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At age 7, Siena sometimes suffers from head pain. Lucky for her, Siena’s parents know how to get rid of her head pain fast – without needing to give her any medicine. Learn about their solution here:

It’s always hard to see your child suffering, and often parents feel helpless about how to help their children when they suffer from head pain, stomach aches and other pains that come with growing up (and life in general).

On the night that this video was filmed, Siena’s mom was trying to help her daughter with her math homework when Siena threw her head into her hands and cried, “I’ve had pain in my forehead all day!”

Less than 10 minutes later, Siena’s pain was gone and they were back to homework time – with a much happier and more cooperative child.

Watch the video to learn about how they got rid of her head pain almost instantly.

If you or someone you know is looking for an alternative option for head pain relief that works fast, please contact us to learn how the FIRSTtx can help.

Here are some examples of other people who have experience pain relief as a result of the FIRSTtx pain management device:
Daniel Jakes on his Back Pain Relief:
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