Hannity: Deep state actors are racing to cover their tracks

President Trump is not letting the lies of Comey and Clapper slide.

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Written by lena

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  1. Now you know why people are so depressed and on drugs and suididal….her blindfold has been off for a long time….send in the marines!

  2. Comey is the pathetic little guy who wrote in his gay little book how he never saw Trump laugh. Anything to disparage the other side.

  3. The best defense against the Deep State is a hard hitting offense. Keep them back peddling until they are destroyed.

  4. What does Comey not understand, he has the right to remain silent?? These Deep State Criminal SES, are guilty of sedition, TREASON 🇺🇸🤦‍♀️🚔🚔🚔

  5. Supports cops until they come after your god. If Trump was acting illegally it would be an investigation not spying

  6. Was I the only person that thought that Trump presidency would end in a crazy scandal.???? What's he gonna do for and encore reveal that Melania is a man????

  7. Hey trumptards, great job getting the entire planet to hate America. Many of us liked and respected the US prior to Nov 2016. Now, virtually the the whole World fucking hates you. Republican America = Pure scum

  8. All this means nothing..Start putting them on Bail..I f any other American was under this they would have arrested them..

  9. Bring a guillotine into washington and lets see all these pricks dance around the washington monument with no head!!

  10. hannity you are full of shit. Look at the facts. Trump takes a poop and you try to clean his ass. Grow up.

  11. Deep State = Police State-Marxist Socialist & Communist. USA does not need or want them in power. We also don't need RINO'S…..

  12. Huma abdin I'd let her give me a blowjob but I know she's one of the biggest lying bitches ever was I shut her mouth up with a full mouth load LOL

  13. This whole 'deep state' theory is pretty sad. If there is a deep state, Trump is probably the best deep state member ever. How come none of Trump's supporters can see his ineptness or how he's stabbed them in the back by continuing the same war games just like every other President lately? Trump needs to just step down cuz he can't perform most of the duties of an American President…he'd be good for North Korea or Venezuela though. I wish someone would shut up Hannity cuz he's a divider with a propagandist agenda and has no idea's or solutions to the problems in America.

  14. Our justice department sevres no one with Honor or Distinction. None of the Criminals have been apprehended or questioned.

  15. yea what a great concept you allow the guilty to decide what evidence the police are allowed to look at yea great concept congress needs to see everytrhing

  16. James Clapper is the same guy who lied that CIA was not spying on Congress and they got exposed. Criminal deepstate in panic mode.

  17. McCabe lied to the inspector General 3 times. The rank and file FBI are furious at the deep state. Time to bring down the cabal

  18. Cover tracks how can that be done seems you can't even hide these days and who can hide from God's face anyway praise JAH.

  19. Thank-you Mr. Hanity for playing a huge role in saving the country along with others it takes courage and sir you have it /THANKYOU

  20. You're a disinforming mislead and division of derision amongst the People and will be stopped. Lukewarm Plastered Saint. Fraudulent mad cow, diseased, dis-eased indeed, in deed perverts. Silence your folly, I Will.

  21. Since 'r.rosenstein' signed off on the Russia paperwork, he needs to be FIRED !!! Then 'j.sessions' can be canned for not keeping his OATH of OFFICE. 'j.brennan', the COMMUNIST / MUSLEM, and 'clapper', the MISSPEAKING individual, should be under arrest for treasonous actions.

  22. Does it ever occur to Hannity that all the agencies he calls the deep state, and all the investigative entities concerned in his rants are run by registered republicans? Most if not all appointed by Trump?

  23. According to criminals like Trump, anyone connected to enforcing law and order is "Deep State"…!!! And then you got dishonest fools like Hannity repeating it..!!!

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