Global Warming Temperature Data Exposed as Systematic Science FRAUD

A rational review of global warming data has unveiled systematic scientific fraud to alter temperature data in support of the global warming false narrative. This is the largest discovery of scientific fraud in the history of science, and it shows that “global warming” and “climate change” are elaborate science hoaxes rooted in fraud, not fact.

The purpose of the widespread fraud has been to achieve “consensus” by exposing scientists to fake data that appear to show a catastrophic rise in average global temperatures. It’s all being done to support the moneymaking scam of carbon taxes that enrich fraudulent science hoaxers like Al Gore who are raking in billions of dollars from carbon tax schemes and oppressive government regulation of carbon emissions.

The fraudulent warming data are then used as a basis for climate modeling software systems that extrapolate the fraudulent data to predict “climate doomsday” for the planet. This is where delusional scientists like Stephen Hawking lose their minds and claim that Earth will be transformed into Venus with temperatures over 800 degrees (F) and sulfuric acid rain. In truth, humanity couldn’t achieve such large-scale terraforming outcomes even if we tried.

The entire climate change / global warming narrative is an elaborate science hoax that’s being continually faked through the ongoing, systematic alteration of temperature data in order to “conform” with the false narrative. Many scientists are deliberately participating in the fraud, knowingly working to alter temperature data in order to prop up their delusional narratives that collapse under the slightest scrutiny. This is why all rational skepticism about climate change is shamed and silenced: Because the fake science narrative cannot withstand scientific scrutiny. Thus, its proponents declare “the science is settled,” meaning no discussion or dissent shall be allowed (because if it were, the fraud would be quickly exposed).

This is how “science” got hijacked by climate change cultists who share more in common with dogmatic, tyrannical CULTS than anything that could be honestly labeled “science.”

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Written by lena

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  1. These so called scientists are a disgrace to humanity. To adjust these graphs is insane. I no longer have faith in any of them and yes fake scientists with fake climate change.

  2. Thanks Mike Adams and friends. I never believed much of Global Warming, not with ElGore in the middle.
    Is Daily Caller a reliable source? Never followed them. But since you have, it goes without asking.
    Thanks again for Truth!

  3. These global warming libtards know that we cant stop climate change. It is just away to tax business.

  4. Oh, I found the "report", but "THS research journal" doesn't exist. Google it. It's not a scientific journal in any sense of reality.
    James Wallace – Has degrees in Economics/Engineering. Magically he is expert on climate as well?
    Joe D'Aleo – Used to teach Meteorology & has received funding from the Heartland Institute.
    Craig Idso – Had ties to Western Fuels, Peabody Energy, Cenospheres (serving oilfield industry). In 2012, he was receiving $11,600 a month from the Heartland Institute.

    Heartland institute – Has received at least $676,500 from ExxonMobil since 1998 but no longer discloses its funding sources. Worked with the tobacco company Philip Morris in 1990's to question the science linking second-hand smoke to health risks, and lobbied against government public health reforms.

  5. Mike, their whole set of claims is based on the assumption that global warming is bad; it isn't! We live in an ongoing Ice Age. Global warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago and more of the same will have similar results. Those 2 little white things at the poles are used by them as a source of lovable cuteness, when they are, in reality, sources of death. They plan to cool down the planet, and the obvious result of that is to make those 2 little white things larger.

    The last time they became significantly larger was during the last glacial period of the current Ice Age. And that led to 90,000 years without summers, rain, crops, food and civilization.

  6. I know you wanna get the word out, but you should not say that the Earth is not warming. It is. Saying it isn't is lying to your audience.

  7. Hi,  I'm the one that first found what they were doing 8 years ago. .  Yes, they decreased past temps to make it look like the temperatures have risen.   They've been now found out as 100 percent intentional fraud  – they've started adjusting temps in the 2000's because there was absolutely no trend in rising temps in the last 20 years. Also , you mentioned the heat island effect. where temps around cities and other asphalt and cemented structures rise in temps due to the absorption and slow release of heat.  Since this is a local event, and not a climatic one, the temps shouldn't be adjusted upwards as they have done.  They all should be adjusted lower to remove the heat island effect temp rise.

  8. There terraforming the planet all right, with these chemical trails, which rain down into your children's lungs, these sick Harvard Scientists. Shucks, people wake up, cop on.

  9. This is such an Oil industry funded channel. I'm very excited I get to see a real life propaganda video. Looks very professional. Good Job! Looks like it's working quite well on all your disciples. I would never buy crap from your store because you LIE

  10. I live in one of Australia's coldest cities. For years I have been watching two apps on cold mornings. One is satellite based and is ultra-reliable. The other is ground-based and fed from our government. On the coldest days of the year, the feed from the government miraculously drops out once the temperature hits about 1degree Celsius. It miraculously reinstates once the temperature rises again. I have been screen-shotting this for several years now. It never happens on any other days of the year. What a great way to 'trim' the bottom off the coldest days in the year.

  11. Global warming recently changed to climate change , which btw has been going on forever . The global warming didn't pan out so they had to change it .

    Climate change science is about as good as vaccine science a complete FRAUD. In the end it's just a carbon tax swindle .

  12. This paper has been debunked by people like Potholer54. Go check it out on youtube. Though i still don't beleive we are in major jepordy this data above is not quite correct.

  13. The Oligarchs Want The Global Carbon Tax Scam Money. That Is Why They Are Using Geoengineering In Conjunction With HAARP To Increase Temperatures By Trapping The Heat That Get Through The Nano Aluminium, Barium And Strontium, These Metals Act Like A Metallic Blanket Over The Earth. On The Days That They Spray, Temperatures Increase By 5-7 Degrees.

    They Also Did Fake The Data To Give False Readings. Check The Climate Gate Emails.

  14. Illuminati confirmed
    The only people that have drunk the “Kool-Aid” is you from fossil fuel lobbyists. Just like they did with nicotine, asbestos, and lead. It’s even the same group of companies pulling the wool over the public’s eyes again and again and again.
    Oh wow you got some figures from a science blog! Seems legit! :p
    Why you should NOT trust science blogs:
    “Can we trust peer reviewed papers?” by potholer54
    “Response to Bill Whittle’s “Is climate change real?” ” by potholer54
    The first mistake you made is anthropogenic climate change is not about politics or some greenwash scam to sell you renewable energy or a new tax or oil companies. Forget Elon Musk or Al Gore or Greenpeace or Trump, it’s about science. Just ask Arnie, or maybe Dr Richard Ally and other conservative climate scientists. The Greenhouse Effect is a very old proven science theory, ask yourself what is causing the north and south poles to melt (they are both melting now), or ocean temperatures to rise and cause global coral bleaching, or where all the world’s pollution is going, or maybe just read an IPCC report and think it through independently for yourself!

  15. Stephen Hawking? It has been alleged that everything that comes out of Hawking's electronic speaker is typed in to a computer by a handler. That makes sense because it seems far-fetched that just from his movement of throat muscles such perfect enunciation would emerge.

  16. If that's true why are so many pets perishing in hot cars that now reach upwards of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. How can temperatures be 10 to 15 degrees above normal for entire summers for decades on end! Yet all winters are well above what you would have seen 100 short years ago! Also i ask you why are the deserts getting larger as CO2 levels increase? Have you ever considered that higher temperatures discourage rainfall and snowfall?

  17. I think jst told news should b as low as possible.being human must watch nature at first which feed us its all about caring for nature ..yes recients year are a bit warmer and hotter than previous and more polluted due to more co2 emission and methane benith permafrost being released rapidly due to gradual increasing temperature schemes ..thats all about human indused or released pollution to climate change or destrubing behehaviour

  18. Nothing wrong with CO2. It will get used up by increased plant growth. It is the pollution with other chemicals we should be worrying about. But we are not doing anything of the sorts because wel are being distracted by te CO2 hoax. Hoe green is that mr. Gore?

  19. Scientist's don't need to lie, but the people that want to keep a hold on status quo do.. Of course these are the people who have made a lot of money in this world and therefore they want to keep everything going despite the fact that the world keeps getting hotter and hotter.

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