Great Reawakening – #Spygate Name Game – Qanon News May 28

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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. Hank Kuneman also prophesied for 2018 to be a year of the great interruption! Not sure if exact words but will try to find link for you.

  2. Does it matter who Q was/ is? However or who ever got us to really put things together, and show patriots how to dig past the msm, into the facts that matter, and destroyed the corrupt cabal.

  3. "Snuff Films." are not a company or an organisation, they're a horrific fetish of videos showing people being killed and are viewed for pleasure by sick bastards. Its a horrible concept but they exist. I think some famous serial killers filmed themselves killing victims and were discovered by police officers investigating the case. For your own sake, don't look up the term if you want to be able to sleep at night.

  4. The most important intent of Q is to wake up the people and reveal truth. Now whether he is AI, or some geek in his underwear—if it has the effect of positive change, it is good information. Remember Evy in V for Vendetta said in her ending speech when asked who V was. She said, "he is my father, my mother, my sister and brother—he is you and he is me—he is all of us" (something like that). And where was all these other excuses for Q, who NEVER revealed all this info, but merely rode the coattails of the truly transformational info called Q.

  5. I hope it is not the chemtrail-cough I hear brother. They are no joke. Weather modification is very real and they can spice it up with all kinds of nasty stuff to work the depopulation angle too. This last winters flu-season was as bad as years with major flu epidemics. Then, presto chango—they can seed storms to dump ridiculous amounts of rain. It is said they are flooding the east since all the population is there, in an attempt to keep the climate collapse quiet—-while they spray.

  6. Only reference I can find regarding Royal Navy changing of the guard occured in Nov 2017. Not sure how this reference is important for us today. Can you explain the relevance?

  7. I like the idea of a Patriot Party since there are people in all parties who are true Americans, and those who are not. There are also true believers who are in all parties. I been praying God will call us out and make us separate from the Babylonian system, as a permanent ally of Israel.

  8. How would assange be next to the president when he signs a bill, or at mira lago taking pics of palm trees? Not J.a., in my opinion.

  9. Yes remember we must forgive. We all have needed to be forgiven at some point. And think about how they snuck it in. I can see how they fell prey to the propaganda. Busy lives ….too busy to research. Trusting people….as they should. So we must forgive them and then red pill them. You are the replacement for the MSM. We are the replacement.

  10. the actual Q post # 607 did not actually mis spell very as "verey" unless I am reading something wrong.

  11. Someone asked Eyethesky about Pence who said, it's complicated…Pence didn't always play nice…we have leverage on him that ensures he does….I believe this is true….there's just something about him that seems fake, not solid believer…just my instinct…we're called to love everyone….believers just don't have Pedos as Best Friends…Huge Red Flag

  12. As long as Q is legit and working under the duress of our great president….it doesn't matter who he/she is. I have to add that Assange being Q is absolutely ridiculous. Assange knows better than that and he even would think that's absurd to do that. It doesn't matter and the mystery of who he/she is needs to remain that way for now. It's necessary for this to take place for the sake of our country.

  13. you didn't read the prophesy talking about the volcano and eruption that will happen physically showing the anger of God. I was reading ahead of you and you skipped and went to another paragraph. Thank you so much, you're awesome . God Bless you

  14. It's pathetic Democrats in with the Russians, projected to Trump, Democrats found in Pedo ring, projected to Trump. Damn is anybody buying this bull hockey? What next Trump "found" spying on the Clintons? I know people are losing face and want to see immediate action taken to arrest people, but I still don't think they understand the level at which this corruption goes. This is going to change the face of the planet. It takes careful and skillful planning to take down the invisible giant that has put billions of people in poverty and slavery.  This isn't a plan to take down one person, this is a plan to take down all of them, God appointed Trump and God has a plan, we have to be patient, tell others, and support this plan, and even be willing to fight and die if need be. Stay true. Remember always Where we go one, we go all. No matter what race, religion, creed you are we need to stay together and fight our enemy for the better tomorrow for our children.

  15. Thanks again for your awesome reporting, your passion, related news…and enough of the Chem Trails! I agree! They may have stopped…First let's get rid of the Wicked Ones! lol

  16. Read the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Revelations, Matthew 24 chapter, It Prophesies, about our End times.
    Praise Jesus our Savior. He defeats Satan in the end. Pray for our President, and Military.

  17. Hey bro…Snuff films are films that include Murdering someone, children sometimes, that Sick Evil People pay Big Bucks for…PURE EVIL..The ddfffcf looks really legit! Thanks!

  18. I think Q is not finished cause I think he/they will have to be around for the midterms to give an extra push to the voters and be around at least till after the big parade on 11/11.

  19. It's more of a SPIRITUAL awakening in my thinking and study! It is written that in the last days HIS SPIRIT will be poured out upon mankind. The LORD is preparing HIS CHILDREN NOW for HIS second coming. The Rapture of the church is Nye! Get ready Brothers and Sisters to meet your LORD! Maranatha! Love this channel. Keep spreading the truth because once the CHURCH is taken up all hell is going to break loose. Get right with GOD NOW people! Much love!

  20. Many People believe HRC has Kuru…it's a Disease of Cannibals with symptoms she has had of shaking, laughing at inappropriate times etc…she is one, so makes great sense

  21. Thank God for all of these Awesome Prophetic Words our Father has given us thru Holy Spirit….His long time plan….to encourage Before to give His people Hope! So Great of Him!

  22. Couldn't post on your 6-11 video just now. Wanted you to know it was wonderful. Thanks for reading all the #EyetheSpy posts! Exciting times! Thank you, Lord!

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