras show that boats do not go over any curve.

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Written by lena

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  1. Fraud of course. They made everyone believe a disabled person in a chair, who cannot walk or talk, or even take a shit by himself, was the smartest man alive. That is how bad they have a hold on us. They also will not admit, he is the longest living person with cerebral palsy, and als…..because they cannot. The real Hawkins never made it to a chair. All the ones over the years have been actors with surgery to make them look similar. They killed him off finally, because his laser test is about to be debunked pretty hard by brazil's convex earth documentary. The convex earth guys did one over 100 miles supposedly, so ya Hawkins little discovery channel 4 mile test blown out of the water. How would he have any credibility if that happened? Well if he is dead, no one is going to make fun of a dead guy right? All dead scientists get to keep their nobel prizes right? The fact the technology used to make him talk has never been patented or available to thousands with the same disease, is proof he is not using his mind to talk at all. It was just a guy with a Bluetooth keyboard sending the feed to his chair. It is sad, they used a person with a disability in this way, but I never bought it. See for a person to have higher brain function, they need to have motor skills. Most people with the disease, have the mind of a child. Which is what you see when you look at Hawkins, just a drugged wheelchair bound cripple. Anything he ever supposedly wrote, was about pseudo science. Nothing contributed in his name did anything for science, except make it more pseudo.

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