This is a good way to get power generated the clean way by making your own light and using solar panels to collect and store the electricity.This is a very simple method for generating power using a catalytic converter or just a piece of platinum metal and by creating a enclosed space with solar panels and then make the light within the center of your device and have a hho flame touching platinum in the center .This method is perfect because you cant subliminate the platinum its a noble metal and cant be destroyed so you have a system that last forever to create clean fast electricity with zero pollution because the hydrogen flame.I have two devices that stand 4 feet tall and work off of this principal to use the photoelectric effect to get electricity to generate power to make even more hydrogen and oxygen gas!Hope this helps some of you out there in generating power from your hho gas there really is many ways TO CREATE ELECTRICITY ENERGY JUST CHANGES ITS FORM….See you next time with more highly advanced hydrogen hho technology as we venture into the future with two of the most important atoms known to man hydrogen and oxygen.Moving forward with science kevin shows us alternative green technologies with his one device does it all approach the ABCD mini reactor core is ahead of its time with some of the most advanced hho and hydrogen technology for the hho community to date..He has over 17 years experience in the field of hydrogen research and in the science of electrochemistry he shows you how oxygen and hydrogen atoms are essential to our lives and gives you a peek into the atomic realm.The Atmoshereic blast core device was invented to give everyone on earth a chance to see what we all could have by using water as fuel and a resource to generate all of our gas and electricity in a endless cycle of burn capture and reburning the same water in a endless loop of clean power generation for us all,,, then head for the stars and travel to the furthest reaches of interstellar spacewith all of this technology and the power of electricity and water.All this is accomplished with nothing more than pvc —stainless steel —water–and sodium carbonate—….ENJOY!!!!!!!Always remember our sun uses hydrogen as fuel too we should do the same and make our own sunlight from water!!This is perfect for your ships main power generator core just make bunch of indoor light collecting solar station to charge your battery banks when parked near the sun…..The flame temp is around 5100 degrees and throws off electromagnetic radiation “light energy” of its own that can produce electricity rapidly using the photoelectric effect. The pulsar reactor works the same way if you slice the catalyst into small geometrical shapes like pyramids and spheres and place them at point blank range into the plasma stream. As always I try to keep the videos fun and interesting for the hho community while being scientifically accurate as possible if you like sci- fi and future star trek technologies your at the right place……Enjoy!!!!

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  1. Here's an observation for you. Your USING energy to create energy, but at a tremendous net loss. Plus, you are wasting the heat energy that is generated.

    Having said that,
    1) if you run the gas over a noble metal such as paladium or platnum, you get a net heat gain over the amount of the energy used. The reason for this is the is what as know as a low energy nuclear radiation effect (LENR). It pulls the higher energy elctron state off of the hho gas and returns the hho back into water.

    Now here is where the weird stuff happens. The platnum / paladium will heat up quickly to around 1300° f. This is easily proven by running hho gas through a catalytic converter. The atomic process that is happening is not fully understood, but something is happening at the atomic level that creates far more heat energy out than the amount of energy that is put in for making the gas.

  2. I have a huge solar array of 20 panels at 2000 watts dc coming in directly to the reactor cells all power comes from the sun so inefficiency or waste heat really does not exist here there is no waste  I turn the sunlight directlty into the flames you see with no battery bank just sun to flame..I have so much extra dc power coming into the home I do this to burn off the extra electricity show others you really cant waste anything all free from sun?.Nightime is tuff for me lol..

  3. I use less power than a coffee machine and i am independent living free self sufficient using hydrogen the cleanest most powerful gas fuel in the galaxy all from "water" while i am saving the planet not to mention making fresh water electricity heat light and getting rid of the crooks while i reverse pollution end all wars for energy! This my friend is priceless and worth the extra work so hahaha.

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