Global Temperatures and Sea Ice Behaving Strangely: Is There a Shift Underway (612)

April 2017 was the 11th warmest on record from 1880s, 2018 April was 13th warmest, a drop which shows a trend of cooling. But while the same trend is happening with increasing sea ice over the last two years, the time is always taken from 1979, not back to 1901 when we have reliable Arctic sea ice data. The trend is definitely cooling globally with late ice outs , clogged rivers in May with ice flotillas, record N. Hemisphere snow cover and glaciers gaining ice. Somehow the USA Today tells us that its the 400th month of above warm temperatures.

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Dr Waheeduddin Temperature forecast to 2050

Assessing the U.S. Climate in April 2018
Greatest Snowfall on Kilimanjaro Glaciers in Years
National Climate Report – April 2017
Assessing the Global Climate in March 2018
Search Results for: noaa temperature fraud Wattsupwiththat
Search results for ‘noaa temperature fraud’ Notalotofpeopleknowthat

Real Climate Science Search Results for: noaa temperature fraud

More Arctic Sea Ice Than 1971
Arctic Sea Ice concentrations 1900-1940

Arctic 1932 Ice Concentration

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  1. Why oh why do they keep doing these things?? Is it the fear of panic? or are they still trying to get funds to lower co2 and if they do that how many may die from that?? CO2 is part of our cycle of life an inert non-toxic gas that we need!! A little more means more greenery!!!

  2. It must be money because if it was panic they were worried about why push constant warning? That could lead to panic too. If they were doing serious crowd control they would push status quo and natural cycles.

  3. From the wealth of public scientific evidence I have reached the inescapable conclusion that we are now experiencing Irreversible Abrupt Climate Change. Added to the ocean acidification and anoxic zones, and all the growing pollution on land, sea and air, plus microplastic waste everywhere and I am forced to agree with those who demonstrate that humanity has arrived at the doorstep of Near Term Extinction. No solutions, no hope, no future – take each day one at a time because the animal/plant/insect biosphere supporting a viable human habitat is collapsing all around us, so don't kid yourself that all is OK.

  4. Here in The Netherlands we have an unusual warm month. The warmest since measuring. And I think they are right. We have almost ten degrees celsius warmer than normal day temperatures in May. And April was one of the months with the most hours of sunshine. That was in the news and looking at our solar panels that was right too.

  5. Look if the planet was warming then why is that the weather services are calling for winter storm warning this late in the season so close to meteorological summer for central Newfoundland, and that is quite a bit south for snow this time of year.

  6. Great vid, and thanks for the links. Blatant data fraud definately should be prosecuted. Obviously current NOAA policy makers are not to be trusted.

  7. Informative. But dude. YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. You will never convince a liberal about something based on facts. People who listen to facts already have serious questions. Enough questions to not spend trillions on a wild goose chase.

  8. Living in Alaska for many many years I have to tell you that everything I hear about the arctic is false. Our glaciers are growing, sea ice is thickening and still have ice in rivers for a very late breakup may 23-2018. Trees just now started to leaf out and 4 inches down in the ground when planting is still frozen. We had the most snow this winter for a long time. Cooling maybe but mother earth does this naturally over periods of time and its the way nature works. Proof we can't control her. If we are heading for an ice age then here is the simplest equation. North gets super cold and the equator gets super hot. Anything above the 45 degree latitude will be the warning sign. Ignore media agendas they have no idea what they are talking about since they are all spoon feed the same information to mislead the truth. I was asked by friends in the lower 48 if I plan to head south if it gets any colder here and I said. NO. People survived here thousands of years ago and people will survive again. The lower 48 so dependent on technology and grocery stores and everything convenient will find it will be their doom. Dave is on tract and has it right…….we are in for a rough time but if you are correctly informed you will survive what ever is coming……………Throw your TV out it is nothing but a tool for false information and propaganda. I hope I helped clear some things up.

  9. We are in a maunder minimum of low sun spots. The mini ice age of 1645 to 1710 was caused by a maunder minimum.

  10. … but there is no ice age!! where is the ice? and don't show some snow in new york and say that is an ice age

  11. Yeah mainstream media are starting to drop in phrases like 'grand solar minimum' but everyone of them is quick to follow it up with 'global warming will continue in the background' when MSM are in lockstep you know you are getting fed some bullshit. I would imagine that global warming will be a tough sell after everyone has frozen their tits off for a decade or two.

  12. We had the coldest and snowiest April of 2018 on record. No "global warming" in Wisconsin this past winter and spring. More like frozen and buried in snow more than usual.

  13. The truth will not stop the CO2 taxes as the lunatics need their climate cash handout money to stay in power, and their voter base want government handouts.
    I am pessimistic about stopping the lunacy anytime soom.
    Maybe Moonbeam will lose his lawsuit against the EPA….

  14. I listened to your Bitchute video on failing wheat crops … first business to stop distributing product due to not being able to get crops used in the production… how do I email you the screen shots?

  15. It was NOT warmer at my house for 400 months. This was the longest coldest weather here in my life. At my house ! Just saying………Send me a monitor and I will put it in my yard and lower the warm average.

  16. That's funny, you can't use our own data in a way we we don't like. My Boss did the same thing once when I did that to him.

  17. According to NOAA it hasn't been this hot on earth since the earth was a molten glob starting to cool. NOAA lost my respect over a decade ago.

  18. these "news" people are supposed to give the public well informed data that is correct otherwise why let them on the air? propaganda for higher casualties is what it looks like and you don't need licensing for that.

  19. I live in southern Spain we have friend who has just had several inches of snow! He has never seen it in his lifetime.

  20. Dave if you ever want pics of conditions along the Moose river, PaulLantz photography who publishes on g+ does a lot of current photo's The ice is still piled up along the river. Not a promo just a possible resource.

  21. The Kremlin's clustered super computers using the Milankovitch cycles and Professor Mikhail Budyko scientific calculations and using ice cores, rock cores, soil cores, deep sea bed cores were all analyzed together and they created a map almost similar to the ones coming from independent American scientists.

    The Philippines will suffer a transition period that will turn it's ecology similar to the Russian Steppes but as the global climate and weather fluctuations finally stabilized, only Southeas Asia will remain unaffected such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Papau New Guinea.

    The U.S Pacific territories will survive as that of France such as Midway, Hawaii, American Samoa, French Tahiti, French Caledonia, Bora Bora, American Micronesia, all of the Pacific Island nations will survive intact provided they are sufficiently hardened against the severe climate fluctuations and weather disruptions during the transition period.

    Much of Southern Russia will survive and irrigated by the Volga River, Kuban River, Yeka Yeruslan River, Siverskyi Donets River, Milus River, Reka Sal River, Yeya River, Reka Myzmta and they will be the main water supply and irrigation networks which will be expanded and river transportation of agricultural produce of all kinds.

    This area will be our main food source and much of the Russian population will be relocated there but a significant number of our people will remain in the new Sub-Arctic Zones. This the the MAIN REASON WHY AMERICA WANTED A UKRAINIAN CIVIL WAR so that it will spill into SOUTHERN RUSSIA and thus destroy Putin's survival plans which is ONE OF SEVERAL despite the fact we have a 50 year to 100 year food and medical and logistical supplies and medical facilities and numerous MSR nuclear power plants. If we have to live in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic Zones then WE ARE MORE THAN PREPARED! It is better to have numerous COMPLETE OPTIONS THAT CAN REPLACE THE OTHERS. It is like a car that can carry 5 people, but instead of using 1 car we will use 5 cars carrying only 1 person in a convoy formation. So if all 4 cars are temporarily broken then the remaining 1 car can still carry and transport all 5 persons to safety. IT IS BETTER TO BE PREPARED AND NOT NEED IT, THAN NEED IT AND NOT PREPARED FOR MEETING THAT NEED.

  22. David – thank you for another daily antidote to Politically Driven Comfort Science (PDCS).

    Global Warming über alles? Hope not, keep up the great work on Adapt 2030!

  23. Blockchain and agriculture coming together….well well well….HSBC said the blockchain trade, which processed a letter of credit for US food and agricultural group Cargill, had shown the platform was ready to be commercially adopted across the industry. The transaction for Cargill was for a shipment of soyabeans from Argentina to Malaysia last week. HSBC used the Corda blockchain platform, which was developed by technology consortium R3.

    Crop Loss

  24. Pointless trying to disprove the global warming bull shit… in 5-10 years there lies will be naturally uncovered with the cooling and snow cover

  25. The sun is already nearly 2% less than the high. that is in 500 days a deficit equal to all fossil fuel energy and nuclear energy in human history.

  26. Adapt 2030
    , Oppenheimer Ranch Project and
    Ice Age Farmer are the only three channels reliable of YouTube.

  27. A little bird told me that this —->
    Was created to prepare for Mass evacuation of people out of the North East…..when the Winter comes that does not end.
    The Feds have put massive amounts of money and infrastructure into that corridor and it will be all lanes southbound only. True? I cannot prove it, but I have seen some very scary corroborating evidence. The little bird suggested I move out of New England.

  28. YES YES YES YOU ARE RIGHT! if they're going to invent and Fudge the numbers, then it's time for us to play the game along with them! YOU ROCK! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THANK YOU!

  29. I just would like to point out, that you are showing NOAA's arctic sea-ice map for March and comparing to old maps from the 20th century for the month of August. March is the month where arctic sea-ice extent is at its highest, and August/September are the month where the extent is at its lowest. If you look for it, you can find articles about declining sea-ice extent, which use historic data from the 19th century.

  30. As a person from North East USA. Instead of showing how late things are melting and how long the cold is hanging on into the year. Lets look at the other end of the spectrum. 30 years ago we had ice on the lakes and rivers by mid November and ice out was mid April at the latest. Fast forward to present. Ice is showing up mid December to January. Yes there is skim ice on the waters but not thick enough to hold a person. The way i have seen things is that the seasons have changed. Spring summer fall and winter all come later and leave later. On the average of about 3-4 weeks.

  31. You are lying piece of shit. shows shit load of buoys that operate night and day which are read by satellites you fucking fools. You don't account for variability May is #1 warmest what about that.. This site is a cult Right wing dinger anti science site by arm chair climatologists who discovered cherry picking to perform their cult view to fit their world view fantasy. Your Bullshit meter banging a full 10.

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