Global Warming (AGW) Debunked at Senate Hearing 3/26/2013 – More on Manipulated Data

An inconvenient truth . . .

For the past 10,000 years, the Earth has been mostly warmer than the last 150 years.

Today’s temperatures are not unusual. It is not warmer than usual. On the contrary, it’s been cooler than usual when you look back 10,000 years during this current warm period between ice ages.

There was a Little Ice Age a few hundred years ago that we were warming from. And there was a cooling period in the 1970’s that we were warming from. This was also when climate scientists were declaring that an Ice Age was to occur within 10 years.

The latest data shows, there has been no warming for the last 16 years, since 1998, maybe since 1995.

It was even warmer in the 1930’s and 50’s.

The Hockey Stick graph has been abandoned by the IPCC.

More inconvenient truths . . .

The IPCC Drops the Hockey Stick

Hide the Decline and Manipulated Data

The Reality of Temperatures Over the Past Century

Ice Age Hysteria in the 1970’s


* Global Warming is nothing new. 8:40

* Global Warming comes in cycles 11:40

* It’s been mostly warmer for the last 10,000 years. 12:40

* Media Bias and Global Cooling 27:37

* Polar Bears and Ice Caps. 31:00

* CO2 Cannot cause Global Warming 37:50

* CO2 rise FOLLOWS temperature rise. 42:56

* Global Sea Level Rise

* Ocean Acidification Debunked 1:00:00

* 97% Consensus Debunked 1:07:05

More of Don Easterbrook

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  1. whos the real asshole here – the person that would like to reduce shit in our water and air or the person that tries to convince others that it shouldn't  be a concern…..WTF

  2. Check out a special report by John Coleman the founder of The Weather Channel. "Global Warming: The Other Side" here on youtube! Get informed and look at both sides!

  3. i also do not believe in climate change but i want good explanation on the middle east flooding yrs ago, we know that it is not normal there in mid east and there are no sewerage system there and flood ways because there is no rain. And crops are not growing there but now they even export flowers, how is that? Please give me scientific explanation. Thanks…

  4. I think Neil Degrasse Tyson said it best…"If you don't want to believe data, take your clues from nature."
    I might also add that…Human Beings are the only species on the planet that are capable of digging vast quantities of oil, gas, metals, and minerals from the ground. Then, we convert these materials into everything, including the computers that we are using for this discussion now. We've been doing this for the past 2 1/2 centuries. We are the only species on the planet that has the capability of wiping out our own species…and we are well on the way to doing it now. And all for money and power.
    Sooner or later, Nature will correct all of this. One thing will be for sure…it will not be 7 billion human beings on the planet when nature is done.
    I would have more respect for climate change deniers if they just told the truth…"We will lay waste to the entire planet, in the pursuit of a dollar."

  5. This guy actually seems to have the "true" data.  It's sad we have to say that nowadays, but lots of scientists have become disingenuous about how they take data, display data, and even interpret data in order to push an agenda.  It's pretty sad.  Personally I think Global Warming or cooling is nothing to worry about, at least not at this time.

  6. Climate change and "Global Warming" are two different things, 90% of a
     group called "scientists" agree it is said believe "Global Warming" is real. The same percentage of "scientists" once agreed the earth was flat. Greenhouse gases are bad yet I see Harbor Freight has greenhouses for sale! When will we stop the sales and possession of those things?
    The Ice Age predicted in the 1970s has not arrived yet so lets hope it hurries up in time to stop the warming.

  7. Climate
    Rising Ocean Level Catastrophe – not
    The seas have been rising steadily for at least one hundred fifty years and in no way mimic changes in CO2. Satellite measurements are entirely linear for about the last twenty five years.

    “There aren’t just a few more [Polar ] bears. There are a hell of a lot more bears … ”

    One more climate monkey wrench.
    Dr Bates (NOAA) said: ‘They had good data from buoys. And they threw it out and “corrected” it by using the bad data from ships. You never change good data to agree with bad, but that’s what they did – so as to make it look as if the sea was warmer.’

    Global Warming is such a dogmatic and contentious subject I would not inflict it upon kids.
    1) "World leaders duped (again) by manipulated global warming data…"

    2) Besides, the US is not the problem. "As U.S. Shutters Coal Plants, China and Japan are Building Them."

    3) Check out this coal consumption chart.

    Climate Change Denier? Only a fool would say climate does not change. Which seems to be the shell game for previous Global Warmers. In general my only strong opinion is warm is good and cold is bad whatever may be actually happening right now. There is a reason the Medieval Warm Era was previously and routinely termed "Climate Optimum".

    We know of three historical warm eras and two cold eras. The Roman era seems to have been a bit warmer then now. Julius Caesar brought Mediteranean grape cultivars farther North then can now be accomodated. Things seem to have cooled off starting in about the third or fourth century according to at least one Roman historian.

    While it is tempting to say Northern barbarians moved South for the Winter what can be said is the climate got colder. And it should be noted plague took place in the sixth century and is known as the plague of Justinian (Constantinoble) though it seems to have spread over all of Eurasia.
    and then warmed up in about 1,000 AD.

    European poulation then increased something like 25%. This is the era of the great gothic cathedrals like Chartres. The warm spell did not last very long and ended in a five hundred year "Little Ice Age" that lasted into the nineteenth century. That cold era was very bad indeed. Famine and the Black Death are remembered to this very day.

    We now live in what once would have been termed a climate optimum. Anyone who wants the climate to cool is a deranged fool.

    By one measure, the current solar cycle is the third weakest since record keeping began in 1755.

  8. But but,… GLOBAL WARMING is REAL! just ask any HOLLYWOOD Celebrity, or AL GORE, or those BLUE, TREE-HUGGING QUEERS from AVATAR… they will tell you the TRUTH!

  9. This is such a complete and utter load of bunk. LIterally everything he is saying is bullshit. THis is a couple of right-wing legislators handpicking someone who will tell them something that they want to hear. For the truth about climate change and the debunking of the ridiculous denier claims visit:

  10. We learned about the "dust bowl" of the 30's in elementary school. So this scientists data is consistent. We haven't had a drought like that since

  11. According to al gore we should be under sea here in Baltimore. Now he's "adjusting" his data for his next inconvienent lie

  12. Every single time I comment on the Global Warming Myth I get morons saying show us the proof. I then link to proof and they continue to believe the lie. The simple truth is that Global warming is not happening and globalists need it to be true so they can charge us for our carbon footprint. More money for them to steal and less money that we earned. Simple really. Stop believing your government because they are not your friend and they could not care less about your life, problems, or day to day living.

  13. What concerns me is the part about "peer reviewed" papers. Some wanted only those but he said that the publishing agents were refusing to publish anything that they didn't agree with. How is that OK? What's worse this is not the first time I've heard of that happening with scientific papers. How do we fix that because what good is it to have people do real science if they are not allowed to publish if someone doesn't like the results?

  14. F…ing priceless. I admire how this old man kept his cool and decided not call out these corrupt politicians on their BS. Instead of falling for the same old trap where they get him to admit that there is a conspiracy so they can whip out the old tin foil hat and slam it on his head He just says I don't know what they are thinking just look at the data.

  15. The presentation was pretty good except for the use of numbers of heat records broke per year.  Records "broke" are records set, and if those years in the Thirties were truly the warmest, there wouldn't have been ANY records broken since.  Yes, years and decades of no records broke would indicate stagnant temperatures or possible cooling, but when records are again being broken, no matter how few, it indicates warmer temperatures, just as that curve brought back in rebuttal at the end showed, which the good doctor unwisely poo-pooed as being tainted.  You don't condemn your own data well after you have presented it to support your narrative.  But other than this red-herring, the data definitely supported his conclusions.

  16. He's not going back in time enough. The last 100 years is NOTHING compared to millions of years. He's not showing CO2 PPM trend line. I can't blame him really. He doesn't have the data we have today. CO2 PPM is higher than it's been in 3 MILLION years. I guess that's what happen's when you burn half of the carbon (oil, natural gas, methane, etc.) that's been buried in the ground for millions of years.

  17. There is so much blame on fossil fuels but is there really an unlimited amount of fossil fuels? Perhaps more is being produced than used. Some voodoo magic has caused oil supply to forever exceed demand. These global warming brigade are more optimistic than the oil companies. The only infinite oil is spewing from the warmists' mouths.

  18. What was oil to begin with? Organisms that contained oil sinking down into the sea, getting compressed and heated to produce oil so many hundreds of million years ago. So all of that carbon was available before. Now some of it is being made available and people are thinking it is the end of the world. Perhaps the little oil containing organisms were evil.

  19. Cut the funding to these warmists. Give them a spade and shovel to dig with in order to lay pipes from water rich areas to water poor ones. Force these people to do something useful and the world will get better. And get all the money spent on nonsense back. Confiscate the properties from the end of the war story brigade and the world will get better.

  20. The title of this video immediately reveals the stupidity of the premise.
    Science will NEVER be proved or disproved in a political setting and bringing one guy…any guy… in front of a panel is absolutely not proof of anything…ever!

  21. When did NASA first take the original data and release their initial 'adjusted' chart? Does anyone know?

  22. I wish he had discussed exactly how NOAA, NASA, etc. are "manipulating" the data. This would mean that all the publications that depend on their data are false – all 10,000+ of them. Serious, serious fraud. So, where's the proof of this manipulating. Let us (and those accused of it) evaluate it.

  23. You cannot, intelligently, claim a period was the warmest because it had the most temperature records broken. All that means is that period was the warmest RELATIVE to all periods PRECEDING it. Unbelievable

  24. The speaker then speaks of how the ocean is not an acid. Someone tell him please the AGW believing scientists are not claiming it is, see NOAA, "Ocean acidification refers to a reduction in the pH of the ocean over an extended period of time, …"

  25. This guy is a buffoon. Many science oddities and lies in this presentation.

    Ocean IS becoming more acidic, and that is by definition, because it is becoming less basic. His muddled explanation is that since oceans are basic, they cannot be becoming more acidic. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for his stupidity or be angry that he's posing as a scientist and lying.

    Also, of COURSE you set more warm records the closer you are to the start of a record graph, and that is simple math and common sense. In year 1 they are all records, and in year 2 half will be records. Did this guy ever take a statistics class? More to the point, global warm records outpace cold records by 4:1 in most cases today, with countries like Australia closer to 15:1.

    The 1930s of COURSE set records, but he neglected (lied) to say he was talking about the US, not the globe.

    CO2 levels are much higher today than they have been for the entire existence of man. You would have to go back millions of years to see levels higher than today.

    NASA and NOAA have NOT manipulated the data. He is lying. He does not understand how temps are adjusted, and if you do not adjust the temps for land and oceans, you will get a steeper warming trend. Steeper, science denier Easterbrook.

    He show the US heat wave index. 2% of the globe is NOT the globe, Easterbrook. Why not show the entire globe?

  26. Satellite measurements are the most adjusted data set we have. By far. And the trend is up, not down, because there have been so many problems with the dataset that they have had to adjust it almost continuously.

    More to the point, even satellite data shows warming, and in line with sound stations. We have had several successive record warm years up to 2016, and both ground and atmospheric results show warming, and lots of it.

    Why is this Easterbrook guy showing US graphs? Does he not know that the G in AGW means global? He's fooling the least educated people only.

  27. Absurd cherry pick: pick 0.1% of the globe, say that it is having a cold winter, and ask how the earth can be warming if 0.1% is cold for a week or two.

    Seriously, that what this clown is saying. I wonder why he neglected to inform the panel that at the same time most of Australia was setting insane heat records? Why would a scientist cherry pick? ==> Because he's paid for by Heartland.

  28. NASA, NORAD, & NSF "adjusted" (manipulated) the original data.
    The Greenhouse Effect, which is supposedly caused by CO² from industrial pollution, is a LIE.
    There is no Global Warming.
    God bless this man for boldly speaking the truth.

  29. so when you are talking about the number of records set and the heat wave index that is show variation in the average not the actual temperatures that that proves is the rate of global warming was higher in the 1930's not that the 1930's had higher temperatures.

  30. Question: Is it natural to stop the sun from shining: No is it natural to spray the skies world wide: NO. Are the airlines spraying the skies to make you fly to warmer climates: YES. Does artificial spraying of the atmosphere stop the sun from shining:YES. Are nano particles used in aviation fuels to block the sunlight from getting to the Earth: Yes. Did the governments have weather/modification models presented to them to show what happens to the skies when this (SRM) Solar Radiation Management : Yes they know what happens to the weather and they know how to manipulate piblic opinion in their favour. They do this for everything they show interest/s in (monitory value ). Global WARMING IS A FALICY. Watch your local skies being modified by your Earth Land/Sky landlords for corrupt means. Why is Dr david Kieth been recruited by the airlines to spray out the blue skies: For monetary gain…that's the end goal. They don't give a shit about the public, only their own interests.

  31. I wish he had put his sources up on the presentation. It would help us go out and find the numbers so we, too, could reproduce the data. If any one has the links to some of this pure data…please list them!  I now begin my search….

  32. The NWO , global warming and agenda 30-new global sustainable development goals are working like hand in glove to accomplish total control over all mankind ( dictatorship ) and all natural resources like coal ,water and timber. If they could have their way , you would not be able to live where you want , own any property , touch anything on property you might own like water , minerals , timber etc. They could tell you how much water you could have to drink. Tell you how much food you could eat or grow in a garden , if any. All this time , the big shots of the world would have anything they wanted. In the Holy Bible , Daniel was thrown into a den of hungry lions and the three Hebrew children into a fiery furnace because those in power put into effect , crooked laws against them !!!!!!!!!!!! We have the same thing today against all peoples of the world , if they can swing it. Thank God for a man that will gather the proof and stand on the truth.———-Ernest E. Johnson

  33. Not to sound like a Pleb, but the heat wave of the 30s was written about in "The Great Gatsby". I'm not citing this as irrefutable proof, just saying that the heat made it into pop culture.

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