How China Plans to Win a-War Against the Navy: Sink Its Aircraft Carriers

a military confrontation in East Asia pushed the United States and China uncomfortably close to conflict. Largely unknown in America, the event made a lasting impression on China, especially Chinese military planners. The Third Taiwan Crisis, as historians call it, was China’s introduction to the power and flexibility of the aircraft carrier, something it obsesses about to this day.

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  1. Can Japan just build up its army again. I'm getting tired of China and Russia always trying to start shit. If can regain most of its power like it had during WW2, then maybe China would piss off.

  2. All China has to do is send a bunch of barges out in the ocean and bam !!! A battle of collisions. China knows we don't know how to avoid collisions so watch out guys.

  3. Er… WHICH navy? Britain? France,? Germany? Spain? Japan? Australia?… Isn't it just a bit arrogant to assume that "the Navy" can only be referring to the U.S. Navy?

  4. Not much information here, just a bunch of video of carrier decks. One would assume the Chinese would launch a coordinated attack with ballistic missiles from about, sea skinning cruise missiles from two sides and a submarine attack from below. The Aegis frigate ad the destroyer can handle the ballistic and cruise missiles but who has the submarine?
    An American aircraft carrier should be able to take 6 hits and stay afloat. China has a big job if they want to knock one out.

  5. You Americans are always afraid that the emergence of a superpower in Asia and Europe will marginalized your North America. I have a simple way to not start a war! As long as we build a cross sea bridge in the narrow Bering Strait, we can avoid the marginalization of North America. China can help you! Lol…

  6. the second those chinks even think about doing that, the world will see terrible destruction. It would be terrible for all, but especially those chinese food, I mean people. Chinese people

  7. America doesn't need carriers to stop China from taking over the western Pacific or Taiwan. Just one nuclear submarine would cause huge problems for the PLAN which could be wiped out by a couple of subs.


  9. Look at all those expensive military equipment all on one big giant target lol. US carriers are only effective against weak countries with weak air forces that you can easily outgun with a carrier group otherwise it’s just an expensive way to lose a war

  10. Remember when the F-22 was suppose to be this interceptor capable of shooting down a nuclear strike. Ahh, whatever happened to that?

  11. In 2007 a chinese sub came undetected close to the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk. In real war it means that the Kitty Hawk was a very expensive piece of furniture on the sea bottom and the shark would have the time of their lives for having US service men and women for dinner! Don't forget the Dong Feng high precision rockets specially made to sink aircraft carriers!

  12. Haha Good Luck China😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝😝You will lose big time… your chinese navy would be annihilated so fast😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. These dirty chink bastards must be CRUSHED and china must be TOTALLY DESTROYED for the sake of all mankind. We must break up china into 1,000 smaller pieces and half of southern china plus all their islands must be given to Vietnam.

  14. The Chinese would have to use long range bombers and submarines aswell as other means to overwhelm a carrier strike group .. but as soon as it does this it's got to take out all the strike groups out around the globe.. which logistically means it also as to take out all bases operated by the Americans and it's allies … Good luck .. oh and defend its own nation from attack within hours

  15. China has the most powerful navy in the world. And they conduct naval exercises inside california coastal waters

  16. scamjet railgun quantum communication speed of computer missile range…US all lagging behind.
    .carrier is just a shooting duck for the scamjet only

  17. Americans are much more brainwashed than Chinese because Americans are not able to recognize what brainwash is…

  18. China is a trouble to America
    North Korea is a trouble to America
    Russia is a trouble to America
    Iran is a trouble to America
    Now German ( Europe) is becoming a trouble to America
    When so many countries become a trouble to America, you have to consider America is actually a trouble to other countries

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