Haley on Syria strike: We gave diplomacy chance after chance

Ambassador Nikki Haley says U.S., France, and U.K. acted to deter chemical weapons after Russia and Syria failed to live up to international commitments.

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Written by lena

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  1. Fuck all of you saying the US is wrong. Kids were being burned to death by chlorine gas. Nuke the whole middle east for all i care.

  2. There's nothing untrue about anything she has to say or anything that makes it less serious… BUT..

    American hypocrisy is astounding.

    Let me know when your DOD and DHS believe that global death is NOT the responsibility of civilians to defend against from biochemical warfare.

    Civilians may own the critical infrastructure but the US government owns the weapons of mass destruction that can turn those armed nuclear warheads that power our homes into high altitude bursts of radioactive plume that would contaminate the entire planet through the Jet Stream in a matter of days and weeks.

    Global death could be accomplished by detonating a 1945 nuclear EMP in the center of America…

    But it's my responsibility to defend against that biochemical warfare right?

    Since some joe blow owns the power plant?

    Yep, let me take a guess at what voltage your gamma rays are so I can call up the electric company and tell them how many decibels to shield against you tyrants!

  3. How idiotic is the Trump administration. Only a total fool could believe Assad would gas his own people just a couple of days after the Americans said they were pulling out of Syria.The same thing happened last year and guess who did it. The Isis rebels. Even this gas has been identified as being produced in the US or UK.

  4. "Mission Accomplished".  Sadly, after 7 years and 500,000 Men, Women and Children being murdered in Syria, the US President's mission was to distract from James Comeys' book and Stormy Daniels Court case and Michael Cohen's Criminal Charges.  Mission Accomplished!

  5. This lies will just continue to misled the world. Please, we use chemicals in Asia, not for killing civilians, but for daily use in manufacturing, chlorine for swimming pools, bathtub, dishes, for public consumption, etc. Come on, you talk like we are out of this world and only America knows best. My mom told me lying is a bad habit, and especially when you are speaking in front of the United Nations without proof of criminal act..



  8. So let's get this straight. President Assad supposedly used chemical weapons to kill his own people and we were so upset that we launched over 100 missiles to destroy the places that make and store these deadly chemicals. WHAT? Surely if these places had been obliterated as she said then a great cloud of deadly chemicals would have been released killing the local population for miles around! WAKE UP PEOPLE! Assad did NOT gas his own people.Don't believe anything bitches like this tell us. Its the same shit they told us about Saddam Hussein back in 2003 before we illegally invaded Iraq and by doing so we put the Middle East on fire. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

  9. what about Israel burning children in playground using Phosphorus Bomb provided by US, When are you striking this terrorist group called Israel? sorry I forget you support terrorist whether they are in Syria and fighting against the Assad Government, not Assad regime?, Assad was elected by over 77% of the majority in Syria few years ago, that your S Trump can only dream about. Syria government are fighting with the terrorist and like Assad recently said he will get rid of them 100%. Your attack was in response of your lost in Syria, the terrorist group you support are losing. You can only fool American, because they work like a dog since they have no health care and most of the money is in the hand of 2% of American, and millions a day go to terrorist Israel. Get your fact from . 2,167 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000. Learn from Canadian…

  10. I wonder what would have happened if those sites in Syria, that the US and her minion Allies knew, with absolute certainty, were Chemical weapons plants, were full of Sarin , chlorine,Tabun, Soman and some other, unknown, new chemical weapons and blown them over half of Syria, killing hundreds of thousands of its citizens and wounding maiming and crippling even more… Or, did they know the whole thing was a sham, and those targets would pose no such threat?

  11. More shit spewing from the National Slut of America. The US is a terrorist state. They staged the chemical attack in syria a month after Russian generals warned of a staged chemical attack in Douma. This is Iraq all over again. The Divided States of Fucktards has never been known to act on evidence

  12. I wish that Trump stops talking from a green screen and that you grow a pair against the Zionists warmongering globalists, who, one can obviously tell from this attack, have you in their pockets as well; Too bad, I was hoping you were really different Trump, but you apparently and unfortunately are not really different from the rest of the political scum. Have a nice day!
    Trump was stupid to go into Syria. The truth:

  13. Diplomacy is feedeing al qaeda in syria..and with another hand on hearth remembering 9/11…evil state

  14. hold tell next time then see what happens next time Russia troops in with the people don't want ww3 no more bombing let see what Russia will do to help.russia putting more troops in syria.

  15. U think is only US behind tis – wrong wrong wrong ppl !.! Go back 2 > 80s history it repeats itself!!!. Ur President it’s trying desperately & others to raise ur very destroy economy!!! U had 2 many Democrats leaving u Broke !!! Wake up America !!. If USA 🇺🇸 goes down too many will go down – so start praying for ur country and Pray 4 ur President and Zionist and Christians that are trying so hard to lift up the whole country – it’s a miracle that only God can give us all – that we R all still standing !!. All our economies are destroy-> it’s a bluff dollar & euro – China 🇨🇳 owns everything!!!. So start praying to God cause if we all fall into Chinesse dictatorship u won’t be talking bad about ur President or any Zionist cause they keep the world going but tis is a new era we are started to enter were all that’s written that will come to pass !!!

  16. Lying through your teeth as a foreign policy is what some countries call diplomacy. How about you fix your mess in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan first and then even look at Assad.

  17. last time france us and uk do the same thing to the China , These three country only dare to do this shit on some samll country .

  18. Oops – Haley pissed of the Liar Dolt45 sociopath on her tougher Sanctions on Russia spiel – how dare her?! She didn't get the White House propaganda and LIES straight before going on the tube/news.  She'll be waving good bye next. To get from a basic accountant to UN Ambassador is beyond any "normal person's" comprehension.  Love watching the Ladies take this perverted predatory crime Obstruction of Justice boss down – Be American and flip away on Crooked Donnie, Nikki.

  19. Yeah Nikki, this is Donald sorry for the mix up, Sean Hannity was supposed to give you the new softer talking points. Oh i see, yes, well some may think that but you know I did tweet "mission accomplished" and everyone know's there was accomplishment, I was very tough this time not like last April. I only did hit that landing strip as a shout out to Stormy btw (click) are you still there? Nikki?

  20. wy is portion using masted gas and rain .ow wat are you going too do too stop THIS is not going kiep doin THIS you raping the kids and eating the barines barwn bouthers wat sail we do to the Soviet union for THIS barbuckec act

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