GSM News- Cosmic Rays intensify/Kilauea update/Another Flashflood in Afghanistan

THE Mind-blowing Costs Of Global Warming Hysteria

Yet another global warming scam dies.
Climate scientists have been telling us for years that spring snow cover is declining due to global warming. Three of the last six April’s have had above normal snow cover.

Don’t Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling
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Very rare TC Sagar hits Somalia, 19 people killed in flash floods and thousands affected

Severe storm strikes Sri Lanka, leaving 3 people dead and over 8 000 affected

17 killed, 23 injured after new wave of severe flooding hits Afghanistan

Two rivers overflow, leaving over 2 100 homes and 12 900 people affected in Gatumba, Burundi

Dangerous heat to grip northern India this week as tropical threats brew offshore.

Germany: Daily thunderstorms to target Frankfurt, Dresden and Munich this week

Kīlauea: Laze among new dangers to Hawaii’s Big Island this week

More downpours to target southeastern US toward Memorial Day as tropical concerns remain

Earth to Sky Calculus
14 hrs ·
ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION UPDATE (May 2018): Cosmic rays over California continue to intensify,

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We discuss the different FACTS coming from multiple sources from around the world. We interview people behind the science of the Grand Solar Minimum like Valentina Zharkova, Rolf Witszche and John Casey. We strive for society to gain awareness of the changes that are taking place.

Our climate is changing and we as a human race need to make a shift and ADAPT to these changes weather we go into an ice age or not. We report on EXTREME WEATHER, Volcanos, Earthquakes Space News & Weather. We discuss atmospheric phenomena, charged particles, sun halos etc.

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  1. To be honest, if this is the first warming by the effects of a creature (us) on the planet, then it should not be a one in one thousand year drought but a one in 4.5 billion year drought that proves it's man made….

  2. It is hard to stomach the people still talking about global warming/climate change. It is past time they factor in the rest of the story: increased radiation, movement of the planet/sun.

  3. That thing can get as cool as it wants, the fact is the average global temperature has RISEN..RISEN…RISEN to an average that is 4°f WARMER
    ..WARMER…WARMER…NOT COOLER THAN IT WAS IN 1800…1900…even since 1965….YOU'RE CRAZY!! The N.Pole is liquid….liquid…..LIQUID..IT MELTED!!MELTED!!MELTED!! SANTA'S WORKSHOP IS SUNK!! If it were cooling..The N. & S. Poles would not not not not not be MELTING & SWIMMING POOLS!!!!

  4. There’s no place safe …this time IS different.

    THE PROBLEM/SOLUTION It’s not man kind created or manageable as much as other factors :
    1) higher cosmic radiation + particulate & lower cosmic shielding (we just exited a protective gas cloud)
    2) GRAND solar minimum
    3) magnetic pole reversal (this will tilt the earth, no country will be in the same place)

    COMBINED=> low magnetic shielding + higher sun& earth core charging =CAUSES=> higher electro quake, plate shifts and thus volcanos/earthquakes/megatsunamis. AND solar CME’s/EMP’s (no flares have to balance the charges between sun and planets by carrington level CME’s ..that fried transcontinental telegraph wires miles under sea, burnt down telegraph station. We are in FAR more frail conditions now with our almost complete reliance on electric power, internet, mobile that would take months if not years to replace the custom, heavy, transformers used in the power grid and related gear in data centers. Particularly if we are in WW3 as China makes most this stuff and will be an enemy, and who knows when world ending comets will hit as they did many times before (this is a cyclic calamity, tied to 13k half great year (precessional wobble) clock Giza was built to track, see Randall Carlson’s sacred geometry it’s well supported in archeological data.

    MEANING: no power, no internet, no phone, no digital money (atm, credit). No/low food stores, questionable water, sewage, oil.

    SUMMARY: aka biblical and hopi and mayan ( on delay) end times… seen any dinosaurs lately? ever wonder how canyons, mountains and islands come and go in minutes? that’s what is next. Get good with the great/er/est possible GOoD, ASAP.

  5. Check out the huge upper atmosphere wind system at the South Pole right now. 6000 miles across & very organized. What does it mean???

  6. Poor Gary had a polar meltdown. Time will tell the true story it always has and always will. In the meantime we all should prepare for fire ice or a lot of both.

  7. Water causes the vast amount of the storm damage and casualties not wind. Any rain system that could stall should not be taken lightly by public especially low lying areas.

  8. Hello, please understand that it is all inclusive. There is a cause to an effect. Global warming is part of the equations. ETN…

  9. Hello, in my honest opinion, every state for themselves! If we can not transport food from state to state because of weather, than every state for themselves! ETN…

  10. latest report of global temps is…….0.5 C less in the last year!! a dramatic cooling……global warming is a farce, anyone who thinks humans are warming the planet by CO2 is a fool…polluting the planet? absolutely

  11. Just thought I'd drop a line and say thank you for your diligence of your broadcast. I appreciate the info you give out. I think this is the first time I've ever done any input. For that I apologize. I don't know how long I have been sub'ed to your channel, but I always check you out before Diamond and Cris. Once again thank you. Also I bought some seed from your sponsor, they are doing very well so far.

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