Giant Boat Is Powered Entirely By Solar Energy

This huge seacraft is developed by Swiss company PlanetSolar, who wanted to create a vessel which was environmentally friendly and produced zero-emissions. Developed in 2010, the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar is the largest solar-powered boat ever built. Its 500 solar panels can provide 120 kilowatts of energy, allowing the ship to travel around 5 knots. 

The boat has now been donated to the Race for Water Foundation, who will now use the ship as a laboratory for scientific missions to raise awareness about alternative energy solutions. 

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  1. I'm not criticizing the effort but,.high seas and winds must reek havoc on this vessel. Or is it just a fair weather boat?

  2. A pair of sales or better yet a nuclear reactor has powered large naval vessels for years with out any emissions why would we want a solar powered one where no one on board can get any sun

  3. MV Beluga Sky Sails is better, it uses wind power and can manage 3x the speed of this thing with the ability to actually transport payloads.

  4. "This boat is solar powered using renewable energy" As opposed to solar powered using non-renewable energy?

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