French counter-terror law slammed for weakening human rights

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The French parliament has adopted a new anti-terror law, and some are saying that it will make France’s state of emergency permanent. We take a look at online and press reactions to a controversial piece of legislation.

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  1. What about the human rights of French citizens who never asked for this terror to be allowed into their country? I guess white, non-Muslim French people's safety and human rights come second to the rights of Islamist terrorists? hmmm? Marxist madness created this terrorist/cultural mess and now they are forced to punish the entire French population for their own ideological mistakes… disaster in Europe… a complete disaster. Europe as we know it has gone forever… gone forever. The irony is that the left (socialists) are doing more permanent damage to Europe than the nazis ever did.

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if for once… just once the UN were as critical of real human rights abuses being committed in there thousands every day in the Islamic/Muslim world. Will never happen though, the UN has double standards and only ever criticise western nations…. meanwhile women and minorities (gays etc) in Saudi Arabia and in Muslim nations around the world are being imprisoned or tortured and even beheaded in the street and the UN… silent.

  2. Maybe these kind of laws could set a maximum number of terrorism deaths that a free society can reasonably sustain in a year before these kind of draconian measures need to be implemented. I would argue that until terrorism deaths reach an order of magnitude comparable to traffic deaths, no limits on individual liberty should be enacted.

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