Hope Hicks Resigns As Robert Mueller Investigates President Donald Trump And WikiLeaks | TODAY

President Donald Trump’s longtime aide Hope Hicks has announced she is leaving the White House. Meanwhile, Robert Mueller is investigating whether Trump was aware in advance that WikiLeaks would release Hillary Clinton’s emails during the 2016 campaign. NBC national correspondent Peter Alexander reports for TODAY.

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Hope Hicks Resigns As Robert Mueller Investigates President Donald Trump And WikiLeaks | TODAY

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  1. Why Hope Hicks left – Not difficult:  Her 24-7 lies, upon lies, upon lies and the Trump Family of Criminals Cover up.  Hopeless Hicks needs to be subpoenaed for failure to co-operate with the House Intel committee – she's up to her pretty neck (Trump says she's a nice piece of tail) in collusion, lying 24-7 for Trump and covering up his ongoing family's crimes and misdemeanors performed at the Trump Crime Family Organization; some of which was creating perjury in his dummy Jr. cover up memos, Comey Firing, Rob abuser Porter and his assaults, and then bedding down with Porter, deleting W.H. classified emails that she "would never allow to get out in the public arena" and so much more.  Michael Wolf's Fire & Fury is becoming more and more of a book of facts and truth every passing day as Keith Olbermann's book does also.

  2. Nobody can work for this Egomaniac so one by one rats r fleeing the sinking ship. WH is ripe for the picking n Russians can't wait!!

  3. Majority of this reporting it's just conspiracy theories with no evidence just wishful thinking that Trump is a Russian spy

  4. ALLRIGHT, HOW ABOUT THIS, WHY DOESNT EVERYBODY FIND A PARTNER, start investigating every detail about everybody, just drop your job, stop having friends, start investigating everything, no more goals, no more life, just investigate until you drop, shop till you drop. then say you gave up , and go back to work

  5. What a disaster. I hope the United States can recover from this dumpster fire of an administration. I think most people can separate Donald from the people of the U.S. Unfortunately we voted him in, so this is mostly OUR fault.

  6. Things really stand in stark contrast when President Obama was attacked for 'smiling too much', 'ordering dijon mustard on his burger', 'high-fiving his wife with a fist bump'….and this con man literally had his sons meet with russian agents and not a peep. Disgraceful.

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