Gamers On A Train & Russia’s Shadow War: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the March 27, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

3:45 In the wake of Larry Nassar’s conviction for repeated sexual abuse, several gymnasts have come forward to describe their experiences training at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas. VICE News spoke to Mattie Larson, a one-time Olympic hopeful who quit to escape the USAG system.

9:45 – A glimpse into Russia’s shadowy ground war in Syria has emerged after as many as 300 private military contractors were reported killed or wounded in a U.S. airstrike last month. Wives and widows of the victims have received little in the way of official confirmation. That’s being most keenly found in towns like Abest, in central Russia, where many of the military contractors departed from, and didn’t return.

14:23 – How political campaigns use data to target ads to voters.

17:17 Train Jam is a collection of 350 designers, artists, musicians, and coders traveling via Amtrak to the Game Developers Conference and creating games. They have only 52 hours to make a video game from scratch. Vice News joins them on one leg of their journey to watch as they make games.

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  1. The two dudes making the "fake news" game are a fairly classic micro example of management/engineering miscommunication and breakdown – the dude who stepped off recognized 11th-hour technical hurdles that the other did not understand (ie. gameplay, possibly requiring some AI?). Hence the other one saying "oh he quit because he was worried about political XYZ" etc. I'll bet the other guy didn't understand what was involved in implementing the game. A mini coder horror story on a train.

  2. In the news today: Life of Olympics athletes are tough, Russia is involved in proxy wars in a shady way and the Pope is catholic.

  3. Lack of job opportunity sends Russians to join the military. Lack of job opportunity sends Americans to join the military. Garbage on both sides and the result is common people dying.

  4. Don't know how anti Assad those Kurds are now that they are fighting Turkey together. I think they made a mistake and it's FSA and not Kurds that are defending those fields

  5. 300 mercenaries? LOL .If the American Army acted so well, it would not take a week to win in Syria.This is how Western propaganda works: today 10, in a week 100, two months later 300, guess what will happen in a year

  6. That USGA story was real journalism. Who else has reported on that in such a way that can't make people understand what was really going on? No one else. Well done Vice!

  7. Oh vice…send in a nerdy mouse to pass judgement on gymnasts, some of the most hard working of athletes. The piece has nothing to do with the molestation case, it's just millenials hating on jocks.

    This is why you lose, striving to excellence with massive sacrifice is A GOOD THING. Being meh is pathetic.

  8. 15:50 Focus attentions of the data in other places other than politics. Data used to sell market "appetites" food, appetites. Think about it this way, Poltics is the first you heard about it uses (data). But what is it, you described it as certain timing articulations to catch your attention, keep you involved. What was the previous format of the stradegy that was last associated to politics. It was not military recruitment stradegy, it was different from enrolling. What format of marketing was copied and paysted, then resold as marketing idea's. IF politics would have never used it, would you ever know? For instance Trumps name is on just about everything, lines where bound to cross, He has a father that was in the buisness world and put his name on everything lots of things through out the world. Unassociated with politics, Trump is very good for America, American influence that carries through out the world. So look to where it was used on the TRUMP name, outside of politics and the polictical race. There are hundreds of places from before he was born. Lots of entrepreneurs, coders, where used out of side america the influence to make money. Then other politics from other countries reused that influence data. Lets say a company is invested in a Trump building in south america. They pay for a campaign in south america, with there trump building investment in mind that have been involved with since the 80's, for there own politics, has nothing to do with american political race. What it does do is make American influence the power of all nations, it makes Donald Trump's decisions very important. For the whole world. TGB

    So where was the data used in the first place.

    Other countries are fighting to corrupt our America (via influence,) to keep what they stole in the first place ( to maintain there free ride at America's expense (in the past)). Check out north korea, technology influence, for the disconnection, How is northkorea a country. (how is it maintained in comparison to Castro's cuba when Castro was alive) Influence stuff.

  9. US Oil companies wanted to put a big ass pipeline through Syria… Syria said NO to the US and Yes to GASPROM from Russia… Look at the map of IRAQ today… weapons of mass destruction yeah> but now it's all carved up by the 4 big us oil companies isn't it?

  10. Добре шо вальнули казла , то відплата чурбану косоглазому за то шо пхався в Україну!

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