Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being

“Esther Sternberg is a rare writer–a physician who healed herself by going back to ancient truths known by the Greeks, and proving them. With her scientific expertise and crystal clear prose, she illuminates how intimately the brain and the immune system talk to each other, and how we can use place and space, sunlight and music, to reboot our brains and move from illness to health.”

-Gail Sheehy, author of “Passages”

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  1. I think is so true what you say about the healing places! this is a great video, too bad is so short, i guess i need to get the book.

  2. I listened to an interview this morning with Dr. Sternberg and she is unquestionably a brilliant scientist. It was clear from her remarks that she brings to her research not only a very carefully thought-out approach, but also brings to her work a somewhat rare combination of heart and mind – more of which many Western disciplines need.

  3. I was dreaming abut this, i have a family of phisiologists , but im an architect and it really kind of crunch inside me long time ago, this sort of j¡¡healing places, i wasnever able to explain this thaugs, expressend in my projects, to the masters, finally I found a ground to read about,. thanks you so very much! Hospitals are terrible and usually the best viws are saved to the directors or the staff casino.

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