GOP Rep makes dumb excuse for rising ocean levels

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL), thinks global rising ocean levels are due to the white cliffs of Dover falling into the sea.

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Written by lena

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  1. Rep Brooks: Sea level is rising due to falling rocks into the sea by land erosion
    The people: Stupidity is rising due to falling IQ levels into the mind by ethics erosion

  2. There is no mention of English touristes drinking too much beer and peeing into the ocean. Oh, shit, that means it is man-made.

  3. This excellent intellectual point brought to you by an American politician who probably spends time on his knees for big oil!

  4. Hey man, you talk about a lot of great subjects. Like Israel killing harmless protestors and corruption in government and I'm totally on board, but what do you expect on climate change, something that is on a scale of 1-10 relevant to something of our decade, I give it a 0. You act like you're a prophet of doom, we have to save the world because our climate will kill us. I don't think what will kill us is our climate it will be our corrupt goverment.

  5. That Smith is from Texas, where all of America's textbooks are printed and the contents of which are controlled by Southern-fried religious reactionary conservatives wackos, and is presumably a product of that state's educational system, tells you all you need to know. (Well, that and his funding sources.)

  6. Actually subsidence does play a role in areas like river deltas caused mostly by the extraction of ground water and oil reserves under the land. It is causing some areas of land to sink and so increases the rate at which areas like the Mississippi delta will disappear under the waves.
    These are events local to the region but they are the most heavily populated areas of the planet…the Indus river delta, the Yellow river delta, the Nile river delta.

    Here is an extract from the Yellow River delta assessment in 2015.
    "Consistent results between two descending tracks show subsidence with a mean rate up to 30 mm/yr in the radar line of sight direction in Gudao Town (oilfield), Gudong oilfield and Xianhe Town of the delta, each of which is within the delta, and also show that subsidence is not uniform across the delta. Field investigation shows a connection between areas of non-uniform subsidence and of petroleum extraction."

    This does not mean sea level rise is not happening…it means we are multiplying it's effect in local areas.
    Climate scientists are well aware of this but it doesn't change the fact that global warming is causing a global sea level rise that is currently running at 4MM per year.

  7. The fact The Wall Street Journal printed that is, although opinion, an obvious indicator of the corrosive effect of the "free press" knowingly supportive of bias and confusing consensus.

  8. That thinking is a form of the fallacy of composition in talking about science mainly based on myopic cause & effect chains rather than understanding of the wider web of scientific research. Usual short term self interest over long term benefits. Fuck the grandchildren eh!? >:(

  9. Of course the idiot used a California tide gauge. Does he wish to check that against a Japanese tide gauge. The Pacific ocean acts like a bath tub…there is a very well documented thing called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. It slowly slops back and forth over a 20 to 30 year period first rising higher on 1 side then the other. (to be spoken slowly as to a child)

  10. This is what we are dealing with in American. These assholes are running the country. It would be comical if it wasn't so terrifying.

  11. hahahahaa… l can't … l can't … !!!
    Tip-toe thru' the tulips, dude.
    (this isn't real: it can't be)

  12. Who cares about their pants? How do they manage to get elected?
    America is stupid enough to look up to these people.

  13. Mo has been an embarrassment to intelligent people in Alabama for years. (Contrary to popular belief, there ARE some of us here with working brains – we're just out-numbered. 🙁 ) #NoMoMo

  14. Next it will be everyone is breathing too much and will cause oxygen to evaporate, what a crock of shit, lol

  15. Just another point, Sydney harbour has been measuring it's sea level for 200 years and it's only risen 2.3mm a year and that's a fact.

  16. There'll be bluebirds over

    The white cliffs of Dover

    As the rocks fall into the sea… come on folks altogether now… Lala,laa,la,la,lala,lala,laa,laa,lala……

    We don't need your facts scientists, we've got a song to sing!

  17. Greetings. I'm a new subscriber. You've got a great program and I have referred it, and will continue to refer it, to American Progressives. However, "climate science" is based (Al Gore model) on review of 70 yrs of climatology. Scientific climatic evidence is available (ice cores, et al) for far longer- in fact, for hundreds of thousands of years -that Effectively and Conclusively refute the findings based on the recent 70 year time-span analysis. If you are interested in the evidence, please refer to the Grand Solar Minimum, via the Internet. See also:; the Maunder Minimum; the Eddy Minimum; the Dalton Minimum; the Centennial Minimum; the Year Without A Summer; the site Adapt2030. I oppose pollution, fracking, Democrats, Republicans, dirty water and dirty air ((I really want to emphasize that!)) and I HATE BP! But—-Science is science; fact is fact; "global warming" is a recurring climatological transition which is Solar-cycle linked. Similarly, you of course understand that global temperatures are Solar-cycle linked with regard to the "seasons" of the year. Please look into this. You're riding the wrong horse though anyone who takes shots at an US Congressman is, imho, definitely in the right battle. Respectfully submitted…

  18. PS: this Congressman probably believes thunder occurs because giants are throwing boulders around above the clouds

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